The PixelJunk Folks’ Visualizer Makes The PS3 More Fun At Parties

The PixelJunk Folks’ Visualizer Makes The PS3 More Fun At Parties

For six years, I’ve been streaming music to my PlayStation 3 using the same old trio of launch visualisers, which is a sadness. This week Q-Games makes me happy again, with a new PS3 app simply called Visualizer.

Having sights to go with my sounds has been important to me I installed my first CD drive. All of this trippy computing power, combined with music, should equal a psychedelic light show the likes of which teenage me, sitting alone in his room with a strobe light halfheartedly blinking along to Love and Rockets, could only imagine.

At one point I owned more visualisers for WinAmp than I did music.

Consoles have been letting me down since the 3DO. The PlayStation 3’s original offerings, also created by Q-Games, were nice enough, but it was capable of so much more.

Q-Games’ PixelJunk 4AM was going to be that so much more, but it became a music game that required the PlayStation Move and Eye. Visualizer finally gives people without Moves or Eyes something to look at and dance to.

That’s more like it.

Visualizer comes with six styles from 4AM, with enough settings to tweak to generate some 30 different variations. It comes out on Tuesday in North America at a special price of $US2.99, rising to $US4.99 after two weeks. Europe and Asia releases will follow shortly after.

I am ridiculously excited. I’ll be flipping through screens at the official page and reading over the PlayStation Blog post over and over again until tomorrow’s release, after which the TV in my office becomes a dedicated music display.


  • I can’t believe how long this has taken and why Sony didn’t allow more apps to be made for the PS3.

  • This is what I wish my 360 had, the best I have currently is just my wallpapers folder on my PC streaming….

  • I always thought that the “Globe” visual effect would have been awesome if it was real-time to global timezones. Wouldn’t have been that hard either.

  • I assume this will be affected by all the musical elements, not just the four that inspires 4am’s excitement.

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