These Dota 2 Players Just Won $US1.4 Million

These Dota 2 Players Just Won $US1.4 Million

The International 2013 Dota 2 Championship has a winner: Swedish eSports team Alliance.

The team claimed a top prize of $US1.4 million, defeating Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere in a climatic five-game match during the Grand Finals.

The International is the largest Dota 2 event of its kind; this year's total prize money hit $US2.8 million.

Congrats to Alliance as well as to the other finalists.

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    Thanks for the spoiler alert.

    An amazing game. As someone who doesn't even play it, I was on the edge of my seat the entire 5 games. Stunning win by Alliance.

      Anyone have a link to this series so I can watch after the fact? As someone who doesn't play dota, I still find it endlessly fascinating and when there's commentary, I sorta get into it.

        Checkout, they have a few ways to watch. Some of my mates watched via YouTube but I prefer watching in-game. You just download Dota2 via Steam - it's free, and then watch the replays via the tournament page - this way you can use free-cam, turn on/off commentary + be able to click around the map/heroes to see what's what.

        Game 1.

        The other games are available on that same Twitch channel and you can skip the panel sections and go straight to the end of the draft stage if you want to speed things up a little.

      DOTA 2 has its own Youtube channel under the name dota2. You can watch all the matches of the Group stages and Finals there. The link is

    Such an awesome series, overall the international was amazing, the best Esports tournament i've ever seen, and those last 5 games (especially game 5) showed just why Dota 2 is such a great game to play and watch!

    I beat another person in a computer game once. Where's my money?

      I beat people in a game of soccer, cricket and touch football once. Where is my money?


      You might need to beat a few more people to get to these guys' level.

        I've beaten lots of people, in many different games.

          I've beaten lots of people, at many different sports... where's my money?
          Oh sorry nevermind I'm still nowhere near the skill level of even the best in my country.

    Great 5 games, especially that 5th game as mentioned above, was nail biting. I'm a massive Dota2 fan and I was literally on the edge of my seat and applauding when Dendi made his plays. Alliance did brilliant.

    Thanks for the spoilers. Was looking forward to this game tonight :S

      Even knowing the winner, you should watch the series. The last game was fantastic.

        Agree, the series was pretty intense all round but game 5 was just huge.

      Why would you come on a Gaming news website and be surprised by the fact there is an article about who won.

    whichever team picked the Wisp, won the game, they mentioned Wisp teams had 100% win rate, The Wisp/Alch combo is incredibly powerful.

    that said, puck was the determining factor in the very last game, big dream coils stopping those TP's.

    Last edited 12/08/13 6:28 pm

      I've yet to watch the moments before the throne kill (was watching it on my tablet on the bus lol) but I don't think Wisp was as big of a factor in the decider. Not sure what happened to Na'vi in the final moments but yeah, before I had to get off the bus victory was within Navi's grasp. Went I tuned back in 10 minutes later, [A] were at throne and Puck pulled that god damn coil >_<

      That said, Wisp has always been OP, which is why it gets banned heh though I do think Na'vi were correct in not giving Alliance Chen or Siren.

      Last edited 12/08/13 10:29 pm

        Io was instrumental in taking the bottom barracks and the threat of a relocate gank forced Navi to 5 man and hide in the fog of war for a long time, letting Alliance keep up in gold and experience when they should have fallen dramatically behind.

        That's the power of Io. Any gank automatically becomes a three man gank at no cost. Changes the entire way teams play.

          So in other words, standard Wisp play :P haha. Cheers. I'll have to watch the vod clearly to watch that 15 minutes I missed. When I got off the bus I literally thought Na'vi had it in the bag with them having pushed into Alliance T3 while theirs were still good. Sat down, open back up twitch all Navi racks were down >_<

            Yup. Standard stuff.

            No idea how Icefrog is going to nerf that either and it's something that needs to be dealt with otherwise Io is permanent first pick/ban.

              Well, it's not entirely unbeatable otherwise it would have been Alliance who ended up in loser's bracket. In all honestly, I think Na'vi should not have done the experimental draft they went with in game one, but that's history. Next year.

              Last edited 12/08/13 11:47 pm

        I thought it was going Navi's way and then basically around the time they try to do Roshan and botched it (2nd Rosh?) it kind of fell apart.

    This year's International has been just incredible. We saw a much closer display of skill amongst teams, and what could be a dismantlement in the Chinese metagame (or at the very least, a rethink). And that grand final.... really hope no one suffered a heart attack watching that....

    EDIT: wanted to add props for the compendium addition this year. Just brilliant imo.

    Last edited 12/08/13 11:47 pm

      I can't wait to see how Valve improve on everything for next year.

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