This Could Easily Be The Launch Trailer For A Solo Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches today, and this trailer punctuates one of the biggest improvements to come from several years of vigorous retooling: it feels more like a numbered FF game.

It's not that the original Final Fantasy XIV didn't have a real story — it's just there was so much extraneous crap separating the player from the narrative. When the original launched in 2010, the story unfolded sporadically between extended bouts of guildleve (repeatable quest) grinding.

Here there is a well-defined quest line. The player feels like some sort of legendary hero. Your character progresses smoothly from nameless newbie to potential legend in a natural (well, as natural as it gets) fashion.

With that in mind, this really is a trailer for a solo Final Fantasy game, hearkening back to the originals, in which a group of mysterious heroes rises to greatness to save the world. The only thing missing is the main character — that's where we come in.


    Just curious how long people think the subscription model will hold out for this game? It's not that I mind subscription models, it's just we've seen in the past where the model gets scrapped in favour of a F2P model not long after launch. SW:TOR lost a lot of subs on the back of not having much end game content etc.. whatever the reasons though, they lost a lot of monthly subs (400k from memory) and so it didn't work for that game.

    FF14 is a $30 buy-in with a $12.99 monthly sub.. which isn't terribly unreasonable if the value is there in an ongoing way.. those who play casually may never see the expansions because they might never get their characters up far enough.. and hardcore players may hit the level cap too quickly.. and then there is also very critical eye this second release is being scrutinised by due to the failed first release.

    Square believes that the sub model will work for FF14.. they are in fact quite (arrogantly) confident it will.. I guess only time will tell.

      I'm only gonna play it till my free month is up in my experience I'm done with the game by the time it expires. Unless it's elder scrolls online of course

      FFXI is still subscription based. It's eleven years old. That should tell you all you need to know.

      Personally I have no issues paying a subscription if the game is good enough to warrant it.

        "Personally I have no issues paying a subscription if the game is good enough to warrant it."

        Indeed. I agree.. "if the game is good enough to warrant it.".. SW:TOR wasn't.. just hope FF14 is good enough..

          People are having fun (when they can log-in) and there is end-game. There's more end-game (Crystal Tower) to be planned for the first update, as well as the ever so lovable Good King Moggle Mog XII fight.

          (Just the song)

          I paid subscription for SWTOR for a bit, but not very long. The game had no longevity, nothing to do once you hit level cap except grind or roll an alt. But I think the big problem was that the combat didn't feel very satisfying. Way too many abilities that weren't well differentiated, everything balanced so that each trash fight involved a fair bit of work and you were constantly fighting packs of 2-4 mobs at once. Plus everything felt kind of disconnected in an odd way. So stripped of the narrative, the actual game itself wasn't that fun to actually play - even toward the end of the storyline I was starting to feel like it was a chore.

          It's early days yet (though not really since I was playing ARR since Alpha) but I'm finding XIV is much better in most of those regards. Combat feels solid, you don't have a million abilities to juggle and stuff goes down at the rate it should. Actually having a dungeon finder at launch so you can run leveling instances is great. There's always stuff happening and if you start to get bored doing one thing you can swap gear and do something completely different. No need to ever roll an alt either.

          My most major gripe right now is that the subscription's a bit more expensive than it should be because Square Enix failed high school geography and thinks Australia is in Europe, making us pay the fee in Euros (and presumably paying european VAT as well)

            Yeh.. I noticed that while I was browsing their website last night and nearly grabbed the game.. it asked me which country I was in.. and then directed me to the EU site.. which is fine when you're talking about DVD Regions and PAL vs NTSC.. but not so fine for digital download games...

            Well this is awkward...
            By forcing us to pay Euros instead of GBP, it's actually going to cost around $3.75 more per month due to the crap exchange rates to Euro compared to GBP.

            So actually, the monthly sub for Australians works out to be just under $20 at the moment.

            12.99 Euro equals
            19.47 Australian Dollar

            As compared to 8.99 GBP

            8.99 British Pound Sterling equals
            15.64 Australian Dollar

            Quite the difference.. and it would be a fluctuating monthly amount too..

            Last edited 28/08/13 4:02 pm

              The problem I think is that they planned the game from the outset as having a PS3 version and that meant digging into the console regioning mindset. Even though Sony doesn't region their console stuff any more, they do run region-specific digital stores and stuff.

                That could be possible I suppose.. googling around for this issue shows we would have been in the same boat with the 2010 launch as well.. and nothing has changed since then in this regard.. so I doubt it will change any time soon for this 2nd release..

                EDIT: Apparently you are able to buy 6 months sub for 66 euro.. not sure how accurate that is because it is just some random webste... that works out at around $16.60/mth...

                Last edited 28/08/13 4:21 pm

                  Yeah, I've set mine up to be 3 months recurring which works out 6 euros more expensive over 6 months, because I'm not 100% sure if I can commit to half a year in the game. 3 months is time for them to get the next big patch out and should give some indication as to the trajectory of the game going forward as well - most of the major MMOs recently have dropped off by then.

                Can't reply to your other due to nesting limit...

                Do you think it's possible to buy through their UK site and pay GBP? I guess it's worth a try.. the difference in pricing is enough to make it worth trying..

    the kid on the screen shot looks a little too like Joffrey Baratheon for my liking...

    I'm kinda wanting to play this, but it feels too much like every other MMO and I don't have enough spare time to justify the subscription cost.

    Last edited 28/08/13 12:39 pm

      This is the one thing holding me back the most.. it's not the actual subscription itself.. I already pay a lot of subscriptions for other things.. but as I am a casual gamer at the best of times and I have a baby coming soon.. I'm just not sure I can find the hours in a day to justify paying anything on a monthly basis, whether it be $5, $10 or $15 a month.. the amount is not really relevant.

    The thing I hate most about this game: The default hyur male having such a seedy moustache.

    Last edited 28/08/13 2:41 pm

      You ever seen a Lalafell with a mo'?
      That is the definition of seedy.

    Couldn't ever get into FFXI, but hot damn, FFXIV is probably the first MMO that has captured me as much as WoW (back when it was good).
    I'd strongly suggest this game to any FF fans or lovers of MMO's.
    Every area I've been in so far is swarming with players and from what I've heard, other people share my views about how good this re-launch is.

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