The Big Question: Are You Buying A Next Gen Console This Year?

We've already asked you which console you are going to buy — been there done that. What I'm interested in today is are you planning to buy the thing at launch? We've been on the receiving end of some news overnight: we know the release date of the PS4 and launch line-up for the Xbox One. Are we all still excited to pick either console up before Christmas?

Obviously this is more complicated than a yes/no answer, so if you want to elaborate feel free to drop a comment below.

I will be buying a new console this year, but I don't expect that I'll buy both. Or maybe I will, urgh, who knows. As the time approaches I know I'll get sucked into the hype, but at the moment I feel like buying one is the right option. Which one? I'm unsure at this stage.


    Ah, rhetorical questions. How I love thee!

    EDIT: Maybe not so rhetorical after all. I would have thought all self respecting gamers would be getting one. :P

    Wow, 50.2% to 49.8%. Could this be the closest poll ever? ;)

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      I'll get one, but not this year.

      I have enough on PS3 to sustain me for a while

      Not enough games to make me buy one just yet, I'd rather upgrade my PC :P
      Will probably get one early next year when things like Infamous come out (hopefully with some sort of bundle)

      I'm not a fanboy for either company and it's pretty up in the air as to what sort of systems they will be in 12 months, so I'm sitting this one out. My Wii U and Steam will keep my satisfied till then.

      I assume you mean "Self respecting console gamer"

      As a self respecting PC gamer, no.. I will not be getting a next gen console this year (nor next year) I have barely touched my last gen consoles in years.

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        Ah, I'm platform agnostic. If there's decent games on a system, then I'm keen to try them out. Save but the prohibitive cost sometimes.

    Not at this moment. None of the games are must-haves for me, which is kind of a relief. I would much rather pick one up later down the line when the price has dropped and there's plenty of games to choose from/some better stuff scheduled for released.

    I normally try and win one first.......I won a Playstation and a PS3, I had to buy a not fair.

    Though These days I have a lot more people pulling on my money, I dont know if it is acseptable to get a new PS4 while your kids look like little hobos.

      A PS4 will keep them indoors, where people can not judge their hoboness - and, by extension, judge you.

      ROFL.. Who cares what the kids look like as long as you have a PS4 well at least that is how i am approaching this anyway.

      ...and this is why i don't have/want kids. I would be a terrible dad and grow to resent my children for draining my game funds/time. At least I recognise this awful quality in myself & haven't raised neglected children.

    There are a few games coming out at launch (or not long after) that I either must have, or would just really like to play, but I don't think I'll get the console (PS4) at launch. So I might just buy the games for the first couple months

    What, so the WiiU doesn't count as a "next gen" console? Jerks.
    I've got a WiiU but no enthusiasm for the PS4 or Xbone and less time on my hands as it is so I'm unlikely to expand my repetoir until exclusives convince me otherwise.
    So, I bought a console this year, but I'm not going "next gen" yet.

      Just to clarify, I know the WiiU occupies a weird space where it's graphics aren't "next-gen" but it is a great advance on the previous generation.
      Still, it was Nintendo's choice to a Monty Python "And now for something completely different."

        If next-gen just means better graphics, then count me out, Wii U seems more next-gen to me with it's gamepad.

      Well the WiiU is already out, so it's technically current gen.

      Heh. Actually, no. It doesn't compete at all. It's like... an entirely different market.
      And, by all reports, that's a very small market.

    Possibly not this year...although I am tempted to pick up a Wii U with the help of a gift card that expires in November. But my PS3 and gaming PC will keep me going for a while yet, so no need to drop any money on a PS4 this year.

    No, i bought one last year.

    I'll be picking up an Xbone at launch along with BF4 and Watch Dogs - but I expect my 360 to continue to be my primary console for around 6 months post-launch until there's more games out and I've cleared more of my pile of shame.

    I think Microsoft are going to really ease the transition by better supporting the 360 as they bring in the Xbone (unlike the original Xbox which was dropped so hard at the 360 launch you nearly forgot it ever existed) plus your gamertag can be active on both. They obviously plan for people to use both for awhile and I will take advantage of that.

    Yes...will be getting an Xbox One at launch.

