The Next-Gen Conundrum: How Will You Handle It? [Update]

This has been something that's been on my mind for a while, and I thought I'd just throw it out there, more as a conversation starter than anything. Next-generation console are being released this year, but major releases like Watch Dogs (games clearly designed with next-gen tech in mind) won't be released until early 2014. Stripped back versions, however, will be available for the 360 and PS3 this year, in the lead up to Christmas. Are you planning to buy the same game twice? Or are you holding back?

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.

Or are you planning to completely skip the next generation of consoles and just play on PC instead?

It's part of a broader issue I've been mulling over for a while — framed perfectly on Game Informer's Facebook page — just how committed are publishers to this 'next-generation'? And how committed are you to next generation consoles.

Outside of the main in-house exclusives, I can't think of many titles coming out this year that are exclusively next-generation titles. Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, FIFA, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4: all of these titles are scheduled for a Christmas-ish release for PS3 and 360, but Q1 2014 for Xbox One and PS4. I think that's problematic, and endemic of a larger problem: while publishers are talking big about next generation consoles and what is possible, they really want to play it safe this Christmas with their major releases.

I get it: budgets are bigger, there's more at stake, but this Christmas all the major releases are going to be on existing consoles, while early adopters shelling out for a PS4 or Xbox One are going to be left with little to play.

So my question is this: how are you guys and girls planning to approach this? Will you buy stripped back versions of games that'll get superior versions down the track? Will you delay purchasing new consoles because of this? Or will you just spend every goddamn dollar in your bank account, buying all the new consoles and two versions of each game? Typically early adopters want to be right on the cutting edge of gaming, they want to play the latest video games first. This is the audience that is being asked to wait.

The whole situation is, simply put, a bit weird.

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.


    I have a ps4 pre-ordered (even though I'm not too sure why), but I'm not really sold on any of the launch titles. GTA5 on ps3 should easily be able to tide me over until the first major releases. I'll probably buy Killzone or Drive club just so I can use my spanky new machine.

      Pretty sure Drive Club is the first free game as part of PS+ on the PS4, which you'll need for online multiplayer anyway. Just in case you were planning on purchasing a retail copy.

      Edit: Apologies, just looked it up, the PS+ version has limited cars and tracks, so it's not the same as a retail copy.

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    I must be getting tight in my old age (31 lol). I look at console game prices and think "ouch, theres no way I'm paying that much", and here's people talking about buying them twice.

    I'll get Watch Dogs in next years Steam Summer sale, I can wait.

      Youngsters living at home and not paying rent, probably. I had to pay my folks rent until I moved out, but not anything like "full" rent. Had more cash for games in those days even at half the salary! These days it's not just the rent or mortgage but all the other responsibilities... couldn't justify buying the same game twice!

      I feel the same way about console game prices... They're so expensive!
      I'd much rather wait about 6 months and pick games up for <$20 :D

    I joined the PC race about a year ago (though it sits behind my TV in the lounge room like an enormous console) so I'm bridging the next gen gap with that until the PS4 exclusive library is large enough then I'll add it to the PSX, PS2 and PS3 that are all currently under my TV :)

    I'll more then likely pick up a PS4 at some point.
    But not until there are a f ew games out that I want to play on it.
    So will definitely be waiting.

    Hang on, when and where has it been stated that the next gen versions of BF4, CoD etc are being released Q1 for next gen? I specifically remember release dates for current versions of BF4 and CoD being announced as Oct 31/Nov 5 respectively and the next gen versions as "as soon as the consoles are launched". This is the first I'm hearing of any of these games being held back until Q1 2014.

    I'm going to play it by ear. I'll watch and play Watch Dogs on the Xbone, but most other titles coming out before the Xbone I will just get on 360. Tempted to hold off and get the "next gen" GTAV though.

      "Tempted to hold off and get the "next gen" GTAV though." I am almost thinking that there may not even be a Next Gen GTA V. I would have though they'd announce it by now. I honestly thought that it was Next Gen when I first saw it.

    I have been seeing this as kind of an issue especially with COD and BF4 which have the huge multiplayer components, I will wait to get them on PS4 but it will be pretty tough watching PS3/Xbox360 gameplay knowing I could be playing it and yet not being able to.

    In saying that I'm used to it with COD by now as a PS3 user having to watch Microsoft get all the content a month in advance so it's not so bad now.

    General rule: If it comes to PC at the same time as current gen consoles and is delayed for next-gen, I'll be picking it up for PC. If it's on PS4 on release (or soon after), I'll get it on PS4. Only game I'll not wait for is GTA:V, which I'll get on 360, and probably pick up again on PC when it eventually comes out.

    Also, isn't the PS4 getting Watch_Dogs a couple of days after the current-gen versions are released? I'll wait that long.

    Same thing I do every gen, wait for a price drop & some games.

    If it has a PS4 version, I'm waiting. There's a reasonable chance I will buy a PS4 in the Boxing Day sales, and if not then some time next year after a price drop, but either way: waiting.

    Exception: games released on both the PC and console. I might just buy the PC version.

    @markserrels wheres the source that watch_dogs won't b out on next gen till 2014? i was of the understanding it was a launch title?

    perhaps i missed something?

