The PlayStation Vita: The 'In-Case-You-Missed-It' Machine

It started with a tweet, which annoyed me. I'll paraphrase the tweet because I don't want to embarrass the person who posted it. He is, otherwise, a decent human being.

The tweet stated something along the lines of, "urgh I hate all these people getting excited about indie games on the PS Vita, you should support these games on PC next time."

I think that's under 140 characters...

Anyway you get the point. PC master race elitism, sprinkled with a dash of 'that was so last year' 'hipster' sentiment — all in one tweet. I grimaced. I typed a snarky reply which I promptly deleted. If I had posted the tweet it probably would have read like a more brutal version of this:

"What's wrong with people discovering older games on a new platform, and what's wrong with playing catch-up?"

And what's wrong with waiting once in a while?

Today the PlayStation Vita received a price cut. In Australia you can now buy the 3G version of the PS Vita for $269. I'm not going to tell you to run out and buy one, because that would be weird, but I will tell you this: the Vita has become my 'In Case You Missed It' machine, and it could become yours.

The Vita is there in case you missed Hotline Miami, in case you missed Spelunky. It will be there in case you missed The Walking Dead, in case you missed Fez, in case you missed Proteus. You are a human being, there is only so much time in the day. There are only so many games you can play. The PS Vita will be there. In case you missed it. And there's nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I love it.

Once upon a time the television represented the absolute centre of my gaming experience. That is where everything happened. It's where I shot the people, punched the people. It's where I jumped, ran, assassinated, played — engaged with all the video game verbs. Nowadays my TV is a peripheral thing, a dead pile of pixels where The Block and Masterchef happens. All the time. This is where the PlayStation Vita comes in. With a child, and a wife who really likes The Block, handheld gaming has sunk its latches into my life like a black barnacle.

When games I missed on home consoles or PC are released on the Vita I rejoice — because that game now has a far better chance of being played. It has a better chance of fitting seamlessly into my schedule. I can play this game on the train. I can play it before I go to sleep, while my wife watches The Block, while my kid is sleeping or chewing on something plastic. I can play great games on the PS Vita whilst being a completely absent Father and Husband and people don't really notice. What a revelation. Finally.

The PS Vita isn't a device that gives you time, it's a device that allows you to use slivers of free time more efficiently. Games you just couldn't fit into your schedule are now gloriously within reach. That's always been the case with all handheld gaming, but there was always the sense — particularly with the PSP — that handheld gaming was a weak derivative of the real thing. Somehow, on the PS Vita (particularly with indie games) I feel as though I'm playing the most refined version of that game. Maybe it's the interface, maybe it's the OLED screen — it could simply be a lie of technology, but I feel it. And in a world where playing the latest video game right now seems like an obligation, it helps justify the time I spend playing games that are technically older, distanced from current video game discourse. It lets me play those games and still feel as though those games are relevant.

I think that's why the elitism of the tweet that opens this article bugged me; because the Vita has become a machine that brings great, often unplayed games to a broader audience and allows people in my situation the chance to play games they otherwise wouldn't have bothered with. Let's be honest here: the PS Vita hasn't sold well. Big blockbuster titles will no doubt be released on the Vita, but I suspect they'll never quite feel like they belong there. Indie games feel like they belong on the Vita, a device that has grown into a new role: it is the 'in-case-you-missed-it' console and that's a beautiful thing.


    The Wii U was the original 'in case you missed it machine', they then gave your 9 months of nothing else to enjoy all of last years ports too.

      I think the difference there is that the Wii U versions never felt definitive, whereas the Vita versions of indie games do.

        Aside from Mass Effect 3 and Batman you are correct.

          I can't vouch for Mass Effect 3, but Batman felt like a poor port of a game with the equivalent of 'Wii waggle' added in the way of the gamepad functionality. Granted, this is all my opinion, but it seems to be one shared by the majority out there.

          Did Mass Effect 3 on Wii U feature the online multiplayer component, including the timed events that Bioware used to hold?

    I love the fact that the VIta is becoming such an indie machine. Frankly I don't want to be playing big epic fantasy games or huge sprawling open world games on a handheld simply because I don't get to play it regularly for long stretches at a time. If i have time to play games at home, then I'll play my PC or console, not my Vita. My Vita is only played when I'm out, and it's usually for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, so smaller bite-sized indie games like Hotline Miami are perfect for me and my handheld usage.

