This Assassin's Creed Free-Run Is Comic-Con's Most Energetic Cosplay

Picture it: you’re at the 2013 edition of Nerd Prom, finally taking a break from waiting in long-ass Hall H lines and getting something to eat. Then, some dude wearing some sort of outfit from Assassin’s Creed runs up and jumps right over your burgers. It’d freak you out, right?

You don’t see much reaction from the people that show up in this new parkour video by YouTuber DevinSupertramp. Sure, lots of weird funny things happen at Comic-Con but it’s not everyday that someone (who’s not Spider-Man) climbs up a building.


    Pretty cool. It's definitely worth watching the behind the scenes video to see the camera man keep up with him whilst watching where he's running as well as keeping the talent in shot.

    I really enjoy these videos. The cameraman does a pretty damn good job of keeping up with him whilst maintaining a steady grip and a good shot, even for the trickier areas. :)

    I think I cried a little. It's just so *sniff* so beautiful.

    Was anyone else waiting for someone to pull a gun on

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