This Australian-Made Fallout Fan Film Is Incredible...

We've been following Fallout: Lanius, the Australian made Fallout fan film, since its inception and now it's finally complete and available to watch on YouTube. Costing almost $20,000 to make, it's about as high quality as a fan film can get and looks incredible.

Shot in Perth, Western Australia and Directed by Wade K. Savage, Fallout: Lanius tells the origin story of Legate Lanius from Fallout: New Vegas'. Calling it a fan film does it a disservice, Fallout: Lanius looks and feels like a large scale production. Seriously, if you have a spare 20 minutes today, make sure you spend it watching this.


    Loved fallout: new vegas one of my favorite games of all time

    Not bad but just goes to show how spoilt we are with films by real actors and directors

    They did a fantastic job with the money they had. The production design is awesome!

    Looks incredible!
    But as with most fan films I've found, this has a terrible screenplay
    I'm a huge Fallout fan and couldn't sit through it.
    I thought the recent fan film made by the guys who did Nuka Cola got the feel a little better.

      I agree. The Nuka Break crew did a much better job with a much smaller budget. On the other hand, they also had some professional actors (stage actors, mostly, but still) to work with, so considering, this really wasn't so bad.

      That said, the music choice and sound editing was... poor. I don't mind them recycling music from the game, but why did they play the "exploring lost ancient technology" theme in the middle of a tribal village, for example? Why not play the Arroyo theme, which would have fit better AND been a nice nod to Fallout 2? Also, audio transitions. They're a thing. I know it's a little trickier to find in the new Final Cut Pro version, but I promise, they're there. Use them.

    It was amazing!!!

    Definitely worth waiting in whatever freezing weather it was for about 4 hours in just a tshirt and shorts to be the first to walk in the room.

    theres somthing very australian about post apocalyptic

      Is it because 95% of this country is desolate wasteland?

        Also, historical precedent. There's this one wildly post-apocalyptic film involving cars, motorcycle gangs, and really crazy '80s hair...

    Ever since mad max we have been the image of the apocalypse.

    didn't seem very falloutish tho?

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