The Fix For Disney Infinity PlayStation 3 Problems Is In

The Fix For Disney Infinity PlayStation 3 Problems Is In

After two days of PlayStation 3 players being unable to play Disney Infinity properly without the game locking up and save game corruption, patch 1.03 has arrived to make things all better, mostly.

The previous patch, 1.01, caused the game to lock up shortly after launching, as well as corrupting game saves. A workaround for the issue involved deleting patch 1.01 and playing offline to avoid accidentally auto-updating the game, but this led to issues with saving character progress, and did nothing to fix corrupted game saves.

I have installed patch 1.03, and so far the game seems to be working as intended. Unfortunately, the save games for each of my adventure packs and my toy box creations are gone,, and in order to register the characters I built-up in the weekend prior to the game's launch, I have to reset all of their progress. So, crap.

While I weep quietly in the corner, here's the patch post from the Disney Infinity Facebook page:

As of August 20th we have deployed a new patch for Play Station 3 players experiencing certain issues including freezing, hitching, corrupted game saves and crashes.

Please follow these steps:

Turn on your Console

Connect Online

Insert your Disney Infinity Game Disc

As soon as you load the game should prompt you with the update

Please Download the Update

Enjoy Disney Infinity!

Please note: The patch does not fix corrupted game saves, so for players with corrupted game saves please delete them and start your Infinity experience anew. Also, make sure to Take Ownership of your figure from the pause menu.


    I find it depressing that more and more titles are being released in a clearly "less-than-ready" state
    No QC, no UAT, and even less care

    What I find more depressing is that we let them get away with it

      Found this interesting article. It's actually the publishers fault, not the developers that games get released with bugs/glitches.

      So if you wanna get mad, get mad at Disney, not Avalanche.

        Oh I completely agree
        I don't blame the developers, as in most cases, its the publishers putting the pressure on to get it out the door

    I wonder if they offer disc replacement as well, eg for that 20% of America that doesn't have Internet.

      they wouldn't be having most of these problems as they seem to be mostly online-centric problems anyway (online play, uploading junk, etc) and problems caused by the initial patch (can't get that offline).

    This is good news. Now I just have to wait for my copy to arrive from mightyape. Bought a couple of power disc packs today, got a couple of "rare" orange ones.

    i got it yesterday and had to install this patch, so.. glad i didn't it first day i suppose haha

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