The Big Question: Cats vs Dogs

Look: I know this is supposed to be about games and I know this question is stupid, but I truly want to know the answer to this question. We've asked some big questions on, um... The Big Question but this one may be, without question, the biggest. Kotaku: are you dog people or are you cat people?

I'll be watching the results of this poll intently, it may end up shaping the direction that Kotaku takes in the near future. The internet, I've always thought, is biased towards cats, but I'm starting to see the beginnings of a powerful dog movement. The momentum is swaying my friends: dog GIFs, dog YouTube clips, dog Vines. I think this internet domain, this place where we exist, is becoming more dog friendly.

Vote people. Vote on this momentous day.


    With a kitten like that, how could you not be a cat person? Nawww!


    Or as we Queenslanders like to say, long eared guinea pigs.

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    Can't it be both? They're both awesome in their own ways :)

    I'm with Ashigaru. Having 'both' as an option would bring out some interesting results. That being said, I'd still vote 'dogs'.

    On a side note, I'm curious as to how many and exactly what games have representations of dogs and/or cats in them. As companions or otherwise.

    Always preferred cats. Always wanted a cat when I was little. Though these days, screw animals. They make the house smell and everything get covered in fur or whatever and then try and eat things. My powers of OCD have gotten too strong to deal with that :P

    Look: I know this is supposed to be about games and I know this question is stupid, but I truly want to know the answer to this question

    There is no harm in a little variety. You do not need to put a disclaimer in just to appease the few over entitled trolls that lurk this Web site.

    If it really is such a problem to those select readers, there is nothing stopping them from setting up own 100% gaming Web site with no variety what so ever.

    Anyhow, cats for me. Grew up with them as a kid and more often than not dogs make me anxious. So I think that counts as me having a fear of dogs.

    Yet the spooky thing is I just adore kittens and puppies.

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    I'm neither a dog nor a cat person. I'm personally a "no pets" person, or if I do have pets, low-maintenance pets like budgies or fish.


      I don't mean to be rude but how is a budge low maintenance? Aren't birds notorious for using the whole house as a toilet?

      I know you can keep a bird in a cage but you have to let it out once in a while for its health.

        Exactly. It stays in its cage most of the time, so you only need to worry about keeping the cage clean, which is a once-every-few-days job. Other than that you just need to make sure it has fresh seed and water, and let it out of the cage to fly around for a bit every now and then and it is happy.

        Mind you, my budgie is kinda weird and actually prefers its cage to flying around. Whenever we do let it out, it normally makes a beeline back to its cage and tries to get back in :P

          Maybe there is a video game console hidden in the cage?

          Bird: "NO! I must get back to WoW!"

            Actually, scratch that. WoW only comes on PCs. D'oh!

              It's OK. Budgies have such advanced consoles they have current gen PC emulators on them. I won't tell the budgies you let their secret slip.


              A Former Budgie Owner.

      Just curious, why exactly do you hate cats so much?

        I just do. I think they are really annoying animals. They think they own the place whenever they are inside and when they are outside many (not all) owners don't seem to care what they do so they kill native wildlife (and try to attack other pets like caged birds), wander in and out of people's yard's and crap on everyone else's lawn except their own. Not to mention keeping people awake at night with their crazy loud mating rituals.

        I don't find them cute, nor cuddly, nor playful, I just find them very annoying and irritating. I hate them.

          Interesting. Almost all of those points could be used to describe dogs also; they don't seem to attack native animals as much, but do attack people (and are more lethal than cats).

            Yea but dogs wont just randomly attack people, if they do its because they have not been taught otherwise or have been taught to do it in certain situations and people have gone on to the property without permission. Cats on the other hand will just randomly scratch you when you have them on your lap giving them affection, stupid animals

          I've never come across a cat that doesn't poop in a litter tray.

          I used ti hate them, until of course I found out that there were winged cats. I still prefer dogs though.

    I'm a dog person, love dogs. Dogs are awesome.

    Edit: I just realised that this comment paired with my username makes me look like a crazy person

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      You don't seem like a dog person to me.

      Luckily the stigma of being a crazy pet owner is quite firmly embedded in cat ownership!

    Have 3 cats... You guys can keep your smelly attention hungry dogs.

      Have 2 dogs... You can keep your smelly, aloof and indifferent cats.

      My neighbours' cats (there are about five of them from three houses) track mud on my car bonnet and roof; and pee on my front door (it stinks!); then poop in my garden for my dogs to eat... Hate them >:(

    Dogs are man's best friend.

    Cats are just waiting to make their move.

      I know. The other day I found a piece of paper on the floor with the following:

      "My Wil, Wil leev awl to kat."

    They should make dlc for COD, where you call a pack of kittens instead of dogs :3

    Depends on the situation, dogs are not great for people who live in small apartments and work a lot, whereas cats are, but cats aren't outdoorsy and active, so you don't do as much of that stuff with cats.

    They're both awesome in their own way. I don't understand people who say they hate animals, it just seems so wrong.

      I thought I should also mention that my partner and I have 2 cats (that are awesome) and I've had cats before. But if I had the space and didn't have to work so much I would totally get a dog as well, to hang out with and go running with.

    Used to be a dog person but recently got a cat. They come instantly toilet trained and don't bark and annoy people and you don't have to walk them. Makes your life so much easier, so I go with cats.

    Dog person, nothing can beat the loyalty and love a dog gives you. Also I'm pretty severely allergic to cats, to the point I can't visit friends with cats houses. Don't have any pets at the moment though because we rent, doesn't really matter if it's a dog or a cat, it's pretty much impossible to get a pet friendly lease, and inside animals, no matter how much their owners insist they don't, always give the place a smell.

    I'm actually surprised the poll is a pretty even split at the moment. Usually geek/nerd forums cats are ahead.

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    I have 2 cats, 2 dogs and now only one fish.

    But I would have to choose dogs, whilst our cats are friendly they aren't exactly social. Where as our dogs are great fun and all that.

    Plus our pup (9 month old Kelpie cross) is just the best, last night she decided to join me in watching Game of Thrones.

    Ill let this link talk for me

    I've got a puppy & a kitty & they're both awesome, so I'm abstaining.

    I love both equally. I have cats but that's because I live in an apartment. If I had more room I would have dogs as well.

    I really dont understand the cats vs dogs debate though. They are two different animals, why does someone need to be one over the other? It's like asking if you like dolphins or sheep. Liking one shouldn't preclude you from liking the other.


    But it depends a lot on the specific animals in question, eg if you're talking about stupid braindead yappy dogs that like to bark at nothing for hours in the middle of the night and keep me awake like my neighbours dog, then I'd take a cat instead any day.

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