The Xbox One Will Not Launch On November 8 After All

The Xbox One Will Not Launch On November 8 After All

Yesterday, we heard from a source at a marketing company who had seen documentation pencilling the Xbox One in for a tentative, unconfirmed November 8 launch. Today, a source close to Microsoft tells us that's not the case.

The source says to expect the console at a date later than November 8, though obviously still in the month of November, as that's the release window Microsoft has promised for some time.

So hey, we're back to not having a release date, but at least armchair fortune-tellers can now rule out November 8 (or earlier!).


    Fingers crossed for the 15th then.

      Same day as PS4 in the US?

      The carnage that would cause would be really fascinating to watch.

        Utterly hilarious!

        But for real, the 21st seems the most likely. I know I'm only going off months-old internet speculation, but it feels like a good fit.

        I would just love to see the crazy logistical nightmare and confusion.

          Week before thanksgiving is a good idea, especially since Sony staked out the 15th already.

          I've seen people speculating the 19th as well, since that's the day Watch Dogs releases in the US and that's supposed to be a day 1 launch game for the system.

        That would be interesting to watch, i don't think 2 consoles have ever launched this close together before, let alone on the same day.

        I'd expect massive fan war brawls to start out, at least in MURICA.

    November 29th.
    Oooooohhhh, could you imagine the chaos and terror that would inflict?
    My fingers are tingling with evil anticipation.
    However, my heart breaks for the poor workers having to deal with both launching on the one night...
    But it would be brilliant to watch.

      Could be the 29th actually - that's Black Friday in the US, the day after Thanksgiving which is a massive day for shopping, basically the equivalent of Boxing Day in Australia.

      I think they'd probably want it on shelves before then though, just to make sure that the initial preorders are all cleared out and all the stores have got stock ready to go and so on.

      if i wasn't in games retail i'd be down with that but i am so please kindly unjinx that. thanks in advance.

    i'm calling the 21st (22nd here) of november as probably the least fewlish launch date.

    November 14th in the US and the 28th everywhere else

      isn't it a simultanious release for 13 countries though?

        I reckon Microsoft will concentrate on the US first and put out a US launch before everyone else. The US is their biggest market and they can't afford any slip ups, even if it means losing out slightly in other territories. We've seen time and time again with the Xbone that their strategy is geared first towards their domestic market before everyone else.

        Just a guess

          i guess they're pretty rad at changing their minds

    It will be out on November 1, that’s my guess.

    Xbox One 1/11/13.
    Like I said yesterday, it's the 3rd Xbox. Too perfect not to do it!

    Last edited 28/08/13 3:23 pm

      except that the 1st is before the 8th.

        Thanks for that fantastic piece of numerical assistance. You must have gone to school!

        A/ It’s a guess either way.
        B/ It at least has SOME crazy theory to it (in a marketing sense)
        C/ Yesterday a ‘marketing source’ said it was the 8th, today a ‘close source’ says that it’s not….. I don’t think we can definitively state that either report has a lot more credence than my almost baseless guess.

        It will probably be in November sometime for some places.

          whoa, please chill. it wasn't meant as a snipe, it was just a jocular throwaway comment. ok, it's coming on the 1st.

            Good. I’m glad we’re in agreement.

            Sorry if I came across as a dick.

              Yes but the article said don't expect it before the 8th so he thought perhaps you needed a little bit of numerical assistance... perhaps he should have touched up on your reading skills instead

          "Thanks for that fantastic piece of numerical assistance. You must have gone to school!"

          Made my day haha :)

      Dude, just because you like the idea don't mean it's gonna happen. You don't work for the marketing dept.

    The eb games website has xbox one ghosts limited edition and it says you get access to a launch double xp weekend on the 9th till 12th of novemeber.

    I've always suspected the 5th so they launch with CoD.

      I don't honk so. Activision made a big announcement about a $10 upgrade if you get last gen to go next gen. I don't think they would offer that if next gen was already out...

    I saw something around two months ago that the ps4 was going to be released on 13/11/13, which was 2 days off, and about the same time xbone was going to be 20th-21st for world wide release. so take it as you see fit, but thats around the time I expect ms to say.

    Absolutely no way will they release on the 1st. 13/11/13 for mine. It just makes sense to me.

    I'm sticking with Nov 8th. It's not like they'd tell us if the leak was correct, after all that's super important secret sensitive information right there.

    Eleven Eleven? I also am partial to a release date that contains many Ones. Magic numbery launch date stardust.

    But that's a Monday.

    I can't really see that happening.

    After Dreamcast nailing the 9/99 launch date - I suppose no one should really bother trying for iconic magic number launch dates - at least until 2034, when someone can pencil in 1-2-34 for their Gen 12/13 console launch.

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