The Evolution Of Minecraft, Summed Up In 7 Minutes

Minecraft will step into its fifth year soon. Damn. It really reveals how fast the years are passing by. SamalotPlays created this beautiful time-lapse video that shows how the game began to shape up from its early stages — including additions like the day/night cycle and rideable horses — and continuing through to the game we have today. Which, I hope, will still get a tons of updates in the future. The video is a good alternative to that incredibly oversized documentation of the game's patch history. Seriously, is there a game — maybe WoW? — that has had more patches than Minecraft?

Evolution of Minecraft [YouTube]

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    I still have not bought or played Minecraft!

      You are missing out on a landmark game for our generation :o)

      Even if you don't like it, I would still recommend giving it a go

        Oh I will, it's just a matter of time tbh! Though, I do wish there might be a Steam version... probably not happening, damn...

      I'm totally guilty of this too... after playing Terreria for 2 months I really want to Minecraft but as crazy as it sounds I'm waiting for the Xbox One version. Might as well look it's best when I get it :) (And Terreria had some weird occasional frame rate hiccups in split screen anyway).

    I haven't logged in for… years. I should probably do that.

      I had no idea it had been so long since I've played. I must return.

    Have to say that despite being an early supporter of this game and trying it multiple times in terms of single player, multiplayer, mods and creative mode etc.. I never really got more than an hour or so of solid gameplay in any individual session... I always wanted something more...

    Now, take spin-offs like CubeWorld and 7DaysToDie on the other hand.. I am immediately addicted to them.

      I must admit that is kinda true, I've only ever played more than an hour on private servers with my friends, but that's just the company. The game is still lacking something...

        Yup.. I really wanted to enjoy it.. every time I watched a Minecraft video on youtube I would get excited again.. every time my friends or family would talk about it and how enjoyable it was for them, I got excited again.. but yeh.. I just never was able to get into it :(

    I'm actually having a Xbox minecraft Lan mid Sept , we are going to try and kill the ender dragon in one sitting :D

      Good luck with that. Haven't played in forever, and I never even made it to The End at all. Only ever found 1 stronghold, and that was in a version number long since past. This sounds like a challenge I should try with some friends at the next lan I go to...

        I got 4 people so far hoping to get the full 8....
        actually my Lan club waxlan set up a dedicated Xbox to running waxlan around the clock where members could join in any time.....we had it going for 3 months and built awesome stuff

        check it out at
        we called it waxland :D

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