These Anti-Cheating Hats Make Me Sad

These Anti-Cheating Hats Make Me Sad

A university in Thailand offered a novel way to prevent students from sneaking peeks at classmates' tests: anti-cheating hats. Depressingly humiliating anti-cheating hats.

They're not only ridiculous, but they're so depressing! Students at Kasetsart University's agriculture school were photographed wearing the hats, and the photo was uploaded to the university's Facebook page. That's... embarrassing!

According to the Bangkok Post, the Kasetsart University held a press conference to explain what the hell was going on and explained that it was actually the students who came up with the hats. "No student was forced to wear a hat. Instead, all were happy to do so and thought it was fun. They felt more relaxed during the test," said Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai, a lecturer in the school's agricultural department.

Relaxed and depressed-looking! "It was not meant to indicate that Kasetsart students often cheat on exams," Rungruangkitkrai added. "I apologise if the photo makes other people look at my students in a negative way."

This was the first time the hats were used. After the backlash on social media, the Bangkok Post reports that it will be the last. Never forget!

Anti-cheating hats the talk of the town [Bangkok Post via Metro via NewsClip]


    Students come up with a solution they find fun and social media hates on them - well done groupthink!

    Think it's humiliating, depressing and embarrassing? It's paper - get over yourself...

    Because students are usually all smiles and laconic lounging when it comes to important exams. It's definitely the hats causing them to look stressed.

      I was thinking that naive thoughts about students being anything other than stressed or depressed (or drunk) is from people whose sole experience of university is the fake-smiling ethnically-diverse group of strangers sitting uncomfortably close to each other on a carefully-manicured piece of lawn.

      Except for one experience that hinted there might be some truth to that - at one point I did a business degree (glutton for punishment), and it was an entirely different story to the IT students. Massively-increased female:male ratio, significantly more attractive people, significantly happier and more cheerful about being there, and generally sitting up all perky and attentive in classes, eating up anything the lecturers had to say without snide, cynical remarks to each other or browsing facebook on their laptops.

      It's almost like they weren't human. I called them pod people and ran away.

      (Never did finish that course. Things came to a head when I had back-to-back subjects with some overlapping material, and each subject directly contradicted the other, in statements of fact. I confronted one of the lecturers with the slides from each subject and asked how the hell I was supposed to reconcile this, and his reply was: "Well they're both true. You just have to remember which truth is true for which subject." And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is everything you will ever need to know about Business. I cancelled my enrollment and went into the sciences.)

        Wow, one might say that you had a transient experience with that business course. Your mind was made up


          Oh, if only I truly lived up to my name... embracing subjective reality would probably have me earning a lot more money right now. :)

            Oh well, I'm in primary education so money can't be everything. At least I can be eloquent on the internet

              Sure, you might not make huge bank as a teacher, but at least you ONLY work 9am to 3pm! No early starts or late finishes with staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings, report cards, grading exams, lesson plans, or moving/dressing up the classroom, 8-5'ish with the occasional weekend.

              And you get the added bonus of practically the entire day away from any of your coworkers... or any other adult human contact. Who needs a lunch break, anyway? And children (or their parents) can't be any worse to deal with than anyone else's usual customers, making unreasonable demands or refusing to cooperate with policy or having unrealistic expectations of the deliverable outcomes...

              Plus you know you have the community's backing and the highest respect for your position and your responsibility in the shaping of the nation's future. If only we were all given the tools we needed to succeed in that task, like teachers are given. And strong, clear, not-at-all-schizophrenic leadership and direction.

              ...I considered being a teacher once. I woke up in a cold sweat.

              (Edit: Full disclosure, I know quite a few teachers.)

              Last edited 20/08/13 9:25 am

        I made a similar mistake in studying both Sociology and Psychology.. one was all about absolutes (Psych) and the other was completely opposite to that.. *sigh*

    And one day, they'll realize that none of that shit really mattered.

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