These Are The Top Five Worst League Of Legends Teammates

Sure, there are general types of people you never want on your team — but every game also has very specific types of people who play the game, depending on the game's quirks. So here's curseentertainment's take on who the worst League of Legends teammates are...this wouldn't happen to be you, would it?

Top 5: Worst LoL Teammates [curseentertainment]


    do a top 10
    number 6: no calling 'missing'.
    number 7: the griefer, such as the use of abilities to trap your allies.
    number 8: support kill stealer, includes creep last hitting
    number 9: foreigners, non-english people joining, English servers.
    number 10: intercepting couriers or feeding the courier to the enemy.

      While I agree that number 10 is pretty bad, there are no couriers in League of Legends.

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