The Worst Fear Of All Time

I have a terrible confession to make, I never got very far in Mass Effect. It’s not because I dislike the game, it’s the time I’d have to put in to get anywhere near completion.

Despite it only taking around 20 hours to complete, that feels like a long time and it scares me away. Imagine the dread felt when trying to tackle anything longer, say Earthbound. It’s all discussed in my video above.

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  • I’ve had a similar problem but it’s always been with open world games (Skyrim, Fallout) and Final Fantasy 7. I spent 100hrs on skyrim then stopped for a while and then continued my save and but I couldn’t play I forgot everything so I just stopped playing. FF7 got to the 3rd disc then 2 years later tried to play but same thing happened I forgot what I was doing so I just turned it off.

  • The first hour or two of Mass Effect, before you leave the Citadel, makes the game feel like it’s going to be really slow. It serves a purpose though, by the time you leave the Citadel you can speak the language. A lot of sci-fi makes the mistake of having deep lore from day one without ever explaining it. The characters all speak in a code that two seasons later you appreciate but on first viewing only serves as a barrier.
    In Mass Effect by the time you get off the Citadel you know the races well enough that someone can make a reference to an Asari without using the word and you understand perfectly. From that point on the locals are free to talk like locals. You’ve got enough background covered that you shouldn’t have to ask many questions your Shepard, who has been living in this universe all his life, should already know the answer to.

    • I played a small portion at first and thought I wouldn’t bother with the game anymore. Then someone raved about how good the story is. The intrigue of the story is what kept me going.

      In the end I wished more game were like this.

      • That’s what makes it so interesting for me. It’s so subtle that nobody realises that they’re spending 1-2 hours in a Mass Effect lore tutorial. You could easily convince me it was a total accident.
        Most of it is done through investigation so you learn what you care to learn. If you’re happy to call them the blue chicks you can race through it all. If you’re the sort of person who cares about the details you probably spent ten minutes talking to everyone you met.

    • Well said. They really did do a good job with the intro. I still remember the unique feeling you get from exploring the Citadel.

      And the Vigil song at the start screen…

      • Yeah i misssed that in ME3 , it wasnt as fun using elevators to go places. And the never linked up…..

  • I think you can clock it in 10 odd hours. I know a quick run of 2/3 were both well under 10h each. Slow start but well worth the trip.

  • I just cannot stand Leo’s speech pattern. It’s very deliberate but I just don’t know what effect he’s trying to make. Unnecessary lingering on words and unnecessary references to previously said things. I assume you’re trying to seem comically cynical and melancholy but it comes off as patronising to me, reminds me of the voices that some narrators have in children’s shows, and god do I hate those kinds of shows. Others have said that the videos have grown on them so I’ll keep trying and see if the same happens to me. Is anybody else getting this impression?

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