These Stunning Photographs Look Like The Last Of Us In Real Life

The art direction of The Last Of Us is arguably its greatest triumph: the broken down buildings, nature encroaching, reclaiming its territory. I remember wondering to myself: maybe it's all a little too pretty. Maybe The Last Of Us is too nostalgic in its recreation of civilisation in ruins, but this set of incredible real-life photographs suggests otherwise.

This set of photographs is titled Urban Ruins and they're jaw droppingly pretty. They're stylised to the point where, if you told me it was concept art for The Last Of Us, I'd probably believe you.

You can check out more photographs from this collection here.

Thanks Steph!


    Post apocalyptic urban decay! :D

      soooo... detroit?

        Almost my thoughts exactly: "Too fancy to be Chernobyl, so....Detroit?"

      Clicked on the article expecting you to say that.

      Was not disappointed!


    PS. Gosh I love The Last of Us. Naughty Dawg have really excelled. I'm getting close to the end of the game.....*bites finger nails*

      I'm currently considering starting a third playthrough - I've done normal and survivor difficulty, want to do a New Game +. Just need to decide if I'll do it on Survivor again or just go for the easy difficulty in order to be able to relax a bit more :P

      Seriously - this may be my favourite game of this entire generation. And there have been some games that I have *LOVED* this generation

        My sentiments too. :-)

        I've set my first play through on Hard. it's not too's a challenge, which I wanted since I'm no gaming spring chicken,.

        Joel and Ellie...what a team....what chemistry. I think their relationship is just as important and as impressive as the environmental art.

        The new game plus survivor mode is so much easier than the first playthrough. yes you will still die horribly over and over again at the start of winter (you know the place if you have played it), but the rest of the game is so much more enjoyable even on survivor the second time through. I just finished my 3rd playthrough and now need to do a 4th because for some reason it didn't carry over the last 3 training manuals I collected) Also, go back to easy when you are done, it is amusing just how little of the ammo the game throws at you, you will actually use.

        Also, 3rd completion, still suffer manly tears at the ending

          The point where I died horribly the most was relatively early when Joel is alone in the flood basement and has to restart the generator and has his 2nd encounter with a bloater. There's no stealth option to pick off clickers and runners one by one.

            I got the generator started then basically bolted for the exit - i.e. just ran past the masses of infected rather than trying to fight them.

              Likewise. I even practiced my route/run to the door a handful of times before I started pulling that damn generator cord. Ha.

              the mad dash is the superior option for that part of the game, only becomes troublesome if you overshoot the card reader and get stuck talking to the door and the bloater destroys you. I died the most when playing as Ellie, fighting off the waves with David in the power plant or whatever it is and the bloater that drops from the roof.

    It probably was concept art for The Last of Us... Why design environments like this when real life examples exist.

    I just can't help but think of the real estate potential....a part of me just wants to grab the nearest hammer and get to work. Empty real estate not making money....maybe that is an Australian thing.

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