The International 3 Dota 2 Finals Are About To Begin -- Watch It Here!

Watch live video from dota2ti on The Grand Finals for The International 3, the biggest Dota 2 tournament ever, are about to take place... and you can watch here!

I have a sneaking suspicion that folks with any interest in this tournament are already watching, but just in case you forgot, or you want to discuss the finals with your Kotaku brethren, I thought I would set up this post.

So watch on friends, and feel free to drop comments below on the match as it unfolds. :)


    Remember to watch in game if you can!

    For those that don't know, the teams competing are Alliance and Navi.

    Navi won the first International, came second in the second and just won the Loser's finals to mean that Orange came third in the third.

    Alliance is a new team from Sweden that used to be called No Tidehunter. They're pretty much unstoppable, lost only a single game in the entire tournament so far and beat Navi yesterday in the Winner's finals.

      Those game one picks.

        I'm an Alliance fan but I want to see Navi win after picking a carry Vengeful Spirit.

    Oh awesome I've always wanted to watch other people play a video game outside of the context of a quick trailer… wait, no. No I haven't. Ever.

    How long are these expected to go for? I got shit to do later and my Dota-loving buddies are all gonna be glued to their computer screens.

      Best of five. Each game typically runs 30-45 minutes but the first game lasted just 16.

      At least another hour. Maybe two.

        Cheers. Hopefully it'll be over by the afternoon.

          I was somewhat off with my prediction there.

          We're heading into game 5 now. I'd expect this to be a long one, maybe another hour to go.

    Thanks for the feed. I'm at work, but this gives me a chance to watch it (The boss is cool with me doing this. I checked. But I have to keep working. Dual monitor. Small PIP of the match on 1 monitor) YAY for cool boss.

    Yeah I watched the 'controversial' 3rd Tongfu / NaVI game the other day, but I found it just a great use of the skills available. Apparently some people having a whinge about NaVi's use of the Chen Faith and pudge hookshot --> teleport enemy to base move, but come on, it still requires great skill to actually pull off, and how it's any less controversial than hitting someone with multiple stuns in a row to gank them, i don't know. It's all just using skill combinations within the game's engine.
    Many, including me, thought Navi were done for about 20 mins in when they were down by about 7 kills, but man they pulled it back spectacularly for a 5 min blitz of enemy heroes and smashing through middle lane. Entertaining stuff.

      My problem with the fountain hooks was that it was a massive stalling tactic.

      Navi was losing badly and it really was their only way back into the game. If Tongfu was paying attention to what was going on, they should have pushed out and punished Navi every time that Dendi whiffed.

      Instead they played passive to try and just keep their advantage. Boring play and it (rightfully) got punished with cheese.

      Some people don't like glitch abuse but I say that if it's in the game, it's fine. In the interview after that game, Puppey pointed out that Visage - one of the most popular heroes in the current metagame - is glitched because his familiars are immune to all spells even though they shouldn't be.

        You got it, tong fu were playing too passively, they needed to capitalize on the missed hooks.

        Anyway, fountain hook has been known for about 5 years, they would have done something if there was a problem with it.

          Yeah it was definitely TongFu's to lose as the saying goes.

    Screw uni today, Hooked the laptop to the tv for some big screen dota :)

    Puck's TP cancels got them over the line.

      That was the final straw but Admiral Bulldog's Necrobook buy was what opened the door.

      Great final game.

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