    That's just me though.

      im the same, except i play a level or Crash Bandicoot Every night, up to crash 2 about half way through

    I just find it odd that this is the space that the Ouya was trying to fill. Kind of.

    Except the Vita seems to have worked its way into that space just by virtue of existing.

      Not by simply existing, but in fact by Sony's new easy Indie publishing system and policy generating interest, the Vita just happens to be a good platform for it.

      The Ouya could have been huge, but was doomed to reach it's current stage with questionable emulator ethics and a belief that the Android platform was ready to make actual games.

      The Vita can do it more easily because, like with Mobile platforms (iOS and Android) it can be taken anywhere, which Ouya cannot do. It also has the benefit of physical buttons (which phones don't have) and touch screen controls (which the Ouya doesn't have).

      So really the Vita sounds like the perfect place for Indie titles, behind PC of course.

    There is a problem however, in that this machine also has a case of the "We dont have anything current and the best thing we are offering is old stuff you probably didn't miss"

    Last year I wanted a Vita, I picked up one for $250 with wifi near january and have regretted it 100% ever since I finished The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.
    I got P4 Golden but Got bored, the combat is well crap (very repetitive even for jrpg, almost 0 variation).
    I mistakenly bought all stars, (god that was rubbish, controls and attacks, all of it awful.
    Tried gravity rush for free with my PS+, it was also awful.

    Went back into some psp games and that was it not a single game in the same league as any 3DS ones has come out.
    Soul sacrifice? a silly spammy poor mans monster hunter. Dungeon crown or w/e way over sexualised with a arcade game attached.

    When I compare anything the system has to offer to the 3DS's: Dream Team, paper mario, monster hunter, fire emblem, luigis mansion, pokemon I weep.

    I don't want indie PC stuff, I don't want remakes, I don't want downloadable games on an over priced Proprietary SD card.
    Where the hell are the real, good, AAA games???

    Even when i look into the future there is Tearaway, not my kind of game at all and the FFX remake, which is on ps3 in a bundle, cheaper, so why would i get it on my hand held?

    The system is on the verge of abandonment.

      You have absolutely shit taste

      EDIT: Alright, fine, I'll try and sound a lot less of an asshole.

      Point one: You want a AAA game on the Vita and yet you don't mention Killzone Mercenary. How odd.

      Point two: We don't know prices of FFX HD on Vita yet, so how do you know the Vita versions are going to be more expensive?

      Point three: Soul Sacrifice - sure, you can spam. For about one mission. Then you will probably get yourself killed. Something tells me you didn't play more than five minutes.

      Point four: No reasons for Gravity Rush being awful other than just being awful? How about a little justification?

      Point five: You saying you want "real" "good" games is an atrocious abuse of any game developer that isn't several hundred strong and rolling in money. One of my favorite games of the last couple of years was made by a two man team in Flash, that doesn't make it any less "real" or "good".

      Point six: The system is not on "the verge of abandonment" and if you had watched the Gamescom press conference you would know that.

      You sound like you're trying to actively hate on the Vita for no real fair reason. I could probably do that myself - Dream Team, lackluster for a Mario&Luigi game, Paper Mario Sticker Star was boring as hell. I would comment on the other games but I haven't played them yet (backlog), so I leave that to fair judgement, meanwhile you seem to be drawing opinions on games based on two minutes of watching YouTube.

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        Well it was already a wall of text if i went into detail It would be even bigger so here it is.

        Gravity rush, was annoying. I didn't like the control setup or that despite aiming in the exact right spot i'd often not reach that destination forcing multiple "re adjustments" mid flight. It all felt very cumbersome to me , maybe it got better with the "power ups" and stuff but that's bad game design. Things should start off fun and get better, intentionally gimping something so you can "upgrade" latter is just frustrating. ITs like playing a shooting game and despite a headshot being 100% perfectly lined up still "misses" because your skill level isn't high enough. Its just annoying.

        I also found the story un interesting and the entire setting "meh", there wasn't a single aspect of the game i enjoyed, at all. I played it for 2 hours during one of my frequent black outs.

