The Powerfully Moving That Dragon, Cancer Is Now A Ouya Exclusive

Thanks to an investment from the Ouya team, Ryan Green and Josh Larson's interactive exploration of a family coping with a young child's terminal cancer diagnosis comes to fruition in 2014. The game will be exclusive to the Android home console.

I cried more reading about Jenn Frank playing That Dragon, Cancer than I ever have playing a game myself, so I'm nervously pleased to hear Larson and Green are getting the chance to fully realise their vision. There's been a lot of cancer in my family, and with a pair of two-year-old boys of my own — well, it sounds like an experience I really want to have to go to a game for.

I'm also glad to see the game coming to a home console, even if it isn't one I own or plan on owning anytime soon. Hopefully this is a timed deal, and the game will open up to other platforms as well. It's something everyone should have the opportunity to play.

That Dragon, Cancer will be playable on Ouya during PAX 2013 at the end of this month at Indie Megabooth (booth 885).



      A Ouya Exclusive... A Ouya Exclusive...

      Oh God...

        ...I was so busy trying to decipher the first half of it that I didn't even notice that.

      Came here only out of pure confusion - so maybe that was their goal.

    Might have misread the title, but I'm pretty sure cancer won't help them sell any more Ouya consoles.

    i’M mIKe FaHey, I hAVe A jOb wRitIng. ThiNGs and I DoN’T, unDersTAnd hoW Capital LEttERS wOrk or PunCTuATioN.

    To think, simple quotation marks would've solved all this trouble...

    The Powerfully Moving That Dragon, Cancer Is Now A Ouya Exclusive


    The Powerfully Moving "That Dragon, Cancer", Is Now An Ouya Exclusive.

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