These Are The 13 Types Of People You Meet At Your Local Video Game Store

These Are The 13 Types Of People You Meet At Gamestop

Even though it's rare for me to go into a video game store nowadays thanks to digital downloads and online retailers, this funny compendium of characters you'll likely see at the shop by Dorkly seems spot-on, no?

Heck... back when I didn't know any better, I'd be the speechless person who just got nothing in exchange for a collection of games that cost a small fortune. Nowadays it's more likely I'm the person that's just there for some pre-order bonus. That's how the stores gets ya!

Do you recognise any of these folk?

These Are The 13 Types Of People You Meet At Gamestop

The 13 People You Meet At Gamestop [Dorkly]


    Not sure if comic actually secretly funded by MS or....

    But seriously, the angry guy complaining about games, is something I see at Forest Lake EB nearly EVERY time I go in. The people who work there are nice people, we buy our skylanders stuff there (they do good deals for us) and really put up with a *lot* of crap from customers that I've seen. Have to admit, I did tell the guy he was being a bit biased once and a bit of a fanboy. I swear he looked like he wanted to internet rage '[email protected]$$ YOU YOU @$)@@ @*@$()* @@!#[email protected]' however all that came out was 'NO!' lol

      Being a Forest Lake EB regular, I know the guys you're talking about. Good thing the staff there are great.

        Yep, the Forest Lake staff are all fantastic, really impressive workers there. Even left uber positive feedback on their FB page for EB once I was that impressed after the guy with the beard went the extra mile to help out my son for absolutely no reason (that's just great service in any book). When you see them copping shit from customers, or having to be subjected to morons, you kind of feel sorry for them and want to help them at times. They know me by name now, which I didn't expect, also the sign of a good salesman. Just an all round good store.

      Are we talking about Forest Lake in QLD? That's my local store too.

      I mainly go in to pick up stuff that my fiance has pre-ordered, but the staff all seem pretty nice.

        Weird. My local store is Forest Lake in QLD too. Although I don't go there too often

    I'm the guy who pops in to see what current games are selling for, only to leave after five minutes because the sale prices are still higher than what ozgameshop can offer.

      Can't work out if "just sayin'" or if I should tell him the majority of online retailers for anything, anywhere in the known world offer cheaper prices and likely will as long as it's an option.

      Well aren't you awesome.. Places like EB also have online stores so why don't you just check there instead of going into a physical shop?

        Because there's 'New Game Smell(tm)'! And sale stickers and box art and and and stufffff!

        I too, actually walk in and check out what's new and on shelves and all that sort of stuff, even though I no longer buy anything from the place because they're almost criminally overpriced. It's never an actual destination for me, though. Just a place to pop your head in to while you're doing other things.

    I'm the type that walks in, feels as if there is something wrong, crap on the floor and run away.

      Should probably see a doctor about that.

    I'm the guy that goes in, looks at the same games in the Wii U wall time and again, wonders over to the 3DS for a random cheap game then leaves.

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