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Well Shane, thankfully the answer to your HaiTaku yesterday was not The Dig, it was Metal Gear Solid! Congrats to splendiferous who was first to guess it correctly!

Today's HaiTaku comes from TheHasbroGAMER!

A turnip and leaf First time in America Much fun ensues now

Just want to leave a quick note to thank everyone who has sent in a Haiku. I'm trying to work my way through them all. Great response everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Super mario bros 2? (or the original japanese equivalent that I can't remember the name of)

      Doki Doki Panic

        actually, I believe that shane might be on the money with his dig guess (re: animal crossing)

          No, I'm confident. If you want to unguess it and leave the glory to me, I'm cool with that ;)

            I nay say to you
            my guess is mario two
            victory assured

    Ode to glory days
    With haikus safely unguessed
    And thus, it's The Dig.

    I was going to guess Animal Crossing, but the word 'fun' was used :P

    Last edited 29/08/13 12:04 pm

      Was that a 'dig' at Animal Crossing? Double digs today

    Earthbound the one never released in the states.

    Last edited 29/08/13 12:06 pm

    OH GOD I THINK I JUST BLEW UP MY FIREFOX, everything is opening in new windows, scrolling the mouse wheel is moving back and forward through pages, and opening firefox in the first place requests a safe mode boot. help me internetman

    edit* things seemed to have calmed down, that was weird though O_o

    Last edited 29/08/13 12:07 pm

      The browser you use
      replicated all pages
      Control Alt Delete

        The fox all aflame
        Great problems does it contain
        A future in Chrome

          IE is the way
          Ignore what others might say
          Let's all Bing Haiku

            Ha ha ha ha ha
            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
            Ha ha ha ha no.

    Super mario bros 2?
    aka, Doki Doki Panic?

    Edit: hey, way to refresh the page before posting, 35.

    Last edited 29/08/13 12:08 pm

    Yesterday's? No clue.
    Shane says something's not the Dig?
    Double you tee eff.

      First line:
      Well Shane, thankfully the answer to your HaiTaku yesterday was not The Dig, it was Metal Gear Solid!

        Yeah, I know, I just meant I didn't know it from the haiku itself. I just wanted to use wtf as a whole haiku line, so didn't really give the first line enough thought.

          sorry, totally misunderderstood your haiku there.
          thought your were asking for a clue / answer to yesterdays...

            It's cool. although i can't understand how the words "yesterday's? No clue" could be taken to mean there was no clue given for yesterday's. . :p

              I typed a at the end there,but I guess it thought I was actually trying to code something... *smartass fail*

                Grr. That (again) was supposed to say less than /sarcasm greater than. *correction edit fail*

              ha i read it as
              "i dont know what yesterdays was. dont we get a clue?"

              also yeah...... them point brackets are tricky buggers sometimes.

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