The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

Think what you will of the recently-unveiled Nintendo 2DS, but at the very least we can't say that it's a hardware reveal that went unnoticed — Nintendo's curiously-designed budget handheld started getting reactions from the internet almost immediately.

Even just the headlines announcing the handheld anticipated bafflement or reacted to the console — we wrote that the 2DS name was not a typo, the PA Report and Tiny Cartridge both made sure to say that the whole thing wasn't a joke, and Tech Crunch called it "hideous."

Our commenters seemed to echo some of these sentiments. "It looks a bit ugly, and I hate the fact that they're doing away with the 3D," DianaStyles wrote. "This feels like a strange move by Nintendo to be doesn't fold," Atomizer thought. "I'm sorry, but folding is so much cooler than none-folding," Balmut opined, presenting the following GIFs as evidence:

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

And then of course, there's the social media reaction — Twitter in particular is buzzing about the 2DS.

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

I'm suing Nintendo. Making a 2D handheld that nobody wants is an idea they stole from the PS Vita — CEO Kaz Hirai (@KazHiraiCEO) August 28, 2013

The 2DS is a great idea, should boost sales meaningfully. I think a lot of people don't care about the 3D feature, this gives them a choice — Michael Pachter (@michaelpachter) August 28, 2013

*turns hat backwards* kids let me tell you about another hot 2D handheld all your friends are talking about. it's called the Bible — lawblob (@lawblob) August 28, 2013

There's a puzzle in Phantom Hourglass (I think?) solved by folding the DS. Is that game just unbeatable on the 2DS? — Griffin McElroy (@griffinmcelroy) August 28, 2013

they should sell the 2ds in green cause its the year of luigi — 日常 (@rosenkero) August 28, 2013

"Ricky, why are you crying?" "Mum, the 3DS fell into my pocket again!" "There's gotta be a better way!" [Nintendo 2DS logo,fade to black] — Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy) August 28, 2013

in 15 yrs somebody is going to post a photo of their gamer shelf & will get so much upvote cred for featuring the rare collectible 2DS — ♥ Elliot Trinidad ♥ (@nameoftheyear) August 28, 2013

"Yo I got the new 2ds holla" — Tiny Cartridge (@tinycartridge) August 28, 2013

2DS 2Furious — YOU GOT THAT WRONG (@NotFaulty) August 28, 2013


It's official. I want a 2DS — Travis Court (@TravisCourt) August 28, 2013

I already have a 2DS. It's called slider turned down to OFF because the novelty wore off. Nintendo you crazy. — Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) August 28, 2013

I want to say that the 2DS looks so stupid...but I thought the same thing about the original DS and the Wii. So. — Mac Pinkman (@macaroon1) August 28, 2013


ok ok so the 2DS is for parents to buy their kids. that makes sense, I accept it now for who it is. — James Judas Didimus (@zephtastic) August 28, 2013

Just wait, the 2DS will be nearly indestructible, just like the Gameboy line. — TEEPOCOPTER ◎ω◎ (@brightsuzaku) August 28, 2013

Is the Nintendo 2DS an actual thing or are Nintendo just trolling us? #2DS — Ram Raja (@ram513) August 28, 2013

Isn't a 2DS a DS? #NintendoConfusesMoms — EndUserCollective (@WeAreEndUser) August 28, 2013

I might actually get a 2DS tho. I want to play the great RPGs coming to 3DS, don't care about 3D & want to save money. — Fred (@RanCiel810) August 28, 2013

There are YouTube reactions, too. Like this one by Kona Carter:

And yes, of course, there's Photoshops. The 2DS kind of looks like a doorstopper, doesn't it? Redditor trshmstr thinks so, anyway.

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

Or maybe it's more like a dustpan, BransonKP thinks.

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

Many, like neoGAF's Farrow, compare the 2DS to an ax.

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

Here's a good one, courtesy of The Drunken Moogle:

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

Check out this peculiar...uh, whatever this is by michaelmore-swag.

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal

I'll leave you with two reaction GIFs, one from alr1ght, and the other from Canti:

The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal
The Internet Reacts To The 2DS Reveal


    It doesn't fold because it doesn't actually have 2 screens. It is one large screen made to look like two screens by the black bezel.

