This Game Of Thrones Rap Video About The Australian Election Is *Amazing*

Okay. Wow. Take Game of Thrones, then take rap music, then take the debacle of outright hilarity that is Australian politics and combine it all together. This is the end product: an incredible rap song that just skewers this upcoming election campaign so expertly, I'm dying!

KRUDD is the best though. He drops some truly sick rhymes.

But wait, it escalates. This video actually features Julian Assange playing... Julian Assange. Oh my god. This is what YouTube was invented for.

Bloody oath!

Via Gizmodo


    Because nothing's funnier than a bloke who's hiding in a foreign embassy on rape charges.

      Really dubious ones, which coincidentally surfaced at around about the same time that several major nations' governments wanted to nail his ass to the wall.

      More than a few grains of salt needed for swallowing that particular line.

        Yeah, my bullshit detector is in the red on that one as well.

          My gullible detector is going crazy.

            My spin detector keeps going off the scale. Over 9,000 Mega-spins, and rising.

        I agree with you it's very murky. Just saying that he IS on a rape charge, and until we get that cleared up he's probably not a source of comedy.

          My belief was that he was simply wanted for questioning.
          He hasn't actually been charged with anything.

            It's actually a farce. The reason why Sweden is after him is once he is on Swedish soil, the US can extradite him.

            It's all a setup so the US can charge him the cables he publish on Wikileaks.

            Granted, how he went about the publication was wrong but at the same time the US is angry not because Wikileaks caused harm to their security. The US is furious that they were caught read handed doing something wrong themselves.

              I don’t know about the rape stuff, but it’s pretty obvious that if you are wanted for questioning on that kind of thing that you can’t dial it in (as is suggested above).

              As a separate thing (and they should be kept separate if possible) releasing 1000’s of documents that you haven’t even read and have no idea of the content is both irresponsibly and stupid. I don’t have a problem with people wanting more transparency but releasing information without any understanding of the content is just vandalism and is fundamentally against the way society works.

              Assange (and wikileaks) isn’t aiming to achieve anything. He doesn’t have a goal outside of causing trouble for established governments so he can get himself in the paper. Ask any of their supporters what their endgame is and you’ll never get a response smarter than “more transparency”. That’s not a goal, people need to keep secrets, they always have and it’s often necessary. There’s a HUGE difference between “more transparency” and the indiscriminate leaking of documents which get innocent people killed.

              Several people were killed as a result of him releasing that information. IMO the dude is a f*ckwit and for him to be put up as a source of online humour is pretty shabby, rape stuff aside.

                Why not? He hasn't been charged.
                They can question him just as easy on the phone if they want.
                In fairness though I know nothing about how the justice system works in Sweden.

                And I don't think you can separate these things.
                Because the rape stuff is only there because of the leaking of the documents.
                These things are related.

                And those documents should definitely have been released.
                To be honest I don't overly care about his motives. If his motive is to "fuck things up" then good on him.
                The truth is we have a major "democratic" world power that is blatantly t lying to it's people and to the world at large. They are denying the media the right to tell the truth and they are going after anyone that tries to expose what they are doing.
                They are harassing the governments of other nations to go after any dissent and any attempt to bring out the truth. They have long since lost any right to some "moral authority" and any right to secrecy. You can not abuse the people, abuse other nations, abuse any sense of decency and then cry foul when you are exposed for it.

                  Ok, we’re not going to agree on this.

                  If you think the world is so horribly managed right now that the best course of action is to indiscriminately “fuck things up” then you don’t have much interesting to offer.

                  Things need to be structured, they are the way they are right now because it works well enough for a large enough quantum of people for it to be sustainable. There’s always going to be Governments, they’re never going to be perfect, there will ALWAYS be corruption. You can’t make anything better by indescribably “fucking things up”, if you managed to bring down every Government in the world today the first thing people would do tomorrow is start forming back together into groups which would just battle to form new Governments.

