The Voice Of GlaDOS Helps Out With The Best Marriage Proposal Ever

Ellen McLain, the voice of GlaDOS from Portal made an appearance at the GaymerX convention and sang 'Still Alive'. That's pretty cool in and of itself, but perhaps not newsworthy. But what happened next? Well, that's the best part. This is truly one of the best video game related proposals I've ever seen. Prepare for tears!

I don't want to ruin it by summarising it in some way that totally doesn't capture how cool this is, so just watch it and set your face to 'blub'.

Thanks to Draqul!


    Took me way too long to work out it was two guys. The 'Gaymer' rainbow flag should have been the give away. Sweet proposal though :P

      I watched the whole thing and didn't realise the gaymer flag. I didn't even click it was two guys until the end of the vid lol.

    I think it's horrible that the gamer community treats homosexuals in such a manner that they need to have their own convention.

      Hmm, I don't think that's necessarily the case that they 'need' to have a separate convention. I think its more that fact that they get to combine two things about their lives they have in common in which they can celebrate at a single event :)

      I game with my younger brothers and their friends use homophobic slang constantly. It's disappointing, but I'm not surprised in the least.

      You could easily say that about society in general and their need for a Gay Pride Parade.

    I'm quite sure they run it of their own accord - they're just as welcome at all other gaming conventions, but they also choose to run their own.

      This is a by product of minorities and other 'groups' who deem themselves to be different. The same way black people tend to only hang out with black people, and date black women. There is no reason why a black and white couple isn't okay, or a black and white gay couple for that matter. These minorities just tend to choose to stick to their own maybe because they are most comfortable?

    I've never gotten into the whole gaming sub communities. gay gamers, married gamers, gamer parents. Isn't gaming the place where our circumstances fade away and our love of gaming becomes the focal point? Online, you're not gay, straight, married, young, old, Christian, Muslim etc, you're a Spartan soldier, a medieval viking, whatever you want to be. I'm 33 years old and married with kids and my best friends online are the kind of people I'd never be in the same social circles with in real life and my life is that much richer as a result. That's the magic of gaming, that the boundaries of reality mean nothing in the virtual world, but these sub-communities seem to re-enforce the boundaries.

      "people I'd never be in the same social circles with in real life"

      Maybe some people would prefer to game with people they also want to be around in real life..

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