The First 151 Pokémon, Drawn By 151 Different Artists

The First 151 Pokémon, Drawn by 151 Different Artists

Three weeks ago, freelance animator Justin Chan put out a call over Twitter for 151 different artists to draw the 151 Kanto Pokémon. Yesterday, Chan published a wallpaper (full-size version here) of their labour, all signed by the artist's Twitter handle. A collaboration for the Johto Pokémon will begin in September.


    Getting kind of tired of seeing all this pokemon stuff...hilariously though I dont think I've played a pokemon game since the ones that had only these pokemon in them.

      Haha, ha... Damn, that WAS funny. My sides h- wait, what? That wasn't hilarious at all. That was boring. You bore me.

    dat zubats so well drawn, almost looks rendered

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