The Next-Gen Conundrum: How Will You Handle It? [Update]

This has been something that's been on my mind for a while, and I thought I'd just throw it out there, more as a conversation starter than anything. Next-generation console are being released this year, but major releases like Watch Dogs (games clearly designed with next-gen tech in mind) won't be released until early 2014. Stripped back versions, however, will be available for the 360 and PS3 this year, in the lead up to Christmas. Are you planning to buy the same game twice? Or are you holding back?

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.

Or are you planning to completely skip the next generation of consoles and just play on PC instead?

It's part of a broader issue I've been mulling over for a while — framed perfectly on Game Informer's Facebook page — just how committed are publishers to this 'next-generation'? And how committed are you to next generation consoles.

Outside of the main in-house exclusives, I can't think of many titles coming out this year that are exclusively next-generation titles. Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, FIFA, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4: all of these titles are scheduled for a Christmas-ish release for PS3 and 360, but Q1 2014 for Xbox One and PS4. I think that's problematic, and endemic of a larger problem: while publishers are talking big about next generation consoles and what is possible, they really want to play it safe this Christmas with their major releases.

I get it: budgets are bigger, there's more at stake, but this Christmas all the major releases are going to be on existing consoles, while early adopters shelling out for a PS4 or Xbox One are going to be left with little to play.

So my question is this: how are you guys and girls planning to approach this? Will you buy stripped back versions of games that'll get superior versions down the track? Will you delay purchasing new consoles because of this? Or will you just spend every goddamn dollar in your bank account, buying all the new consoles and two versions of each game? Typically early adopters want to be right on the cutting edge of gaming, they want to play the latest video games first. This is the audience that is being asked to wait.

The whole situation is, simply put, a bit weird.

UPDATE: Looks like I might have made a mistake with some of these release dates. A couple of people have informed me, and I've done some digging on release dates. Looks like Watch Dogs will be available at the launch of PS4 and Xbox One. So the wait may not be as long as I initially thought. Apologies to all I may have misled. Innocent (dumb) mistake.


    i wont be looking at purchasing a next gen until maybe middle 2014, i have a very high end PC which will run everything i want it to until the new consoles get a good roster of exclusives that i really want to play

    I am looking forward to the next gen and i plan on getting a PS4 first, and maybe the Xbox One if it gets a reasonable roster of exclusives

    yeah, last place i read said that Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, FIFA, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed 4 were all launch titles for all next gen systems

    I haven't yet seen any games for the XB1/PS4 that are must buys for me.
    This summer will likely be laden with Nintendo games, and playing catch up on my pile-o-shame.

    It's never been a better time to be a PC gamer. Components keep getting cheaper, regular steam sales keep my wallet heavy, and incredible exclusive games and features keep me stuck to the platform.

    Stuff like this just assures me I made the right choice in gaming platform.

    " Will you buy stripped back versions of games that’ll get superior versions down the track? "

    My God no.

    " Will you delay purchasing new consoles because of this? "

    I hope to delay purchasing the PS4 on the basis of my massive PS3 collection, and the increasing PSN+ collections, Steam and Origin collections.

    The new games being released no longer influence that.

    The Last of Us looks great. I'm totally not excited by it. I could easily wait for that to drop to $20. Not a problem. I have plenty of games to take my attention and keep me excited.

    I've had PS3 since since, and after playing almost every AAA game on it I am more then ready for a next generation of consoles/games. So Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 4 and all of those, I will without a doubt be waiting for a next generation copy. Especially with games like Battlefield that are part of a series, I don't just want a reskinned BF3. I want it to really feel like a new game.

    I've preordered the xbox one. Not even sure what launch game I'll get yet. Probably get a ps4 later next year when more of my friends get the console.... as for games, id just get the next gen games. And exclusives for ps3. Heck, they are still making games for the ps2.

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    I moved to Scotland last year and my PS3 was too big to pack. I've been sustained by my 3DS and steam releases on Mac.

