There Is A Massive Dishonored Sale On Steam Right Now...

And I think you should get on that, because Dishonored is pretty awesome.

The deal is this: 66% off Dishonored and all of its DLC. I didn't play the DLC but I will vouch for Dishonored as it's probably my favourite new AAA release (whatever that means) of the last couple of years. I say this because the game has 'Blink', which is probably my favourite mechanic in a first person game ever.

Sure, there are Steam sales all the time, and games become ludicrously price all the time, but this is Dishonored and its the kind of game that a lot of people sort of didn't quite get round to buying and/or playing. This is your chance people. This is your chance! It's $15US for goodness sake, and this isn't one of those games you buy on a Steam sale and never play — you'll play this and you'll like it! I'm telling you!




    *walks into electric barrier*

      *tries to be stealthy*


      *kill everyone out of anger*


    How long is this for?

      just today. Bethesda have had a 4 day sale for Quakecon which started on Friday

        So later tonight would still be a sale?

          today's the last day of the 4 day sale, but given that Steam sales seem to go on American time it'll still be on sale until tomorrow morning for us probably

    $15 in Australia vs $10 in the US... No thanks.

      You're right. That $5 difference definitely makes this a terrible deal. Sarcasm aside, as much as the Aussie tax we always get lumped with sucks, this is still a really, really good price for those people that haven't bought Dishonored yet. At twice as much it's still a bargain for a top quality, genuinely interesting game.

        The $5 discrepency makes all the difference... Everytime someone pays the Australian tax it shows the publishers they can still charge it... Until it's fixed, I will keep buying on Amazon and registering Steamworks games on Steam.

          Wow way to stick it to the man! $5? Come on dude.... That's not even a beer at the pub.

            1) Don't drink
            2) $5 is actually another game in a Steam sale

            But hey, just because it's on sale and it's only $5 doesn't mean it's acceptable at full price when we're talking $20-40 differences, both charged in USD.

            If it were a $5 difference charged in AUD I wouldn't care.

            The truth of it is, supporting the AU tax, even at $1, just shows the publishers they can get away with it.

            Last edited 05/08/13 4:17 pm

              How many games do you reckon you've had a fair crack at though in your library? I just stopped buying games altogether regardless of whether they were on sale or not due to just never playing them. I can't exactly talk though... I sourced quite a few games from Europe recently so I'm not advocating the massive tax difference.

              Still... $5 man :P

                I actually set myself a rule... $5 or under unless I'm playing it immediately... I pay $5 for my games, no more... If I plan on playing it immediately, I will happily spend more.

                I don't care if it is just $5, when it comes time for Bethesda to release the next Dishonoured they will charge Australians $80 USD on Steam, or $50 USD for the Americans... It's bullshit.

                  It is for the new releases. If it was a $10 difference I'd be ok with it. The new releases are the ones I always source outside if I can as it's just highway robbery. That reminds me, I need to find a cheap BF4 pre-order...

          I see your point about not supporting the Australia tax, but I raise you this point about supporting games that are reduced. If everyone were to only ever buy games on sale at $60 (the US rrp) then our rrp would eventually be lowered to match it. Never pay full Australian prices but do how that you will buy games when there are available at reasonable prices.

      Yet I just got Dishonoured and ALL its DLC for 22 bucks? 10 bucks or not thats an amazing deal compared to its normal price. I get the thing about being ripped off, noone likes being ripped off but you're saving 66% on the normal price here already. 5 bucks is something to get pissy over when you're already saving over 40...

        That's nice, but I can't support the Australian Tax for digital software, so until they unfuck it I'll continue to source my sale games from publishers that don't charge it, or from Amazon who don't give a toss about regional restrictions.

          A fair point, just make sure you at least buy it somehow, overseas or not, to support the developers :)

          Well, kudos for sticking to your principles, but your protest may not get recognised for it's virtue - if you're buying Steam games on Amazon, then it's a US sale, further reinforcing the US heavy asymmetry of these sales.
          Furthermore, even if every single Aus reader of Kotaku made this protest, it would make only a blip. Think of all the games that are bought for kids by non gaming parents - they don't know they're getting ripped off, and will buy the game at whatever mark up it is at. That ignorance is what would dilute any meaningful price change here.

          Me ? I'm all for the Steam sales, especially if a AAA title is going for $15.
          But, I tip my hat to you, sir

    should seen the quakecon pack that was up for grabs on the weekend.. the intire bethesda and id libary for about 100 bucks

      $120 for Australians, $90 for Americans, both charged in USD.... some people might not care, but there's no excusable reason for a higher price on digital goods.

      Last edited 05/08/13 4:11 pm

    Just picked up the knife of dunwall dlc for a little over $3.00 :D

      Just bought it all, been tossing and turning, then saw all of it for 22... so why the heck not :D

      Yeah, I bought Knife of Dunwall too during the Summer Sale, for some reason, its the only DLC that's that is the same price as the US, which is what I'll support.
      I bought the game during release, think I've supported them enough.

    I am the only one who didn't sleep through the Summer Sale? If not, why is this so exciting?

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