The Pokémon Theme Song Is The Right Choice For An Adorable Proposal

Things can go easily wrong when you’re using the Pokémon theme song at a convention to propose to your girlfriend, but in this case it was absolutely just the opposite. A young guy named Michael surprised his girlfriend Rebecca, and the cameras of GeekBomb were lucky enough to capture it. Pokemon Proposal at PAX Australia [Geekbombshells, YouTube]

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    • I was there… it was actually hard to hear the proposal from where I was standing a few metres away. In fact, a lot of us didn’t realise this was going on until well into the song because we were all eagerly waiting for our Mario Kart tournament to start. Having said that, those of us who noticed DID applaud, as you can see at the end of the video.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t have a mic that worked very well with the sound system, but I figured so long as Bec could hear, it didn’t matter. Also, I lost my place in the Mario Kart tournament because I was doing this.
    Didn’t matter.

  • Maybe their whole life will be a Pokemon reference. ‘Babe, I’m sorry, I forgot to take the washing off the line before it started raining” “husband uses apology, it’s not very effective”

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