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Yesterday's HaiTaku from Lifehacker Editor Angus Kidman was a humdinger. I had no idea what it was and neither did you guys as this comment clearly states!

I was going to ask Angus to create a second, slightly easier Haiku, but he's in New Zealand right now, and hours away from doing a Bungee Jump. Haikus are the last thing on his mind.

So I asked Gus what it was and the answer is: Muppet Race Mania.

Alright onto the next one! Todays's effort comes from bookiegnu, who informs me that he frequently reads The Daily HaiTaku, but rarely posts. Just post man, we won't bite!

Cows fly through the air, eleven million are killed. Propaganda fail.

Good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Sent it here!


    Crows fly... it's The Dig
    Massive death toll... it's The Dig.
    Propa... it's The Dig.

    Nazi Cow Flight Simulator 1943: For the Reich!

    I got as far as the first line before deciding that it was Baldur's Gate.

    I don't know nor care if that's wrong.

    Johann Sebastian Joust

      Saw that at pax, could be crazy fun at parties! Not sure how my haiku made you think of it though.

        Crap, he's onto me

        *Dives into the bushes*

    Nuclear War

      I played that game so damn much on the Amiga. Awesome game. Would actually work pretty well on touchscreen, if anybody is listening...

      And we have a winner. 10 minutes, thought I might have lasted a bit longer, but my prediction that earthworm jim would be guessed within 5 was right.

        Writing haitaku
        Earthworm Jim would need to have
        Press A to groovy

        I couldn't help myself even though I knew it was wrong :)

      Damnit damnit damnit!!!!

      The first time I actually know a scribble (now a Haiku) and now the first time I was a way from my PC at lunch!!!!

      Excume me while I go throw a tanty!

    Cows flying through the air makes me think Worms...the rest hoevever...blagh..

    Destroy all Humans ?

    Bah, I played Muppet Race Mania to death (my longest gaming session ever - over 48 hours of non-stop, soft drink and chips fuelled 2-player muppeteering), and that didn't even occur to me.
    Congrats, Braains!

    So I take it that there is not going to be a Friday singtaku then?

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