                  All Assange is doing is damaging the status quo (and getting people killed) for the sake of getting his name in the paper. The US has risen to power by being one of the more sustainable of the “bad” Government models, the idea that you’d be better off under China, North Korea or Iran (as you’ve stated below) is so f*cking stupid it’s unbelievable.

                You sir are a complete moron and should read a book instead of watching channel 10 news. It's sad that the majority populous think like you. Try and kick start your education with profit over people by Noam Chomsky. Then maybe we can have an educated discussion. You should be banned from posting on public forums until then. This goes for the majority of you.

                lol several people were killed... depressing how nobody else on Kotaku noticed this blunder.

                Ummm really?
                Where did I state you would be better off under those governments?
                I simply said I was not as afraid of them as I am of America.
                Not that you would be better off under them.
                So please don't put words into my mouth.

                And what exactly do you do if the power in charge has prevented any sort of reasonable debate and action on what they have done?
                The only recourse for the disenfarchised and disempowered is to try and destabilise the status quo. This has been proven throughout history.
                Maybe there will always be corruption but that is not an excuse to stand-by and let it happen.
                America has to be bought up for the crimes they have and are committing. And when no-one else is prepared to or able do it then it is left to the likes of Wikileaks to bring the truth out.

                  This guy is more than a bit foggy. He spells things wrong and then uses the Brit spelling of 'jail' which means he must not be a Brit.
                  Actually, he's a moron. "Large enough quantum" is a nonsensical misuse of the word, and it's simply a false statement. The system doesn't work for more than a few hundred million people total in the entire world. Under 5%.

                  Assange is neither getting anyone killed nor motivated AT ALL by publicity. Only a brainwashed tool of the status quo would believe so and defend the establishment so vehemently. He's probably a CIA plant or troll of some other sort. He's definitely not someone who knows anything about world politics.

                It wont let me reply to your last comment so I'll reply to this one, can you please tell me who Assange has had killed by leaking those documents?

                  This. The only claim I have heard that people had been killed due to Wikileaks was proven to be blatantly false.

              Oh I totally agree.
              It's pretty obvious why they want to get him to Sweden.
              The US is more and more slipping into a totalitarian state.
              I have always said that the country that frightens me the most is not China, or North Korea, or Iran but the USA.

                Why does the US frighten you more than those countries?

                The power of the US is probably on the wane if anything and they’ve been the dominant power for the last 50+ years, during which time your life has been set up in a manner which has you sitting in front of a PC commenting freely that you don’t like the US….. something which you couldn’t do in ALL THREE of the countries you’ve named.

                If fact in at least two of those countries you could be gaoled for writing what you just did about the serving Government.
                I can’t understand the kind of mindless anti-establishment comments you see on the internet.

                  Power on the wane is a pretty good reason to be afraid. A wounded beast, and all that. Death throes being a somewhat more desperate kind of thrashing.

                  Also, stupid comments on the internet aren't exactly protected in the US either. You can go to jail for three months without trial for sarcastically using absurdism to refute a friend's accusation of your insanity.

                  Yeap as @transientmind said that waning of power is exactly what frightens me.
                  I won't argue that in it's hey-day America represented a hope for a free and democratic world but that is simply no longer the case.
                  Who is the only country in the world to use an Atomic bomb in a war?
                  Who has the ability, is prepared to and has launch major, illegal wars simply to try and keep in power and to gain control of resources?
                  Who has the arrogance to believe that they should control the world and everyone should follow them?
                  Those other nations can sabre rattle all they like at the end of the day they are not likely to make a major move because of a host of reasons.
                  America does not have that fair.
                  And they have precedent behind them.

                  Not commenting at all on Assange, but the US is busy shoring up its military might in resplonse to its rapidly dwindling cultural and economic might. That's some scary shit.

                  It sure beats your mindless comments of a brainwashed establishment tool.