        I played the demo of Soul sacrifice and finished 2 or 3 missions and I didn't like the art style or "theme", it had no real story. Also that female chic that was with me i wanted to smack and the combat didn't nothing for me (poor monster hunter, because it was too fast and spammy).

        The very fact that i can order from EB Australia both X and X2 for $48 in a bundle implies it is cheaper. The Vita i have to buy separately and going by current prices even for budget titles I'm guessing $30 each, this close to a release date and still no price is piss poor too, makes me think isn't not quite running well on the VITA and will be delayed)

        I didn't mention killzone mercenary because that is a joke, I have never "enjoyed" a single player shooter and play both FPS and TPS for multiplayer for a number of reasons from terrible story plots, awful pacing, endless respawns or wave rooms near with near endless enemies for padding. I just plain old despise shooters for single player. Plus i never liked the killzone series on ps3, tried to hard imo and lost its way.

        In respect to AAA games, i didn't not mean Sodding Gears of war 3 or FF15. I meant, Mario and luigi dream team, any fire emblem, pokemon, legend of mana, zelda, and all those great PSP rpgs like trails in the sky.

        In terms of "real good games" it is in no way insulting to poor indies. It means I didn't buy a dedicated handheld to play games that can run on my god damn mobile, doesn't matter how good they are. They need a massive influx of AAA non indie, non download only games because a machine that's best library is basically a who's who's list of pc indies or ps3 xbox live arcade games that did really well is quite frankly ridiculous.

        Why did they let monster hunter go over to a shitty single stick machine? Why are there no NEW (as in not remakes of person or disagea or final fantasy) JRPGS or tactical RPGS, or pretty much anything?

        The one thing I can agree with is sticker star, is a bad paper mario but the very fact I can admit this and still say it shits all over anything the VITA offers is the core of the problem.

        Handhelds and the PSP in particular used to be the king of rpgs. This was my favourite part because on home consoles the genre is dying rapidly, so when Persona 4 golden got announce and released i picked it up, i had hope that more games were to come, how wrong i was. Ever since not a single AAA game has been worth buying and its because I HAVE STANDARDS that i can say this. Shitty remakes and ported re releases of games years old doesn't mean the system has games, it means it has shovel ware download only nonsense included because 95% of that is trash too.

        Im not hating on the VITA because of what ever stupid fanboi reaction you seem to think i have, the machine itself is one of the best (Even though its ridiculously awful to hold). The problem is 100% lack of good games and there are no if's or buts about that. Emulating the wii u and playing ps4 games with it isn't going to change this fact.

        So the only thing I'm hating on is your stupid ignorance of blinding facts.

        AS i finish writing this im forcing my self to download some more psp games the likes of which there needs to be VITA versions of. You know so i can buy and play new games.
        Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
        Jeanne d'Arc
        FF tactics might go well.

        Also just found killzone mercenary for $22 delivered. Buying it even if it turns out I hate it, at that price its more than worth a try. May or may not get cancelled, it is fishpond after all.

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      Yeah, I regret my Vita purchase 100%.
      I bought it to play Persona 4 Golden (even though I'd already played Person 4 when it came out on PS2) and figured I'd end up picking up a few other titles along the way. I beat P4G and now I couldn't even tell you where my Vita is.

        Same here. I got Gavity Rush and Uncharted. I chose those two because they made use of the Vita and was not a port.

        I finished Gravity Rush in the same weekend and only played Uncharted for a while. I have not gotten anything since.

        The Vita is basically Sony's equivalent of Nintendo's 3DS: both fall because of the lack of games that make unique use of the hardware and justify the purchase over other ports.

          Well, see there I disagree with you. I play my 3DS every day of the week; I'll even spend a lot of time at home playing 3DS instead of PC/WiiU/PS3/360/etc.

            I hear you - my 3DS is chewing my gaming time at home when I bought it to play games going to work and whilst at lunch.

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              I'm the same currently. Untill the next gen hits and i get my copy of Tales of xillia and GTA V The 3ds has been taking up all my time for months.

              Where as untill fire emblem came the 3ds was in the same vote as my VITA. All i had was the 64 fox game which i clocked on hard in an hour and was in despair for having not let stay a nostalgic memory and Zelda which i got bored of halfway through having beaten many times on 64.