    Cheaper production, yo.

    Why people would react like this to something that only gives users further choices in both features and price point is beyond me.

    The axe pictures are hilarious though.

    Last edited 29/08/13 1:25 pm

      I haven't seen a size comparison but due to it not folding... it looks massive. the Vita is already pretty big for a hand held portable console, this looks bigger. Considering the recent trends in consumer electronics and the emphasis on screen size it seems like a very strange move.
      The 3DS is nice and compact and easy to carry around.

      if that's the case, why would the bottom screen be smaller?
      also would that mean that both of the screens are touch screens or none of them are touch screens?

        They're both touch screens. The top one is covered by another screen so it won't act as a touch screen.

      Because it tells us that Nintendo has been pouring resources into things like this rather than addressing all the other problems it has.

      The 2DS may be a good piece of hardware, but it's just another sign to me that Nintendo are no longer in touch with the larger gaming world.

      Can't you turn the 3D off on the 3DS?

      I think you could possibly be wrong
      It would have to be two screens because only the bottom would be touch screen... Sigh
      Ugly device but it could end up being a nice little thing and let's be honest it will probably sell and as long as it flogs the psvita why not? GIF version

    Oh man, that tweet from the parody Kaz account, brilliant

    The 2DS is a great idea, should boost sales meaningfully. I think a lot of people don’t care about the 3D feature, this gives them a choice
    – Michael Pachter (@michaelpachter) August 28, 2013

    Pachter approves? The 2DS is DOOOOOOMED

    *turns hat backwards* kids let me tell you about another hot 2D handheld all your friends are talking about. it’s called the Bible

    At least the bible can fold.

    its for 7 year olds, figure it out.

      Is it bad that I kind of want one?

        Heck no!
        I want all the handhelds. 'Cept DSi....never saw the point.

          ...I have a DSi.

            Woops, I meant...something else? :P

            Is it an XL or a normal?
            I just have too much nerd-love for the Lite&Phat.

              Normal. The lite went to Mum while I kept my phat.

      So are all Nintendo products. What's the difference here?

    Yeah that Phantom Hourglass thingy has me flummoxed.

      I see what you did there ;)

      That puzzle just involves putting the console in sleep mode (same as the Another Code puzzle), which can be achieved by engaging the sleep button on the 2DS. Think of it as a bonus puzzle!

      i think you can just flick the sleep switch to emulate closing the lid

      just put in sleep mode


      I'm sure Francis will make his feelings known soon.

        Francis already got fired up over that one. What a cracker of a vid.

    I don't want to play full price for a 3DS, so this is a good compromise. I just want to play the new Animal Crossing and the new Fire Emblem.

    they should have made no bezel separating the screens - one screen, software defined edges.

      That's mess up a lot of in game cutscenes from the DS era that played across both screens and there was an appropriate gap in the cutscenes to accommodate the break between screens.

        im not saying dont have the break, im saying let it be software defined - so the cutscene requires a black bezel in between the screens? sure - lets display a black bar at the correct place to emulate it. what it means is more screen real estate for other things like ebook readers if they are updated to use/detect the new screen.

          This isn't a new console though, this is just a version of the 3DS. It's going to function no higher than that of a normal 3DS or it'll fragment the market.

    nintendo needs to take a big ol' elephant nap :)

    I'm pretty sure this is aimed at a younger audience, much younger that is. My friends have a 3 y.o. who plays DS and if he loses a game the machine cops it. The hinge on the 3ds is a major cause for returns and the 3D function doesn't really sell well to younger kids so with it's low price point I can see this thing selling huge come christmas time.


      So much nerdrage here over a product not even aimed at them.

    Laughed so hard at the bible and the kids pocket comments.

    I don't get why people are so pissed off at this. This isn't making the 3DS or 3DS XL any different than what they are now.

    look nitendo is running out of ideas first they make the wii mini then they make this crap the way you have to hold it is almost imposible and the fucking 3ds already can turn off 3d plus the only thing good about nintendo portable things is pokemon and streetpass f u nitendo

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