The Xbox One Might Be Out On November 8

The Xbox One Might Be Out On November 8

The PlayStation 4 is out in the US on November 15. The Xbox One? Well, it’s looking like it could hit the market a week ahead of its competitor.

While Microsoft is yet to officially announce the big day, and “release dates” on retailer sites are usually little more than window dressing, we’ve heard from someone a little closer to the launch that Microsoft is planning a November 8 release for its latest console.

The source, who works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart, passed along what they say is an email for a company conference call that lists all the midnight openings the chain has planned.

As you can see, alongside the big holiday games, and just before the PS4, is the Xbox One, at November 8. Note however that, unlike every other date listed, the Xbox One’s lacks a “confirmed” status, suggesting Microsoft is yet to lock the date down.

The fact it’s not locked down of course means the day could change, but it also suggests it’s a recent decision. Almost as though Microsoft were waiting for Sony to commit to a day before scheduling their own launch, in order to get the jump on the PS4…


  • Does launching a week early help, sales-wise? Are there many people who just want a next-gen console no matter what and will buy the Xbox because it’s out first? It’s not like the difference is before Christmas/after Christmas, or anything as significant as that, and I’d imagine that most of the day-one consoles are already going to be pre-ordered out.

    • I don’t think it will. It’s such a short amount of time. I really think the 360 launching so far ahead of the PS3 gave MS a really strong head start, but in my opinion this won’t make a difference.

      • In retrospect I think it allowed the 360 to take the shine off the next generation so that when Sony announced their price point it seemed stupid. The PS3 could do better, but we already had a picture in our head of next gen and we weren’t excited enough anymore to overlook the price tag.

        • Yeah. I think you nailed it. Microsoft stole Sony’s thunder. The Xbox was shiney and new and the HD graphics were slick. Then the PS3 launched and it wasn’t as impressive the second time around.

          I think with both systems out in November, there might be a percentage of folks who jump the gun and grab the first one they see, but over all it’s going to be a very even match. As a consumer, that kind of competition for my dollars is exciting as hell!

          • I think more People have been informed with this next console generation, I think selling the xbox 1 week early will do nothing. But the Xbox 1 is already knew as the Xbone. Unlike the 360. Ps4 has probably already won this battle with its superior consumer care, unlike Xbox one, which cant decide on what it is.

          • You have to remember that 95% of people don’t know about all the DRM and policy reversals. They just know what they see on TV or at the game store.

            This gen will be won by the games on the shelves.

            And regards to superior customer care, it depends on your personal bias. You could just as easily paint a picture I Sony having poor customer care. For example, you could see things as Microsoft responding to consumer demand and long time Sony fans might be upset that Sony is now charging for online multiplayer. Some people might be still pissed that their personal details were obtained and Sony didn’t tell anyone for days.

            And of course you could paint an equally bad picture of Microsoft. It all depends on your personal bias.

          • This gen will be won by the games on the shelves.

            I agree with most of what you’re saying, but pre-sales and pre-launch reception play a huge role in what games make it to the shelves and in what quantity. I remember during the PS2 era the stores floors were dominated by PS2 games which fed back into the sales. Even though like 80% of those games sucked when you went to buy a console it seemed stupid to buy anything other than the PS2*.
            If any console gets that level of preferential support it’ll come out ahead of the rest. With this generation I think that’s going to go to the PS4.

            *Not to say the PS2 only had terrible games, quite the opposite, just that the bulk of the games padding the shelves were regrettable purchases at best.

          • Having worked in retail for a big company, almost all of the shelf space was for sale, what was featured or promoted was especially for sale. It’s like that for Kmart and the big chains, I wonder if it’s like that at EB Games as well.

            I also wonder how much the negative press in the core circles leading up to launch will affect the outcome. None of my casual friends really know anything about the controversy. But, we live in a more connected world, so it might really have an influence. I know a lot of my friends come to me for gaming advice so word of mouth goes a long way too.

            It’s gonna be such am exciting fight. Competition rocks for consumers.

          • Well, all I hear from my friends (people that get called ‘casual’ gamers) is that they don’t want a machine which ‘spies on you’ (I know what your thinking but that’s what the public seem to feel), has worse hardware, fewer perceived exclusives at this time and a higher price point.

            I think that MS made the same mistake this gen as Sony made last gen: They took the ‘hard core’ audience for granted. I think that they will see similar to what Sony saw last gen, Some early adapters then people picking it up later on when it has some more exclusives.

