This Developer Wants To Jump-Start Africa's Game Industry

Ghana is not known for its game industry, but that could change. In the BBC interview above, Ghanaian game developer Eryam Tawia of Leti Games talks about his desire for Africa to be a strong presence in the game industry, one that reflects African heroes and history.

Honestly, I hope he's successful. If the rise of Nollywood is any indication, he damn well might be.

Video: BBC News


    Awesome! We need the industry to be less focused on the same things again and again. More people in more places with different influences is how we do it.

      Nicely said mate. And sometimes it doesn't have to be a new setting or genre. Playing games like The Witcher illustrates how nice it is to play a common genre, developed by folks with different cultural tastes and sensibilities other than westerners. It's somehow ... fresh.

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