The Next-Gen Conundrum: How Will You Handle It? [Update]

This has been something that's been on my mind for a while, and I thought I'd just throw it out there, more as a conversation starter than anything. Next-generation console are being released this year, but major releases like Watch Dogs (games clearly designed with next-gen tech in mind) won't be released until early 2014. Stripped back versions, however, will be available for the 360 and PS3 this year, in the lead up to Christmas. Are you planning to buy the same game twice? Or are you holding back?

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.

Or are you planning to completely skip the next generation of consoles and just play on PC instead?

It's part of a broader issue I've been mulling over for a while — framed perfectly on Game Informer's Facebook page — just how committed are publishers to this 'next-generation'? And how committed are you to next generation consoles.

Outside of the main in-house exclusives, I can't think of many titles coming out this year that are exclusively next-generation titles. Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, FIFA, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4: all of these titles are scheduled for a Christmas-ish release for PS3 and 360, but Q1 2014 for Xbox One and PS4. I think that's problematic, and endemic of a larger problem: while publishers are talking big about next generation consoles and what is possible, they really want to play it safe this Christmas with their major releases.

I get it: budgets are bigger, there's more at stake, but this Christmas all the major releases are going to be on existing consoles, while early adopters shelling out for a PS4 or Xbox One are going to be left with little to play.

So my question is this: how are you guys and girls planning to approach this? Will you buy stripped back versions of games that'll get superior versions down the track? Will you delay purchasing new consoles because of this? Or will you just spend every goddamn dollar in your bank account, buying all the new consoles and two versions of each game? Typically early adopters want to be right on the cutting edge of gaming, they want to play the latest video games first. This is the audience that is being asked to wait.

The whole situation is, simply put, a bit weird.

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.


    Everyone's bickering about next gen and I'm just here playing my 3DS.

      Yep, biggest decision for me this year will be Pokemon X or Y

        X vs Y deserves it's own in depth post. I pre-ordered X because it has a Pokemon that is literally a ball of cotton candy. That's crazy!

      I got a 3DS XL on the weekend and I agree with your comment

    Watch Dogs I will be waiting until I get a PS4 for.

    No next gen? Doesn't exist. I'll wait for the next gen version, so no GTAV for me. Unless maybe someone like EB offers an awesome trade in deal to the next gen version of games like Gamestop is in the states. Really if I can get two good launch games, I'll be happy over the Christmas period.

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      GTA V isn't coming out for next gen, period. Though sure it may come for pc eventually but that's not what we are talking about.

      With that said, every single game that is next gen I am getting next gen, If you have seen the fing horrible current gen version of watchdogs you would do the same. Its clear all those games are getting stripped naked to fit on current machines and really, they just butchered their products for more revenue (though can't blame them, not much $$ in next gen games near launch)

        The interview with R*s Leslie Benzies he doesn't rule out next gen and pc gta V.

          Its not happening, this isn't an opinion.

          It is not in development, they have NO PLANS to develop it. So no it is not coming out on next gen.

      lol good luck at getting GTA V on next gen

        Miss the part where I said no GTAV? Plus I don't really care if I wait a year or two to play a game that's basically single player only, online always sucks in GTA.

          Haha what? you implied GTA V was coming to next gen so you would wait until it came out. Also, you are just trolling with that last comment so I will ignore it.

            No, I stated I wont be getting GTAV because it doesn't have a next gen version. Try again.

    For some games, like Watch Dogs and COD ghosts, I'll buy both.

    Plus achievs for both versions, I'm an addict, and that is tempting.

    As excited I am for next gen I cant see myself buying the console anytime near release. GTAV and other releases this year will keep me slugging along on my PS3 for quite some time. Plus there are other titles i've never picked up but would like to play before making the next gen jump.
    Hopefuly by then the price would have dropped too :]

    Sticking with PC for the time being, will see how the next gen space pans out over the next 6 - 12 months before making a decision. I'm more hype for buying the Oculus Rift over a new console.

      oh man, im itching to get my hands on a HD Rift... need a release date so i can count days.

        Mirrors Edge 2 + HD Rift = Drooool

          that would be awesome, im also looking at experiencing some "artsy"games as well, such as Dear Esther...

            I've tried the rift, it won't live up to the hype unfortunately, the resolution, even on the hi rez model is to low. Maybe in a few years when they get awesome custom made hi rez screens,

              have you tried the HD Rift? is it that bad? I thought they were aiming for 1920 x 1200 for retail release...

              come to think of it i think the current hd rift is only 720p

                The resolution has to be like 5-6 times that before it will look good because the screen is magnified with the lens in the headset, so the pixels look huge. and that 1920x1080 is across both eyes, so half the resolution horizontally

            Imagine a first person mod for Journey! Don't get me wrong, could be really bad, but it could also be mind blowing with the Rift! But some really cool 3d effects on some of the better indie titles would rock!

      PC is already at Next Gen, it's post gen, or something. Just look at Spin Tyres, and BeamNG's Drive. Then all the other pretty games.

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    In all seriousness though I will probably have to wait until the prices come down - by then each console should have fully-fleshed out library and it will just be a matter of picking which one I like the games for.

