The Last Of Us Getting Free Update, Sharp New Multiplayer Mode

When I reviewed The Last of Us earlier this year, I may not have given its multiplayer portion enough credit. The stripped-down deathmatches were enjoyable enough at the time, but the more I play, the more fun I have. And with a coming free update, the whole thing is gonna get bigger, more tactical, and much more knife-centric.

Up top is a video with Naughty Dog taking a look at the coming 1.03 update for The Last of Us, the most sizable update since the game's release. (The post was age-gated at Sony's request as a term for us sharing it.) There'll be a number of tweaks to balance the multiplayer game and iron out some rough spots (hooray interruptible execution animations), but the most notable addition is an entire new multiplayer mode called "Interrogation," which adds a large dose of tactical play to the game's otherwise straightforward deathmatches.

In Interrogation, both teams have to defend a safe filled with supplies. To locate your opponents' safe, you'll have to hold defeated enemy players still and interrogate them instead of killing them, which leaves you open to attack. If your team gathers enough intel, you'll have a chance at rushing and cracking the other team's safe, which turns the game into an assault/point-defence sort of thing.

Not bad for a free update. Now how about that inevitable co-op horde mode where we fight waves of zombies? Just saying!


    Will PAL multiplayer still be censored?

      My copy is a PAL copy and its been uncensored since day 1..

        You'll find that some of the gore in the multiplayer has been censored in all PAL copies of the game, including yours.

    New gamemode sounds good...bit of a shame ND took so long to announce the update. They said they were announcing dlc early/mid August and still havent said anything. Wont be long before the mp dries up which is a shame considering hiw fun and unique it is.

    Also very disappointed at the season pass. Seems like ND are happy to take your money then sit around doing sweet F/A :(

    I'm still trying to figure out what my season pass is actually for. I mean, if this is a 'free update' where/when is the rest of this content coming?

    The PAL version is censored, google it. MP is missing exploding heads. It's well documented. Glad I have the US version.

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