    • Who knows, a few weeks of people seeing how well Kinect integrates with the OS might be just what it needs.

    • I think the idea would be similar to throwing a party on a Friday to derail someone’s Saturday night party. The Saturday party ends up sucking because everyone is tired from Friday. Obviously it doesn’t work exactly like that, but Microsoft are probably hoping that the XBOX One launch coverage during the first week leaves people a bit over the whole media blitz that comes with a launch.
      Microsoft are pretty confident in their hardware too so they’d hope that using the XBOX One first leaves PS4 reviewers feeling like otherwise neutral statements are negatives. A controller not handling as well as the XBOX One and a controller not handling well enough to do it’s job are two different things. With the PS4 controller first they won’t even mention it because it’ll handle like current gen, but if the XBOX One controller does what it’s meant to it’ll make the PS4 controller feel inadequate.

      Plus they don’t have much time between now and Christmas. They can’t give them breathing room so they might as well get in close with the preferred position.

      • As long as there’s booze and babes, I’m happy to go to both parties no matter how wrecked I am.

      • Microsoft havent been pretty confident about their hardware so far (IMO)

        One wonders if a weeks early launch is really the best thing – and fingers crossed their hardware is reliable

    • Maybe guys that work in the mines that have no real preference other than play next Gen games…..i have one mate like this.

    • I suspect that at this point anybody planning on getting a next-gen console at launch has probably already decided which one they want, and a week either way is unlikely to change their mind. In fact, if you want one at launch then I suspect you probably need to have pre-ordered it already. So I doubt this will change too many people’s mind, and even if it does, I doubt they’d be able to secure a launch day console this late anyway.

    • I know a few families would grab the first one to come out for their Christmas presents, as well as the undecided who just want next gen and don’t buy into the fanboy stuff will get whatever they can get their hands on first. It all depends on stock though, if they release a week early but only have enough stock for pre orders it doesn’t really make any difference.

  • madden? They’ll do a midnight launch for anything won’t they…

    I don’t think this will effect Sony too much. If the US is anything like Australia in regards to stock levels, anyone that pre ordered a PS4 after July isn’t guaranteed to get it day 1. So I’m assuming there might not even be enough stock to cover pre orders, let alone walk ins (which releasing the xbone a week earlier would attempt to take sales from)

    • I’m 33 and I just want to warn you. The moment you turn 30 you’ll despise video games and blame them for the violence in the world. And you’ll need a walking stick too. Just a heads up bro.

      • I’m 35 and I warn you both when you hit 35 you will be rounding up all consoles to be burnt at the stake as they are tools of the devil 😀

        • I’m 37 and it… umm… I… have forgotten what I was going to say. Where am I? Nap time. *zzzzz*

          • Precious thing, look at him sleep away his twilight years. Go peacefully my friend. Soon you’ll be in the cloud.

          • ive actually noticed over the last 12 months my love/hate of gaming i used to play almost anything. Now i am sooooo dam picky

          • I turn 37 on 10th November.

            I look forward to falling asleep in front of a next gen console on my birthday – after I’ve put the kid to bed, had dinner with the missus, watched some TV with the missus – when it’s finally “daddy time” – after 10.30pm when I’m too fuggered for any gameplay too demanding.

            Peggle 2 here I come!

          • I turn 38 on 12th November. I’ll post something up here from the other side to tell you what it’s like.

          • GOML! I’m 43 in September, and yeah with a 2 y.o. in the house unless I can pause or go prone on the edge of the map I don’t get to play much. I avoided getting BF3 for 12 month because I heard the games took 30 minutes or so (longer), whereas I could slip in a TDM in CoD in 7-10 minutes – y’know, about the amount of time you can get to yourself in one continuous stretch… we should start a clan – OMG – Old Man Gamers… 🙂

          • I experience falling asleep after the kids are in bed and the day is done and I’m sitting there with the controller in my hand

          • Amen! Im a bit younger 30 but in same boat married, kid work 40hrs a week gametime is limited to the late hours after parent duties are done.

    • My 41st birthday is on the 8th, my pre-order is in and I already had the day off work. Happy days 🙂

  • I’d wager that this will be only in the US and the other 13? countries will be pushed back a week or two. Gotta cater to the Yankee, American-shirt-wearing crowd first and foremost because that’ll be the people who are most likely to buy the first console out, and even better if it’s an American product

  • And here I was hoping it was going to be a world-wide release date 🙁 Us poor aussies….