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        Why don't you broaden your tastes a little and try something out of your comfort zone?

          I play Shooters, RPGs, Strategy, Tactics, Simulators, Rhythm, Adventure, Action, Platformer, Racing/Driving, Puzzle, Storytelling, etc. I'd say I've got a pretty broad taste in games.

          You seem to get personally offended if someone says they didn't enjoy a game on a Sony system. I'm sorry.

          If it's "comfort zone" to buy games for consoles that I actually use, then I'm pretty happy in my comfort zone.

            Well if you play all of those genres, how do you have nothing to play on the Vita?

              I never said I had nothing to play on the Vita, I said I regretted buying one.

              This article is about how it's great that Indie titles are finding a second home on the Vita. The situation for me is that if I discover or am told about an Indie title that I want to play, I'll get it on PC.

              I'll definitely make an effort to dig out the Vita for Dragon's Crown, but that may not be until much later in the year or even early next, since I'll have a bunch of games out in September/October that'll have a higher preference for playing.

        This is how I felt about my 3DS (both of them) for a very long time so I guess it comes down to personal taste. Even now I find the Vita has way more games that click with me, and much more on the horizon as well.

      Gotta go try the Zero Escape series 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. Bloody game make me stay up late just to find out the story

        Yeah it's hard to put down those two games because the stories are amazing. Can't wait for the next one.

        Yeah, I traded in old xbox games just so I could buy a PS Vita and play Virtue's last reward. Definitely one of the best games I have ever played, but I still prefer 999

      I don't think you'll ever really get 'AAA' games on a handheld. The hardware's not there and the budget's not there and the sort of experience you want on a handheld is different. Stuff like Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita is about as close to AAA as you'd get (except it's also not very good).

      Handhelds are more where the B-tier stuff ends up, I think. And it really comes down to what you want from your games. But I think that might be what you're meaning, and I kind of agree with you to some degree: where are the original games developed for the system that you can't play anywhere else? (Sadly some of the answer is 'in Japan, unlocalized')

      I'm surprised you liked Trails in the Sky (I assume you liked it, since you say you 100%ed it and that's a pretty significant time investment) but didn't like Persona 4. The chances of us ever getting another Kiseki game, like the second and third installments of the Trails in the Sky trilogy or the subsequent Trails games (eg the new PS3/PSV Trails in the Flash) are looking pretty slim. Have you tried any of Falcom's other stuff, i.e. Ys? They're action RPGs but pretty decent, and XSEED are releasing a new Ys developed for the Vita (not a port) in English in the US next month.

      Also you may be interested to know that Sony have been hinting there's some more stuff to be announced for Vita, hinting at JRPGs specifically. Tokyo Games Show is next month so they might be aiming at that.

        See my post above for clarification.

        Did not mean gears of war AAA, i meant Paper mario, fire emblem, monster hunter all those great psp rpgs especially the tactical ones. The Vita currently has a handful and they are all bad (or remakes and re releases), hence the GOOD AAA part :P

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    I'm really thinking about buying one, but before I do i really want some clarification on whether PS4 games will actually be able to be played remotely on it, and how many games will actually support the feature. Major selling point for me.

      Almost all of them, Sony's mandated that remote play works on every game that doesn't require any external peripherals

      I believe Sony's response is "All of them".

      Assassin's Creed IV was shown at Gamescom being remote played on the Vita.

    The tweet stated something along the lines of, “urgh I hate all these people getting excited about indie games on the PS Vita, you should support these games on PC next time.”

    I never could understand where this PC master race psudo-superiority came about. In the early days, consoles have far better graphics capabilities than PCs.

    No, I am not talking crazy there was such a point back in the 80s and even early 90s.

    But to the present. What worries me is there are a lot of people who have PC as a preference and seem to think they are more entitled than gamers who prefer other platforms (PC being just one of them).

    I must ask this: what ever happen to the days when gaming was about the games? Now its all this (to use Yahtzee's quip) crusader like furor over what platform (PC is one, XBox 360 another, etc) is superior over the other.

    The honest answer is a superior platform does not exist. All platforms have their disadvantages and when you compare them all at once they all cancel each other out. In short, all platforms are alternatives.