    I will buy the next gen consoles when they come down to half their original retail price. Until then I have a PC, so there is literally nothing lost. Some people harp on about exclusives but I really don't give a shit; if a developer wants to isolate their release to a certain console, or just consoles (RDR and GTAV) then they won't be getting my money. Anyways, when it comes to exclusives, PC still wins. You can prove me wrong by finding a version of Dungeon Keeper that runs on any console released lately.

      You know, some might say the companies who own the consoles are entitled to only publish on their machines.

      Also, do people care that Dungeon Keeper doesn't run on a console? It's probably the same way that you think you're being shafted because Mario doesn't run on everything.

      I'm sticking with my PC for now anyway. I don't think I've ever lacked so much excitement for a console launch. It isn't really a whole lot they did, it's just that I legitimately don't see the point in buying something that everyone's pretending is new when PC has been doing it with greater ease (and somehow without requiring us to be tethered to our internet service for incredibly vague reasons) for years. I've been using my PC to order pizzas, work, skype, chat, watch, read, listen etc. for years and at what cost? Almost nothing. Just the initial price and my ISP.

      When I compare the list of services and advantages I already have to what the consoles offer, I always come to the conclusion that I may have been impressed several years ago but why pay SO MUCH MORE for things that we already have? I've also always been skeptical as to whether Microsoft (yes, the guys who put cheap $2 rechargable batteries in their $25 play and charge kits) would EVER allow a truly open, digital service with REASONABLE pricing to flourish. These are the guys who charge how much for Office and Windows? How well does GFWL work? What's their history on digital pricing? And what does FORCING you to be online have to do with that? What does it have to do with anything? I'll stick with the problematic Steam over the bloodsucking leech of XBLA.

      That's not to say I'd never buy a One, I'm just unconvinced that we somehow "lost" something from Microsoft's 180.

      Then we have PS4 which is the safest, least-exciting console we've seen. I'm not sure that's to be criticised though, I mean with this safety we get unparallelled indie support and a focus on games. But is that enough? Not really. When an exclusive comes out that captures me, we'll talk. I suppose it is mostly about the games for me.

        Nowhere did I express a feeling of being 'shafted' in relation to console exclusives. I simply don't care about them, nor will I buy them. I am not an isolated case in this matter, so by developing exclusives the developers are not making as many sales as they could be. It's as simple as that.

        As for the companies that own the rights to the consoles - If they had the time,money and staff to develop all the games themselves, don't you think they would? It's much more profitable to license the rights out and reap the $$$ that way.

        As for Dungeon Keeper, you seemed to have missed my point entirely. Then again, it's quite possible that was the case from when you first read my post.

        Seems to me Tualmasok was indicating that given the similarities between systems, a lot of folks are noting that the choice between Xbone and PS4 comes down to which exclusives they'll get. And the fact of the matter is that the PC gets the most and best exclusives of them all, with damn near infinite backwards compatibility.

    Got a pre-order down for the xbone, I'd say I'll buy two versions of the better games.

    Waiting. Things like FIFA and NBA 2K14 I'll play all through the year, so it makes sense to hold off until they're available on the console I'll be using through the year.

    Also, I thought Watch Dogs was a launch title for the next-gen consoles. My local EB has it listed as one.

      I am under the impression a number of these titles listed are PS4 Launch titles? AC4, BF4, CoD, FIFA, Watch Dogs...
      Everywhere I looked it's saying so, anyway. And some of those sources are from the devs themselves

      I think he got that the wrong way around. I think nearly all of them are launch titles.

      Edit: They're actually all launch titles. So will be released this year on PS4 and Xbone.

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    I'm waiting a year or two before I buy a next gen console. By then it should be clearer what I'll be more interested in. Till then I'll keep to the "strip-backed" versions or PC versions.

    In most cases where something is coming out on both PS3 and PS4 then I'll wait until I get a PS4 (probably early next year) and get that version. The only exception might be BF4, which I think I'll probably get on PS3 on launch day. That's only because progress transfers from the PS3 version over to the PS4 version, so I won't have to start all over again there. I really don't want to start playing that 3-6 months after everybody else and have to run around trying to unlock stuff while getting my arse kicked by people with better gear.

    I'll be getting a PS4 at (or as close as EB Games decide) to launch as possible. I'm happy to wait for next gen versions if I have to. I rarely pay full price for games and will happily wait for price drops before buying so I don't have that impulse anymore to rush out and buy the latest and greatest. Kind of goes against buying a PS4 day one, but that's how it is

    inFAMOUS out in Q1 2014 though. Hopefully will be everything and more and one of the first proper next-gen games. Let's be realistic, cross-gen games aren't really proper next gen games when they're being restricted by the current platforms

    I'm still on the fence about gta5. Not sure if I'll buy it for ps4 or ps3. That's the only game left on this years list for me. I've got a ps4 on pre order, but still undecided on what game/s to buy with it. Not too concerned though. I've got so many current gen games that I've barely played. Some still in their plastic wrap.

      gta5 hasn't even been announced for any next gen consoles.

        yeah, i know. i'm just assuming (hoping) it will be.