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      Yeah I was asking for this clarification to. I think it's a bit of an oversight. If you look at the Game Informer facebook post that is mentioned in the article they pose a similar question but state that next gen versions are a few weeks/months after current gen. Bit of a blanket statement covering all bases for release date of the next gen consoles. It's only going to be a few weeks at most so something like ACIV releasing at the end of October won't show up until release on Xbox One which could be a month later.

      That being said, there are rumours floating around stating that the PS4 could possibly release at the end of October. If that were the case then there would be no wait over current gen.

      Ok good it's not just me. U NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK MARK!!

        I second this I've seen no information showing a delay for Watch Dogs

    I would say this is no more problematic than any other console cycle 'birth'. There is always a new approach from developers (first or third parties) to keep consumers happy. This time, it's making everything available to everyone on all the hardware.

    I am personally waiting for Watch Dogs on PS4, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Not so excited that I'll be buying on PS3 first however. I don't like the idea of getting it twice.

    If the VITA integration with PS4 is as good as it could be, then I'll be interested in two copies, just so I can play those games when I'm away/travelling.

    PC. Even is a new operating system screws your games (DOS to XP, XP to Vista, etc, etc) You can dual boot or it will get patched by fans.

    Welp, I won't be getting a new console till the end of the financial year at the earliest and I'll have GTA5 to keep me company until then

    I thought Watch Dogs was a launch title for the PS4 and Xbone? Shame....

    I've pre-ordered a day 1 PS4 out of sheer curiosity. I've never gotten a system on day 1...there's a certain thrill I'm keen to experience and probably be let down regarding. Fun.

    Edit: spelling.

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    I assumed that Watch Dogs was going to be there for the PS4 launch and was going to buy it as my first title.

    Now I don't know what I'll buy as my first PS4 game.

    I'm not planning on pre-ordering a PS4 unless they announce bundles, which I guess they will in time. Though I'm not that anxious to play the new title's before the next gen consoles are released, or before I buy one.
    If they don't announce bundles, I'll probably just purchase COD: Ghost as my first game for the sake of playing with friends.

    I'll be getting GTA V and that will most likely be the last game I buy on PS3, If they do end up announcing it on PS4, I'd still stick with PS3 version so I can play it straight away.

    Other than that, I have a massive backlog of games to finish off on PC. My PS3 has been collecting some dust on the past couple of months.

    I can't help but get new shiney stuff. So ill probably pick up the new consoles at launch and play killzone and dead rising. Basically I'm getting the consoles for their exclusives - ones that will not come to PC. Ill play everything else on PC. I probably don't have to get consoles launch, because a majority of games are coming to PC, but I have then preordered anyways, and I can always change my mind.

    Best thing I ever did was ditch my gaming PC and replace it with a Mac Mini for work/study/etc, and moving completely to consoles for my gaming. Why? Simple.

    Instead of sitting on my own in a secluded room to play games, I now sit on my big comfortable couch and play on my gloriously massive TV, while spending time (even if it's passively) with my significant other, who cares not one whit about gaming, but does like to stretch out like a cat and read or work or sleep (or laugh at me when I fail miserably (or scold me when I murder Lara Croft continuously through my ineptitude)) while I game.

    Did it for years and years, but now I'm done with the upgrading and fiddling and bollocks that comes with being part of the PC master race. Consoles fo' life, y'all.

    #PS4launchdaypurchase #nextgenalltheway #yolo

      Console hooked up to TV, 360 controller, boots into Steam BPM.

      Only downside is when some game has a stupid popup that requires mouse/keyboard input

        Sure, BPM is a step in the right direction, but to start playing on my Xbox takes the following effort:

        1) push button
        2) wait 15 seconds
        3) push button
        4) wait 10 seconds
        5) push button
        6) when game finishes loading, start playing

        It's like the dreaded Apple Mac: it just works(tm).

        Not to mention being able to avoid the fun and games that is MS Windows. In the middle of a game? Surprise! Reboot time for some reason! Game not running for reasons possibly related to the myriad permutations of barely cross-functional hardware configurations that make up the wonderous utopia of 'PC'? 'Troubleshoot' effortlessly with petrol and a match.

        #toooldforthisshit #somethingsomethingdarkside

          Most of the time on my pc it's push button and wait 2 minutes while i boil the kettle and bpm is on my screen and i can start playing. It's not always perfect but i'm mostly in it for the cheap games.
          After losing both a 360 and ps3 (and my saves) to hardware faults i got a little wary of locked down hardware where if one thing fails outside of warranty you have to replace the whole thing whereas on pc i can just replace the broken part and its much easier to back up data.
          I'll still buy a ps4 but like the wiiu it will be mostly for exclusives.

    Not even thinking about next gen consoles. GTA 5, AC IV and WW HD. Will tide me over while i wait for all the summer xmas games to come and then go down in price. Plus there will be so many sales of older 360 and PS3 games and accessories...i cant wait!

    I'll probably get GTAV for my 360 and then that's it. No next gen.

    Until Smash Bros Wii U comes out, but I'll leave it up to you whether or not that's "next gen". (I would say yes)

    I can't find any info on next gen watch dogs being delayed. Whatchutalkinboutserrels?

    Sup K peeps! Ubi have confirmed watch dogs as a launch title for Xbone and PS4.
    Fact check fail.
    Without owning a high end PC currently, BF4 will be my pick for next gen.
    Any true hardcore gamer should be buying current then rolling over to next G fo' sho!
    Any of ya'll hitting Pax prime?
    Look me up if your there!

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