                  Riiiiiight....freedom of speech is so heavily restricted in Sweden.
                  You prove to be dumber and dumber with each succeeding post.
                  Why don't you just crawl back into your little CIA troll hole and stop distracting people from meaningful conversation that contains some truth? We don't need your mindless Sieg Heils to the established world order.

            All he did was flee the country when they told him he was wanted for questioning.

          I don't think he should put his life on hold because after all, you're innocent until proven guilty.

            Innocent until proven guilty while running the fuck away and hiding in a rubish regimes embassy...

            I mean it's not like Correa has intimidated journalists and issued sentences to journalists that have been years of imprisonment and/or millions of dollars of compensations. Basically stomping on the freedom of press in Ecuador by introducing laws that allow election officials to censor media outlets. Shutting down 20 TV stations.

            Then there is the intimidation of judges of dismissal if they allowed the citizens to appeal to the protection of their constitutional rights against the state. People engaging in public protests against environmental and other issues are prosecuted for "terrorism and sabotage", which may lead to an eight-year prison sentence.

            So Julian can suck a fat one as far as I am concerned... Absolute hypocrite.

            Last edited 26/08/13 1:47 pm

              The only thing that frightens me more than the U.S is a world without the U.S.

      He has not been charged with rape. Sweden wants him for questioning but they don't have any telephones or internet in their country so they need him to fly onto their soil. Seems legit.

        Listen if the US or Russia, or china or Britain or France wants someone, they will go and fucking get them it doesnt matter where you are or who is protecting you unless its one of the above i just mentioned. If any of those governements wants you then they will get you.

        Assange is only trying to get into parliment to try and save his own skin. he doesnt care about running the country of making a difference, he is just an egomaniac but he doesnt realise that even if for some screwed up reason he even makes into parliment, he will still be extrodited to sweden for questioning the moment he steps foot out of the embassy

      First it is sexual assault not rape that the police want to speak to him about. Secondly, he has not been questioned by the Swedish police and hasn't been charged, so to say he is "on rape charges" is technically and factually incorrect.

      couldnt have said it better myself, this was funny right up until he came on, then i realised all this was was another excuse to stoke his ego

    Pretty sure this is an attempt at some sort of viral advertising for wikileaks party...

      They've been doing these videos since long before the election campaign (this is #20 in the series).

      Hey Kniddy,
      This is #20 episode of "RapNews".
      RapNews (do a search for it on youtube) has been going on for longer than Assange has been in the headlines.

      Also check out this video from one of the RapNews creators "Hugo - Fiat Lux"

      It's awesome poetry about evolution and creativity.

      cant believe some of the comments below of course its nothing more than wikileaks propaganda, hence the sly joke of his Lordship- martyr-victim (or whatever he calls himself) singing "You're the Voice". Sure its a joke but not really. And YES this series has been around for a lot longer, doesnt mean that this episode isnt the most bad taste piece of propaganda i have seen in years. If Assange was played by an actor it would have been hilarious.

      Last edited 27/08/13 10:48 am

    First thoughts, "Their Julian Assange guy really does look the part."
    Check link article. Disbelieve. Check youtube post.

    You gotta be kidding me!

    That is majestic

      People at work are looking at me strangely now as I was pissing myself laughing at my desk.
      Assange doing Farnham was the best thing I have seen on the internet ever.*

      * This may or may not be true.

    Well, Julian Assange was unexpectedly baritone.

    So this is what Assange has been up to in the embassy all this time.

    Got to say it was good of him to play along with it all hahaha.

    Talking about wounded beasts, this Froggy character is arguing like one.
    Started off with a weak argument. was wrong. went off track.
    In reply to your first comment, the rule of comedy is you're allowed to make anything funny.
    Second, check facts first. You made yourself look a little silly.

      Nice comeback... Personal attack + "Nah your wrong...."

      Well played.

      Last edited 27/08/13 8:59 am

    Lost it at the Julian Assange bit... Still in tears right now!

    Please give more information on how many people were killed as a result of Wikileaks' release of documents and how we know that Wikileaks was responsible. I suspect you can't ...

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