This Game And Watch Parody Hurt My Heart

There's something magical about primitive 'Game and Watch' style games. I was obsessed with them as a youngster. So Game Of Watchcraft — an iOS game that replicates and parodies those products — appeals to me massively. Moving clumsily from on animation to the next, working out timings, all that stuff. Give it to me. I want it.

When I was younger I played those old Tomytronic games. Watching this trailer inspired a real search for pictures of those games and the devices you used to play them. After asking some folks on Twitter I re-discovered the names of the games and was delving through screenshots, Wikipedia entries — the works.

I saw a picture of the Tomytronic. I looked at the buttons I use to constantly push and it felt like I could physically remember touching them. It hurt my heart. I felt a legitimate, physical pain in my gut. Crazy.

Anyway, the point is: that's the power of nostalgia. Everyone has their own story I guess, and this game and watch parody helped me relive mine. That was fun.


    Oh wow. It's like some kind of viewmaster game? I think I've seen something similar to that on eBay popping up in Virtual Boy searches, being sold by someone in France. Always wondered what it was.

    I remember I used to have a fluorescent orange Jungle Book LCD game thing. No idea where it got to. My sister had Darkwing Duck. Oh wait, then there was the time when Coco Pops had some promo where you got this LCD game thing which pulled apart into two pieces for some reason, and one of the guys at school convinced me that the slot was where you put Game Boy games to play them (didn't yet have a Game Boy at the time). Then Froot Loops made a similar game, but it was on a watch. No idea what happened to Coco, but I still have that watch somewhere. Not sure it works though.
    Fun little site to re-live those memories, real retro emulataion.

    I took a peek at their booth at PAX. It's cute and all, and I'm sure it appeals to someone, but I'm kinda 'meh' on the concept.

    I loved Game & Watch - still remember when I got a Crystal Screen Climber! pity that thing broke it was ahead of its time.

    Got a couple of game and watches and heaps of handheld tomytronic stuff but those 3D binocular ones were awesone back in the day. I never got one :-(

    Played this at PAX after the dev gave me a very enthusiastic presentation on the game and inspiration behind it. Must've worked, as I went home and picked it up on my iPad more or less straight away. It's a fun diversion and an entertaining way to kill a few minutes playing it.

    One thing I'll say is that I enjoyed it more at PAX, as the demo iPads had physical d-pad/buttons attached to the screen and it made it just that little more playable (even though the touch controls work flawlessly!).

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