This Cool PS4 Game Looks Like Wind Waker Had A Baby With Ico

Part Ico, part Wind Waker, part Journey, and 100 per cent pretty damn awesome-looking, this is Rime, announced today at Sony's presser in Germany. It's being developed by the Spanish studio Tequila Works, previously responsible for the horror game Deadlight.


    Going to play this...

    So. Damn. Much.

    I love this stylized art direction. Looking forward to The Witness too which has a little bit more realistic but just as colourful look.

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    As an unbelievably massive fan of Team Ico, this should adequately fill the void created by the elusiveness of The Last Guardian.


    yup when i saw it ICO rushed to my mind. guess thats a good thing

    "ICO comes to mind?"
    This looks so much like ICO I'd almost expect Team Ico to be starting legal action.
    The setting, main character design, 'firey torch as a weapon' and shadow enemies all look like they are directly stolen from ICO.

    Don't get me wrong it looks nice, and I'd love to play it. But... surely something this similar is crossing the line into directly copying...

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    As an Ico/Shadow of The Colossus fan I can't help but think this is devoid of anything new from the trailer, every element is ripped off directly. There is absolutely nothing in this trailer that I haven't already played and I find it more disheartening than anything else.

    One would imagine a first look trailer would like to so some homage to the original it's inspired by and then hint at something new that takes the experience into new gameplay experiences.

    All I see is a cash in on a well revered game in the trailer. I'd love to be proved wrong and see some gameplay that makes me want to play it and right now I see nothing that intimates that in the slightest.

    And yet when Prince of Persia adopted this art style...

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