    It's like I always say: if a game stinks on platform X it will likely stink on other platforms. This is because there are two core elements to games that are rarely given the consideration they need.

    First, is the concept. And the second is the execution of the concept on a host platform.

    Today, even if there is significant consideration to point one, the second part is no longer considered anymore. Publishers are so desperate for a buck they get a game running once on a development PC (that's right, games are written on a PC first and not the other way around as psudo-elite fan boys shout about) and then simply recompiled to run on the different platform architectures.

    I would love to see the return of exclusives: when a game not only had a good concept but also took advantage of the host platform and gave marketing value to the platform.

    Take a look at the Wii. The motion controls became a gimmic because no-one (not even Nintendo) were sitting down to see how the idea could be utilised. The same with 3D, it became an optional enhancement to the viewing but did not offer any new mechanic. And finally the VMU on the Dreamcast. On the rare occasion it was used either as a replacement to or an extension of the on screen HUD. See case in point, Resident Evil 2 and Dino Crisis. There are other uses but I think I've laboured the point enough.

      "I must ask this: what ever happen to the days when gaming was about the games? Now its all this (to use Yahtzee's quip) crusader like furor over what platform (PC is one, XBox 360 another, etc) is superior over the other."

      Sadly those days never really existed, I remember playground arguments over the NES vs the Master System and then the SNES vs the Mega Drive. Hell the concept of Mario and Sonic being in the same game would have made my 8 year old self's head explode, imagine telling a Sony fan-boy now days that Kratos would one day appear in a Halo game (or visa versa).

      I completely agree that it's the software that matters the hardware is simply a delivery platform and different platforms fit different people (hell as kids with Nintendo or Sega hardware it was usually whatever your parents bought, virtually no kids I knew 'chose' their console). Sadly it's ingrained in our nature to be competitive and to have to justify ourselves at the expense of others so these arguments and attitudes will remain to one extent or another :(

      At least the hardware with the upcoming gen is about as homogeneous as you can get (certainly moreso than any previous generation) so that will help in some ways but you still have rabid fanboys

        At least the hardware with the upcoming gen is about as homogeneous as you can get (certainly moreso than any previous generation) so that will help in some ways but you still have rabid fanboys

        I'm going to be chased out of here for saying this but I am against the current homogeneity. I say bring on more diversity. This move to homogeneity is only beneficial to game publishers who release on all platforms because they want to capture the whole market (and the dollars within).

        The current generation is already suffering because of the prolific number of ports and multiplatform games about and homogeneity is only going to make it worse.

        This is going to bring another 1983 video game crash because the games are becoming too similar and there are no defining features that make one buy platform X over the others.

        Sadly those days never really existed, I remember playground arguments over the NES vs the Master System and then the SNES vs the Mega Drive.

        Technically they did. The Megadrive and SNES are specialised devices and have components finely tuned to gaming only. PCs are designed to be general purpose so they can run virtually any task thus do not have the specialist optimisations found in consoles.

        But on a side note: back in those days of Nintendo vs. Sega, Sega's solution was always use the greatest hardware while Nintendo's was to always use old (tested) hardware and focus on the design of the game. While they didn't have the grunt, there was a time when Nintendo was still kicking Sega because they had better playing games but Sega had better looking games.

          PCs are designed to be general purpose so they can run virtually any task

          Well i think you've kind of answered your own question in part there, in terms of where the PC superiority complex comes from. Any new feature that gets added to a console will always have "I can already do that on my PC" thrown back at it.

          The "war" between each system to me is just bullshit to be frank, essentially it seems to just boil down to either 15 year-olds justifying what they got for christmas or your own brand loyalty.

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          I'm going to be chased out of here for saying this but I am against the current homogeneity. I say bring on more diversity. This move to homogeneity is only beneficial to game publishers who release on all platforms because they want to capture the whole market (and the dollars within).

          Mmm I disagree, though only in part. In terms of unique features (like the Wii motion controls or going further back analogue sticks then dual analogue etc) then yes trying to innovate in that regard is fantastic but I think it's been made too 'risky' for too much investment to be placed in it. What I meant by homogeneity though was that the XB1, PS4 and PC all run off x86 architecture and on top of that the XB1 and PS4 have essentially the same GPU (slightly different specs but it's the same base architecture).

