There’s A New Layton Game. It’s…Different.

There’s A New Layton Game. It’s…Different.

Tonight in Japan, Level-5 just revealed the latest entry in its Layton puzzle series. It’s titled Layton 7. It looks, well, different.

According to Famitsu, this is the “latest entry in the Professor Layton series.” The game is headed to iOS, Android, and Nintendo 3DS. Details are scant, but the design looks to be a radical departure from previous Layton games, appearing unlike the previous titles. It’s listed as “role-play puzzle” game.

The game currently has no announced release date, and there’s no word yet of a Western release.

Last summer, Level-5 announced that Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, the sixth Layton title, as the final one that stars Professor Layton as the protagonist.

Earlier this summer, Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino said he wanted to make “a new Layton.”

【速報】『レイトン教授』シリーズ最新作! 『LAYTON(レイトン)7』が発表に!【LEVEL5 VISION 2013「渦」】[Famitsu]

【速報】レイトン教授シリーズ最新作『LAYTON(レイトン)7』3DS、スマホで発売決定! [オレ的]

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