    This puts me in the uncomfortable position of desiring a home console but being unable to decide on which. There are last gen releases which I'd love to play - Bioshock, Journey and Killer is Dead, with the prospect of AC IV and other multiplatform releases. And the Wii U for all it's commercial failure has games I'd enjoy playing, Pikmin, Mario, MK8.

    The next gen isn't something I'd comfortably attach to until prices drop and games are out there in the wild. And I want something to play now!

    Sticking with pc unless $500+ falls into my pocket and the PS4 is not sold out.None of the original exclusives really intrest me apart from Forza 5 and as an eary adopter of both previous Xbox's I am hesitant to rush in again.
    I don't think we will see true next gen games untill the developtors forget about the currebt systems.

    Is it just me or do you think that Rockstar would be dumb enough to announce GTA V for next gen, knowing full well that people would hold out to get it on next gen? Simple strategy is to not comment on next gen version... everybody buys the current gen version and then when the console has a decent user base announce the next gen version... not rocket science

      I wouldn't be able to wait for an upgraded GTAV and buy the PS3 version anyway.

      If they release a next gen / pc version I'll wait for it to be cheap in a steam sale

      I believe that's exactly what they are doing. They never actually deny it. There is a great inteview with Les Benzies (head of R* North) over on CVG.

      Which leads me to believe that I'll be buying 3 licenses for that game. x360/PC/Next gen

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    PS4 for me and whatever game/s my local store has in stock. Having spent $2000+ on a new pc last year all I can say is fuck the master race. Games work so much better on a console

    I was all lined up to buy a PS4 with Watch Dogs on release. Then I watched some GTA V videos. There's plenty of life in the old girl yet, so I'll bide my time.

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    I'll probably pick up a PS4 sometime next year when there's more titles about and after my UK trip. That's more important to me atm than a gaming console. I have my PC to tide me over anyway which is relatively decent in terms of gaming power for the moment anyway!

    Heck - Im still playing Skyrim, I've got to get around to finishing Ni No Kuni, GTA V will take up all my spare time, and what little time I have will see me with some Pokemon or some Pinball FX 2. Not to mention the usual Uncharted 3 online action. And I wanna play through The Last of Us again. And possibly the new Ratchet and Clank title... d'oh!

    I had this realisation the other day and got really pissed about it. I don't want to buy a launch console because of the obvious reasons, but I also don't want to buy new games on the console gen that's on the way out. This leaves me lacking the collectors editions of the games I do want now, as I have to wait for the console to sit for a little while in market to know exactly what I'm buying in to.

    Like many others here, GTAV on PS3 will be the last game I buy from the current generation.
    It will tide me over until at least the new year, at which point I will be holding out for a PS4 deal/bundle.


    Been next gen for a while now.
    I might get a ps4 for multiplayer with friends, unless games start coming with crossplatform multiplayer then i wouldnt need one

      I have a feeling that if FPS games, even 3PS games, went cross-platform everyone would have to switch to pc or be left behind in our noobishness twiddling our thumbsticks... I like to keep my PC and consoles seperate. It'll be interesting to see Planetside 2 on PS4 though.

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    There is only one more game I'm getting current gen: GTA V. I'll also be getting it for pc for unRanked modding. And next gen.

    All other games now for me are pc and next gen only. X1 at or soon after launch, PS4 after the first price drop. Continue building my next gaming pc for big screen. My TV cabinet is getting too full. Need a new one.

    That said, GTA Online on whichever platforms it comes to will hold me for at least the next 2 years. And Rome 2...

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    I'm planning on buying a PS4 next year and I may buy some games twice (depending on what features the next-gen consoles get) and extra controllers. Some of the games that are released on PC as well as the current/next-gen consoles (such as Watch Dogs, BF4 and maybe COD: Ghosts) I'll get on PC first.

    But I'm hoping Sony confirms and releases a PS4 & Vita Bundle Pack

    I feel like the only one here having Wii U as their primary next-gen device.

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