          That kind of homogeneity directly benefits consumers, ports will be vastly less buggy, games will be better optimized and it will be easier to squeeze more performance out of the hardware that and aside from self published titles there should be less exclusives (because when there's very little barriers between you and doubling your market base the only reason not to take advantage of that fact is if someone is throwing a lot of money at you not too). That will mean everyone can play the best games regardless of what system they bought. In the current gen we have two different PowerPC architectures running the PS3 and 360 (While technically the 360 uses a part developed for the PS3 they're very different chips) and PC's running on x86, the more time you spent optimizing for one the less you spent on another and gamers suffered. Interface devices definitely should be a point of innovation that can work brilliantly for gamers just not the guts of the device, that tends to end badly.

          Technically they did. The Megadrive and SNES are specialised devices and have components finely tuned to gaming only. PCs are designed to be general purpose so they can run virtually any task thus do not have the specialist optimisations found in consoles.

          ?? I thought we were talking about days when people said one game was better than another rather than one gaming system was better than another. My point was that even back with Sega and Nintendo, the arguments people had weren't just about Sonic vs Mario, any game that appeared on both consoles (like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter) instantly had a ton of comparisons and people pointing out why their version was definitively the 'best one'. Also technically the SNES was more powerful than the MegaDrive, but given it was released 2 years later it kind of needed to be ^_^. That's more powerful though I'm not going to get into better, better is way to subjective and the power difference between the two was so small what really mattered was gameplay.

          Also the 1983 crash occurred while lots of companies were jumping into the gaming arena (there were 9 second generation consoles from 8 different companies and only 4 3rd generation consoles from 3 companies) all with very different devices (some very odd). The stable gaming environment we've had since then with consoles was with everything being relatively similar (compare Nintendo and Sega devices to the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision to see what I mean). So if anything that would be an argument for homogeneity in the industry.

          holy crap that got rambly.....if I stopped making sense I'll edit this I got distracted far too many times while writing it >_<

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      Platform wars came about from the simple fact that people usually can only afford one of them, therefore they need to justify why their choice is clearly the best one because it's what they have.

      As I tell many people (And never get a practical response) "Gamers play games, Fanboys/girls play platforms"
      Which is nicer than my other, "Platforms wars are for poor people" Which isn't true but funny to me none the less. (I am hardly rich, all my money went on the consoles, PC, handhelds and games)

        As I tell many people (And never get a practical response) "Gamers play games, Fanboys/girls play platforms"

        That's an excellent way of describing it! Do you mind if I use that phrase in future? With full reference of course.

    I'm really liking the Vita as an Indie machine. I find myself playing many Indie titles, even though I already own them on the PC. I think it's the 'suspend' button. It makes jumping in and out of games just too easy.

    All of this said, I've owned the Vita for a month, and I literally haven't paid for a game. I got ten free with the (heavily discounted but still overpriced) 8gb memory card), and I already had 20 from PS+. I think the only titles I don't have that I'd like to play are guacamole and Persona 4. I might play FEZ on the Vita, though I've been itching to play the PC version (which I bought in the last steam sale).

    The only time it annoys me is when they port the game and add a whole bunch of awesome new content exclusive to that device (this isn't exclusive to the Vita by any means I just mean in general).

    It always feels like a bit of a betrayal when an indie game gets massive success and recognition on one platform (usually PC but not always, there are XBLA, PSN and WiiWare examples) and that allows them to move to another market but in the process abandon their old market since the sales have already been made :(

    Thankfully some indie devs remember their fans and throw love their way *looks at Spelunky* ^_^

    I definitely agree though, the idea that it's somehow worse that you discovered an awesome title on a device it wasn't originally released on is elitist and kind of pathetic :/.

    Personally I really don't enjoy playing on mobile devices if avoidable (consequently I haven't bought a mobile gaming device since the DS fat) but that doesn't make them in any way less, it's all a matter of what fits your life and your personal tastes. I do however wish the content remained equal (well as equal as hardware will allow)

    I love my vita, i bought it at launch for uncharted and gravity rush, but have found it to be more fun playing indies on it, I think it will really come into its own in the next 12 months and the added connectivity with ps4 will be cool. I think it's a great place for people to play indie games, can you take your PC version of fez on the bus?

