The Sims 4 Will Let You Manipulate Sims' Emotions

The Sims 4, targets for a 2014 PC release, will have "emotion-based gameplay," according to Rachel Franklin, Executive Vice President of the game's development studio, Maxis. She was presenting the game today at an EA Gamescom event in Germany. "From angry to flirty, from sad to happy, you can now explore the gamut of human emotions all within the Sims 4."

Franklin showed off improved home creation tools as well as a Sims character-creator that will allow players to change the bodies and faces of Sims or even change their stride.

The core of the new game appears to be the new way of controlling Sims' emotions. Franklin showed a scene involving two make Sims vying for a woman's affection. She explained that the way she decorated her house, the way she manoeuvred her Sims, affected the Sims' feelings and therefore the outcome of the scenario. Had she, say, gotten one to channel his sadness into working on his art, the woman would have gone with the other guy.

UPDATE: Here's an explanation of the gameplay from EA/Maxis:


    So, I'll still be able to lock my Sim in a doorless basement with nothing but a fridge and watch him slowly go to pieces amongst the cockroaches and piles of his own waste?

    Sims 4 will be on line only because the calculations that go into the Sim's emotion are too complex for the average user's computer. You can't have a Sim to yourself, you can only control a leg, arm, head or torso with the new multiplayer feature.

    It will be discovered later that your sim doesn't actually have any emotions and is in fact a toaster. Sometimes you'll log in and find the leg you are controlling is gone. You decide its not worth starting again and wanted to try an Arm anyway so rather than recreating you move on and the other players all have to abandon their Sim because without a leg everyone suffers.

    “From angry to flirty, from sad to happy, you can now explore the gamut of human emotions all within the Sims 4.”

    And what a gamut that is.

    Anyone else think it was going somewhere else when the depressed sim walks towards the second floor balcony with the narator saying "Looks like I pushed him too far"

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