New Box Art For The Last Of Us Is Just Beautiful

New Box Art For The Last Of Us Is Just Beautiful

The box art for Last Of Us was pretty good, but it has nothing on this new take, which is the work of designer Cory Schmitz.

You might be able to get away with printing these off from the JPG files below, but for the real thing, you can pick up prints at PAX.

The Last Of Us [Cory Schmitz]


  • Unimpressed – box art is so last year anyway

    I’ve bought two physical games this year, and about 50 or so digital.

    • Not a bad idea for using on shortcuts if you have some program which uses stupidly large images or ’tiles’, though.

      I’ve also probably only bought maybe a handful of physical games this year, but there is something nice about having good art on them when it happens.

    • I always thought the game cases look cheap and unfinished without that sort of stuff though. The Bioshock cover, for example, the alternate one, I never used, because it just didn’t look right without the necessary branding and legal requirements on it, the small print, etc. It looked very unofficial.

      I think those little details, that make it look as though the games industry would ever be brave or creative enough to create a cover like this (Resistance 3 is the only one I can think of recently, which, no surprise, was also created but an unaffiliated Graphic Designer), add weight to the overall design.

      • I just got Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, was so happy to be able to flip the cover over to a more artistic one without all that corporate and government crap.

        • Each to his own I guess. I mean even just things like the Playstation logo on the spine at a lot of weight and credibility to this cover alone to me.

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