    As I became one of those PC Master-Race assholes at the start of the year (I try to keep in check as much as possible), I need to speak about this. But I'll keep it short...

    I DESPERATELY want a decent handheld game device.

    I bought a Moga controller at PAX because I had already yearned to play GTA:VC with a controller instead of a touch-screen. But the shininess of the Moga disappeared fast. And here's why...
    I play gloriously pretty PC games, and they have ruined my appetite for anything that doesn't look as pretty as them. I'm Marv, and PC games are my Goldie.
    The PS Vita is the closest I could get right now. But it didn't manage my money from my wallet because it doesn't let me play my PC games on it.

    Here's the catch: I could easily play game in a lower fidelity to my PC, if they were the same game that let me share my save across the two. Do you get what I mean?

    If I've got a sh.t-hot verison of Skyrim running at home, but I could get on the train to work and continue to play that game on a Vita? TAKE MY MONEY!

    That's why I didn't buy a Vita.

    Great story Mark. I don't understand why people feel the need to militantly evangelise their console, platform or control scheme preferences. It's like if you like peanut butter sandwiches, but you only like it on wholemeal bread, you're not going to give someone shit for eating a peanut butter sandwich with the crusts off on white bread. Or if they want to chuck some jelly in there.

    At the end of the day, you both dig peanut butter sandwiches, so what's the problem?

      Masterful Brown Bread=PC analogy. Masterful.

        Did you get to stock up on proper brown bread on your recent trip back to Scotland?

        Related: HOW GOOD IS BROWN BREAD? Seriously. Also Brown bread/black pudding sandwiches.

      The problem is that white bread is gross and that person should feel bad about their life decisions. Especially crust elimination.

    The Wi-Fi Vita can be had for between HKD$1000-1300 (AUD$140-185) here in Hong Kong and I've been tempted on a number of occasions to get one but every time I look at what games are available for it I struggle to find something that isn't already on some other platform that I own. I hope that changes soon or they make the Vita an integral part of using the PS4 somehow.

    The tweet stated something along the lines of, “urgh I hate all these people getting excited about indie games on the PS Vita, you should support these games on PC next time.” I used to be like them until I got sick of the strange looks people gave me when I set up my PC gaming rig in the back of the bus and train every day. Seriously though, my work office moved recently to a location that's a 30 minute bus ride away and while I enjoy the 3DS, the Vita's ability to do cross-play with my PS3 (or whatever the term is for saves being able to be played from either machine), indie games and other great titles has really made it a more enjoyable alternative lately.

    Last edited 21/08/13 3:35 pm

    Nice article Mark. The Vita suits my lifestyle to a tee as well. Young family and a decent commute means that I'm playing the Vita more than the PC/PS3 at the moment. Plenty to look forward to from Gamescom.

    I'm a huge fan of Zen Pinball 2 and the Vita version is exemplary. I played a bit of Hotline Miami on the PC, but it wasn't until I got the Vita version that I was fully engrossed. I'll double-dip with The Walking Dead for sure, and Killzone Mercenary is looking very impressive. I'll find out more when the Beta releases tomorrow. Certainly never short of decent games to play.

    Have always been a console household, it was just far simpler to know that a game was going to work.

    Nothing has changed over 25 years basically and whilst there have been occasions where I have felt saddened that some games were not heading to a console. It's still never been enough to get me to pull the trigger.

    So what is the difference with an old port and waiting 12mths or so before buying that game you were always interested in but waited til it hit under $20, both instances you haven't played it and it could already be spoilt for you also.

    So I welcome games to any platform, even if they are old ports, because choice is a good thing.

    I also have 8mth old twins plus a 2hr each way trip on public transport to work, so the Vita will be killing it with content I haven't been able to play before.

    that is the "exact" same bunch of reasons why my vita is getting used so much.
    i am really looking forward to the ps4 if it can actually allow me to play all its games on the vita and not feel like they arent meant to be played on it

    Great article, I'm currently playing Hotline Miami on my Vita now actually. I could've played it on PC, sure, but I can lie around much more comfortably and do bite-sized gaming with the Vita. Looking forward to The Walking Dead on it too, I played the first couple of chapters on the PC but I don't like sitting at the PC for hours on end...

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