The Next Batman Is… Ben Affleck? What?

The Next Batman Is… Ben Affleck? What?

Ben Affleck will star as Batman in Man of Steel 2. Ben Affleck. This is not a joke. Both The Wrap and Variety are reporting the news. Daredevil is playing Batman.

Last month’s Comic Con revelation that the Caped Crusader will appear in the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Superman flick was huge news — particularly the part where Snyder hinted that they’ll be fighting one another. This is equally huge, and hilarious, and stunning, and kind of maybe amazing news.

So… Matt Damon as Robin?

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    • True, but he’s basically only good in his own projects and SOME Kevin Smith films. I cant think of any movies he starred outside of those conditions that were even passable.

      • I think we’re missing the point – The actor in question has two roles to play, Bruce Wayne and Batman. Keaton pulled off both wonderfully, Bale was outstanding as Bruce but sucked as Batman.

        I don’t think anyone can deny that Affleck can play a pretty good turd, so he will pull off the Bruce no hassle. And TBH I think he will do far better as Batman than Christian Bale. I hate that prick.

        • Bruce in public is a turd haha. IDK. Theres hope, after all people were shocked to find out Keaton was cast at first but he is still considered by me and many others to be the best bruce/bat combo. I just hope he doesn’t sound like gravel.

  • Why can’t DC keep it along with Christian Bale, instead of changing characters when they do mixes. Like what Marvel has done with Avengers =/

    • Because Christian Bale has said he’s not coming back under any circumstances. Also the Dark Knight trilogy itself makes any future expansions involving Bruce Wayne impossible.

  • He also played George Reeves (who played Superman) in that HollywoodLand film, so in a roundabout way Superman is also playing Batman.

  • Worse yet it probably means we will be stuck with this douche for the Justice League movie too.

    Are you prepared for the wimpiest Batman since Clooney? I hope so.

  • I think he’ll be pretty decent if the character’s being written as the brains to supes brawn. He’s definitely got the charm to pull off a fantastic Bruce Wayne

      • I’ve seen it and that movie has a lot more wrong with it than Affleck’s performance … mostly because it was a cash grab by the studio during the start of the superhero wave. Rushed, shitty script, crappy effects, crappy Colin Farrel. Hell, I barely noticed Affleck

        • Yes yes the rest of the movie was terrible too but I still found him to be the worst part personally

          • Read the issue of DD that the movie is trying to emulate and you will find that Affleck is the least of your concerns.

          • I think that movie was a decade old and he has two oscars for legitimately great pieces of work. I really didn’t get “wimpy” (I think you’re confusing this with drama, i was pissed when Silverchair went “soft” too) from Argo or The Town.

  • At least he knows comics as a fan. Didn’t he create Bluntman and Chronic or something? 🙂

    • One major blip on an otherwise not too bad career. Sure he’s had duds but a lot of people have. He’s also made some fucking fantastic films.

  • I… I just can’t see it.

    What about someone who is already tough as nails like Timothy Olyphant?

  • Lets give him a chance – Though I’m not the biggest Ben Affleck fan, I do concede his acting has matured since the likes of Daredevil. They quoted his role as someone “who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne”

    I saw Argo a few weeks ago, and after that I I can see his potential. Let’s not forget that people wrote off Bale as Batman, and he ended up being a perfect fit for the role.

    EDIT: Or t put it another way, look at the bright side – At least it’s not Nicolas Cage.

    • Yep, if this was pre-The Town then I’d be joining the criticism. But judging him on what he’s done recently, as opposed to what he did 10 years ago, this is a very good choice.

  • Personally, I think he’s improved as an actor ever since he directed Gone Baby Gone. I think that directing has actually helped him build on his onscreen performances.

    Is this what I expected for the next Batman? Hell no, but I’ll remain optimistic because his performances in The Town and Argo were fantastic.

    Let’s not forget the storm in a teacup that occurred when Heath Ledger was announced to be playing The Joker in The Dark Knight and look how that turned out.

  • I am going to stay highly optimistic on this decision….I remember how much bitching there was by Everyone in the known universe (myself included) when Heath Ledger (RIP) was cast as the Joker.

  • Seriously why the hell……

    Sure sure he may have “gotten better” but seriously isn’t ruining 1 super hero franchise enough?
    Why even take the RISK of letting him ruin a 2nd? Plus he is about as manly as a metro sexual fashion designer when compared to Bale.

    • THere were a lot of problems behind Daredevil, including the producers deciding to tone it down (it was originally intended for a hard R rating in the US, so probably an MA15 rating here in Aus) and trying to build into an Elektra spin-off from the start.

      But since the original Daredevil (which even Affleck admitted sucked and showed up to claim the Razzie award for) he’s gone on and improved and turned out a good performance in The Town and Argo, while most people probably have forgotten he was even in DD to begin with.

  • The worst part about this is that there were rumours that Scott Adkins may have been in the running for Batman, and that would have been amazing. I would love to see a Batman movie with action scenes that are actually good.

  • First reaction: “WTF… Great, nipple suit is back.”
    After 10 minutes: “Well, he’s been in some good stuff lately…”
    After 20 minutes: “Okay, i’ll give him a chance… but dont make me nerd rage in the cinema BEN!”

    He’s either in really good movies (Argo, Boiler Room, Dogma) or really shit movies (Pearl Harbour, Armageddon, Daredevil)… please let this be a good one.

  • I can see him pulling off Bruce Wayne very well. He’s got the look and the charm. Can’t picture him as a Batman too much but we’ll see how it goes.

  • Affleck is a much better director than an actor, IMO. But still, maybe he’ll use all this negativity to try and prove everyone wrong like Heath Ledger did.

  • I actually think the dude who plays superman would be a good batman – has the shin for it too.

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