    However suspect the 360 will still get plenty of love as I continue to hammer through my pile of shame lol

    I'll be picking up a PS4 on launch day. Better to spread the purchases over six months than get the console and 5+ games all in one day. Might get an Xbone in a few years, when there are enough exclusives to bother (and if it gets a price cut) - for now, inFamous is about the only game pulling me towards the PS4 over the Xbone. That and the PS4 seems to be more powerful, with a simpler, less demanding OS. And I'm curious how the devs'll utilise that much VRAM...

    Some of the new games are starting to tickle my fancy (Infamous, Watch Dogs, Ryse) but at the same time I don't thinkg it's really necessary to buy them this year.

    If I wait 12 months there will be sales, deals, bargains and bundles... Not to mention more games!

    I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the PS4 first, for the simple fact it has the exclusives I want and PS+ is amazing value (I may subscribe and get the free games for the first year and buy a PS4 when they've accumulated)... But this all depends on who releases more/better games next year I guess!

    Nope. I upgraded my PC last year, and since the PS4 and Xbox One have essentially become the same console (a watered down PC) they hold absolutely no interested to me. There's a couple of exclusives that catch my eye (Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3) but it's not enough to justify buying one.

    If anything, i'll pick up a Wii U when it gets it's inevitable price drop, as it's something that's very different from my PC and has a big focus on local multiplayer (remember when consoles used to be all about local multiplayer?)

      Totally agree. There are very few console exclusives, and they rarely justify a console purchase.
      I've been a PS owner, 1-3. This generation I got a X360 as well (mostly for the Kinect based local multi-player). I think I've probably only played around 60-70hrs on it. Same sitch with the Wii. I do enjoy the controls on certain games, but there's very little stopping me using these with the PC.

      So for the first time in about 18 years, I'm seriously thinking about dropping consoles all together, and just gaming on the PC. In answer to the question - No. No launch buys for me.

    Not this year. Given the complexity of consoles these days, the chances of the launch consoles having problems is a lot higher than in the past. Though MS and Sony should have more experience with this kind of thing given that they both produce smart devices which are similarly a fixed spec PC device. I think I'll wait until the number of worthwhile games outweighs the number of worthwhile games on my current machines.

      This is very very true. I predict that both new consoles won't even work at launch.

        Oh they will hyper advanced XBMC clients.

        The problem is the launch line up is much the same as the current generation. The focus is more on hardware and online content. Or, in the case of the XBone, trying to create a real world Telescreen.

        This is only partial focus on the games themselves.

    The releases just don't have me very excited. Really looking forward to the Division; but this is not a release and is now heading over to PC! Although there are some definite titles; Destiny and KH3 that I don't think I could pass up; these aren't even scheduled for release in Q1 2014. But who knows, I have been inclined to wake up on certain days and decided to make a big purchase on a whim.

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    I already bought my Wii U last year, I'm set.

    I'm waiting this out, so a flat no from me, (until prices drop, more of a games catalog etc.)

    I'll definitely be getting one in 2014 if I don't get one this year. Thinking I might wait and see if there's a good deal in the January sales - I've got plenty of games to tide me over through Christmas.

    No, I'll get one early next year.

    I'll be getting PS4, so I suspect that even if I wanted to get one this year I probably wouldn't be able to get my hands on one if I haven't already pre-ordered (which I haven't).

    I was planning on waiting but my first 360 cost $440 from a pawn shop so when I can get it for 599 and its tax deductible it wasnt a hard choice.

      Tax deductible? What sorcery is this?!

        I have a Video production business that is involved in making video game related content. Threfore, I require this for my job (tools/equipment)

        Awesome right!

    Undecided. Still waiting for some exclusives to be announced for both platforms. Way too much stuff is multi-platform and going to be as good if not better on my PC.

    Gamescom was a complete waste of time. Hoping some stuff will be announced at TGS but if not, not buying either until next year (if at all).

      Yeah, Gamescom2013 is a wash... no new game announcements really, and no gameplay videos!

      The Suits really know how to turn the whole launch, of anything new really, into a depressingly normalised board-room affair.

      Long for the days of Devs & Engineers geeking out about all their knew games & tech :/

    already pre-ordered... cause i'm an idiot like that...

    I already bought a Wii U! Oh...hang on a sec... :D

    I'll wait for PS4. PC upgrade comes first.

    Xbox One + Watch Dogs + Dead Rising 3 + NBA2k14 :D

      Probably my exact line up.

        Wish The Witcher 3 was releasing this year... feels like it'll be the most Epic game since Skyrim!

        Trailer 1:
        Trailer 2:

        Can't stop watching'em :D

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