News Network Discovers You Can Run Over People In GTA, Is Horrified

Look — we all know that the best experiments are conducted on daytime television by people without medical degrees. That’s why this TV segment is so special.

In response to the horrifically tragic shooting that occurred last week, the scientists over at HLN (the channel for people who think CNN is just too heady) have conducted their own totally unbiased experiment on the 2008 game Grand Theft Auto IV. Like all great experiments throughout history, it was set to what appears to be the soundtrack from the Keanu Reeves movie Speed.

Their conclusions?

• Video games sure are different from movies.

• It’s just… just kinda fun to engage in mayhem, I don’t know — WHOA who is that guy, how’d he get there?

• If you run over a person at high speed, blood may get on the front bumper of your car.

• Children should probably not play Grand Theft Auto, a game that “has you run over kids”.

We must inform the Nobel Committee this instant.

[Clip via Raising America]


    • Once more, there is little evidence to show that video games are any worse than movies. Take note NBC. Watching a game being played is boring. Games are meant to be played. Movies are meant to be watched. Comparing the two like that is rubbish, particularly when half the people doing the research cant control the necessary variables. Also their experiment was rubbish. As has been mentioned below, it is rated MA15+ (not for kids). Looking at the box could have saved them a whole segment that is better dedicated to investigating what is like on the inside of a ping pong ball…

  • You know why it’s not okay for kids to be playing this game? Because it’s not intended for them! I suppose the ratings board rate it for a mature audience for fun right? Like the guy said, really he’s a bunch of pixels. How individuals differentiate between games and real life usualy comes down to maturity. Children have a harder time differentiating, which of course comes back to parenting. Sick of games being a scapegoat for the media as soon as something violent happens. How about the fact that that young kid who shot his grandmother was playing GTA IV AND had access to a loaded handgun. Bad parenting.

  • Buy it for your child if you’re a uninformed moron. All the game retailers I know explain the ratings very clearly and I still see parents buying them…….

  • “We want to always look into it, is there research on it that shows a connection between violent behaviour and violent video games”

    But we don’t look into it. We don’t see if there is any research. We don’t investigate it any further. We just demand a study or do our own weird little experiment and then lose interest in it by the next segment and forget that it ever happened by the time it comes up again.

  • “This game is definitely not for my children…”

    No it’s not. It’s for adults. Hence its rating. You obviously didn’t look at the packet you imbecile.

  • I love how the guy playing the game was giving good reasons why it’s just a game, so they put “action”-type music as the soundtrack to make things INTENSE and OMG THIS GAME IS REAL LIFE and stuff.
    Also, +1 to what everyone else has said or is thinking about how much “investigation” these people ever do.

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