The Perfect Cat Simulator Has You Smash Nintendos

The Perfect Cat Simulator Has You Smash Nintendos

Catalateral Damage is as accurate a cat simulator as you’ll ever play. Firstly because it lets you jump way higher than you think you should be able to, and secondly because the game only asks you to do one thing. Be a dick.

The goal is to run and jump around your owner’s bedroom knocking all their crap onto the floor. The more stuff you trash, the better you’ve done.

See? That’s cats, in a nutshell.

You can play the gamer in your browser below.

Catlaterial Damage [Game, via RPS]


  • It’s like a less fun and less polished version of that iOS game where you’re a cat and have to knock things over (can’t remember the name since I switched to Android about a year ago now, that game is the one thing I miss though!).

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