          I assume the next gen versions will be made at the same time as the PC version seeing as the hardware will be similar.

            most likely. i can wait. i have learned restraint the past couple of years. the only game i have bought on release, this year, was The Last Of Us. although gta5 looks good, it's a game that i'm willing to endure a short wait for, but i will only buy it once.

    GTA V is a no brainer for 360 (and will also get it for next-gen when it eventually releases), but I'll get NBA 2k14, CoD Ghosts and probably everything else on Xbone around Xmas time.

    I usually wait between 2-4 years after a console releases before taking the plunge. The exception was the SNES, which I got earlier. But that was due to the super sweet Street Fighter 2 bundle which my 10 year old self just had to have.

      Yeah I waited four years to get a 360, I won't wait that long for the next one but there'd have to be some serious discounting between now and then!

      On the games themselves; I'll reserve judgement on Watch Dogs till I read reviews. BF4 is next gen only for me - the higher player count is the main appeal I can see now over BF3. PvZ GW depends on whether I have an Xbone when it's out (unlikely)

    My latest line of thinking is that I'll pick up a next-gen console when there is enough on it that I actually want. There's not really much that's worth getting a new console for yet, so it'll also help me avoid the #firstModelProblems that tend to happen when I indulge in early adoption.

    Hey Mark I am not so sure your correct on the release dates for next gen versions of these games, they don't have release dates for next gen versions because both PS4 and XB1 haven't had their launch dates specified. There are multiple articles stating that titles like watch dogs and Battlefield 4 will be availiable for both next gen consoles on their respective launch days.
    "Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 1, with PS4 and Xbox One versions expected to be available at launch."
    PS4 Watch Dogs launch bundle

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      Also this,

    I'll be getting a PS4 at launch, I think I'll make my decisions about which versions to buy on a case by case basis, if the game is significantly better on PS4 I'll hold out but if it's just better visually with no extra content or features I'll probably just get the current gen version.
    I find it hard to justify buying HD remakes of games I already own so i don't see myself buying anything twice (Maybe GTA V cause there's no way I'm waiting for that)

    GTA V will be the last game I buy for my 360.
    Then I'll be holding off until probably mid-next year to wait and see whether the PS4 is worth getting for games like Watch Dogs and BF4 or whether I should get back into PC gaming and build myself a Steam Box.
    My excitement for the Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni make me even more apprehensive about spending money on a console instead of setting up a PC in my living room.

    Everyone is blowing their loads of games like COD Ghost, GTA V, Watch Dogs and Destiny... yet no-one is actually wanting to wait to play the games on the newer consoles.

    I enjoy gaming as much as anyone else, but after playing PC games lately I struggle to go back to games locked at 30FPS with drops to 15 at low resolutions... I'm not claiming PC master race here, but at the moment I'm over current gen, so I'm not planning on pissing away any more money on new releases on the current gen... Can't wait for some quality bundles of the PS4 and Xbone next year (Fingers crossed for a PS4 with GTA V and whatever game Naughty Dog are cooking up)

    Wii U - I win!

    Wonder what version the Wii U version will be closer to. Are they releasing alongside the stripped back versions?

      Alongside the stripped-back versions, according to Wikipedia. This doesn't bode well for the Wii U version, unfortunately. But hey, at least we don't have to wait!

      You're on a winner there. I heard that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines was the best one.

    I'm a PC gamer. I have both the 360 and PS3 for exclusives only. I'll be waiting a couple years to get probably the Xbone and PS4 and the exclusives I want to play. Waiting for games doesn't bother me anyway, I have dozens in my backlog as well as less and less time to play them so I'll never run out.

    Picking up the PS4 at launch, but for games, then it all depends on the game in question. I'll probably be only picking up 1st party titles at launch (Killzone, Knack & Driveclub via PS+).

    Not likely to bite anytime soon on COD, BF and ACIV, all of which I have a touch of franchise fatigue.

    The other aspect is what is the franchise history. Watch Dogs is brand new, so next gen purchase it would be. Something like ACIV though, seeing as there are 5 other games on the current gen, then I would more likely to pick up that version to 'continue the story' on the same console kinda mentality. I know there will be a point that might not be possible, but until it is forced then I'd be doing something like that.

    Something like FIFA, I honestly don't feel as though the next gen version will be anything special, EA have a terrible history with their first sports games on new hardware and the safe bet will be current gen and jump in the following year when they have had more time to focus on next gen.

      I have to say I'm disappointed by Konami's decision to not make a next gen version of PES this year. I mean I can understand the reason why - they probably don't want to spend the money until the user base is there. But they're basically abandoning the field and letting EA have it to themselves for a year. The only reason FIFA is even half-decent today is because PES forced them to improve it in order to be able to compete. Konami allowing FIFA to be the only option on next-gen takes away a lot of the incentive for EA to do better.

      Re franchise fatigue, I'm with you all the way on COD and Assassin's Creed, but I'm willing to allow Battlefield a bit of slack since they just do one every 2 years or so instead of making it an annual thing.

    Im pretty sure Watch Dogs is a PS4 Launch title

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