  • I’ve always thought (along with many others) that November 5th would make most sense so it launches alongside CoD Ghosts. Nov 8th also makes sense because consoles often launch on Friday in the US and it’s the closest Friday after the launch of Ghosts. Here’s hoping the AU/NZ/Europe launches are on the same date! Although that may not be likely because we will have the console (a few hours) before the US and I can’t see that happening.

  • Hopefully they’re releasing on that day because they’re ready and not just to get a head start.

    • Given its not confirmed it worries me that it seems like the latter. Xbox will struggle if it gets negative press at launch as they haven’t had much positive yet- they had better be ready

      • Yield issues have been all but confirmed, so if they launch early they will be really struggling for stock.

    • I know man. I’d hate to get 95% of a console with the rest of the parts being shipped 2 weeks later! >:(

  • Could be a very good move by MS. A week early in the US, and three weeks earlier in some countries, coupled with the perceived equivalence of the two systems… Some people will be willing to spend the extra money to get to “next generation gaming” that much earlier. I’m not one of them, but some people will, I’m sure.

    • I don’t know. I get it for the last gen – a gap of a year – but a week? That would be one ADHD (and wealthy) gamer right there.

      • I didn’t say it’d be a lot of people, but consider the AU situation (which is similar for selected EU countries, I’m sure) – price difference is $50, and time difference is three weeks (as opposed to $100 and one week, as in the US). That might be enough for a small group of people. Not many, granted, but some.

  • didn’t they say watch dogs will be a day one title? that’s not out ’til the 21st of november, i doubt an early release especially on xbone given ubisoft and sony’s relationship at the moment.

  • If they wanted to launch before the PS4 and do a Friday that only leaves two dates.

    Friday 8th November and Friday 1 November.

    Xbox One 1/11/13 (or 11/1/13 if you’re an idiot who puts months before days).
    Works for me. It’s even the 3rd Xbox! Perfect!

    I suppose the other factor is that it might be benifical to go only a week before Sony in the hope of getting media burnout and taking the heat off the Sony launch, so that might be a factor towards the 8th.

  • I kind of hope it isn’t the 8th because that’s the week before pay day for me, which technically gives me one less “month” to set aside money to pay off my pre-order.

    Shouldn’t actually be an issue, but still.

  • Haha, the ‘Danger Zone’.

    Nintendo released the Wii U at a similar date. It’s very close to Black Friday, where they can get great exposure but risk being lost in the cacophony of holiday sales and putting more pressure on retailers, but leave it too late and everybody has bought their gifts and has none to buy your new product!

    As long as supply meets demand this holiday season, I think the new consoles will do fine.

  • I’m not stating that it isn’t true or fake… but a few reasons for why it isn’t real…

    The formatting. If it were pencilled in for Nov 8th, then wouldn’t you think that the format of the cell would match every other entry?

    Specifically, they mention “November 8”, whilst 2 other confirmed entries are “October 01” & “November 05”, should it be showing November 08? Also, there is a missing comma after the day, again the assumption would be a default date entry and the format of the cell would change to “ddd, mmm dd, yyyy”

    The other reason is the name Xbox 1, perhaps this was lazy data entry, but MS have been very adamant that the console should be referred to “Xbox One”, ie: having the number spelt out instead.

    • For what it’s worth, MS were adament that the console should be reffered to as “Xbox One” for all press and media releases and what not.
      They don’t care (well they might) nor can they control anything that stores refer to it as internally.

      There was a story within the weeks of the reveal about JBHi-fi having it called XBone in their system. We all had a jolly good laugh.

  • I think stock levels and availability will win the first battle in the upcoming console war not who luanches a week early, actually make that the second battle as the first battle was PR and hearts and minds and we allready know who won that.

    • I think the pre-launch PR cycle is more like the press conference before a boxing match where each guy talks crap to each other. Only fans of the sport are going to watch it and take notice. The rest of the public tune in for when the fight actually starts.

      Round one is retail. Everything before that is just talk.

  • I guess an advantage of going first is that all the mainstream news coverage creates mind share in the general populous for your brand. The competition will get less coverage as its an “also ran” news story when it launches afterwards. i.e. Sony are following Microsoft by releasing their much awaited PS4 this week. its the rival to Microsofts Xbox which launched last week etc etc.

  • microsoft is scared again, they are always a scared bitch… i mean just look at the ads they run. nintendo and sony say this 3rd parrty is also on. xbox ads say yep, xbox, that’s all this multiplat is on and this exclusive… we lied AGAIN it’s only a one month timed deal. keep taking our non lube xboxers.

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