This Guy Beat Ocarina Of Time In Less Than 20 Minutes. Record!

Ah, speed-runners who do the impossible. A few days ago, the world record for beating Ocarina of Time was 19 minutes and 20 seconds according to Zelda Speed Runs. Then, noted speed-runner Cosmo Wright came along and beat the game in a record 19 minutes and 15 seconds — and you can watch him do it above.

Five seconds, that’s all it takes to make a difference. Dang.

Two curious things here:

1) He’s playing on a slightly faster version of the game. He explains that a little in the video, but the important part here is that it’s not like he’s hiding what version he’s playing on or anything. If you’re really curious about the differences in all the versions of the game, Cosmo breaks it down in a blog post here. It’s technical, but interesting — and it breaks down the ways in which this version is faster.

2) Wait, Zelda Speed Runs? What about Speed Demos Archive, isn’t that the go-to source for stuff like speed-run times?

“SDA is pretty outdated. Speedrunning is in this transitional state right now where we are trying to build a leaderboards site that can catalogue all the actual fastest runs,” Wright told me via email yesterday, when I inquired about his claim that this was a world record. “Unfortunately we’re still a bit off from that, so information is scattered everywhere. Luckily, there’s a site here for various Zelda games that shows off all the fastest runs.”

Wright has been playing Ocarina of Time on and off since 2005, and only started going after the record a couple of weeks ago.


  • As far as I’m concerned, if it ain’t the original game it doesn’t count – that’s a basic Twin Galaxies rule too.

    Glitching and tool-assists!? Cheating is cheating.

    Glitching/tool-assist are interesting in their own right. Just don’t try an pass off, what amounts to hacked code, as a world-record in clocking a particular game.
    Otherwise I may as well run classic 2D games in god mode and show you how “awesome” I am at not playing the game by the coded rules.

    • This run isn’t tool assisted and all the tricks used are available in most versions of the game, he didn’t use a game genie or anything like that. He could do this run on any regular N64.

      And if it has to be the original version of the game to count, which version of the game is the “original”? there are regional differences between all the versions of OOT, and the version he’s playing was released by Nintendo. Does it not count because it’s not the version you or I played?

      Whats wrong with using glitches? they’re part of the game after all, part of the coded rules as you put it.There was no hacking/ code manipulation of any kind in this run.

      Also, please don’t try to pass off a run that uses multiple single frame dependent, extremely hard to pull of tricks as being comparable to you just putting on god mode on your game genie, it really devalues how much effort and skill went into this run.

      • Bollocks mate. Cartridge in console. Disc in tray. Otherwise where do you draw the line when making a world-record claim? There is only 3 main versions of virtually any game; NTSC-J, NTSC-U and PAL.

        Just sounds like excuses in why you have to finish your games on Very Easy :/

    • There are a variety of different speed running categories.
      The one most people consider to be the “right” way is the “Intended path any% single segment run” where people follow the game from start to finish the way the developers intended to game to be completed as fast as possible.
      There is also Glitch allowed, glitchless, any%, 100%, warpless, warp allowed, tool assisted, cheats/cheatless and so on.

      I agree with your point that cheating is cheating whichever way you slice it but that is only relative to the intended path completions.

    • Taking advantage of glitches that exist in the game are fair game. Tool-assisted though is not.

      SDA is not out-dated, they just have very strict guidelines for what constitutes a valid speedrun.

    • I agree, This is not a WR… This is a waste of time.. He did not BEAT OoT…he mearly beat the Oot debug team by exploiting glitches to skip most of the game! It misses the part of playing the game.

      Good for him if he is happy, but he did not beat the actual game…

      BTW….. I just beat uncharted 2 in 5 seconds, I just pressed the credits button on the title screen, not sure what the game is like or about or what happens but I now hold the WR. I’m pretty sure I can shave 4 seconds off this. /s

      • You better illustrated the point I was trying to get too.

        Reminds me of the Morrowind speedruns. While very interesting and cool, I would never accept them as true game-runs let alone world records!

        Allthough, glitch-runs do take skill.

  • Speed Demos Archive still has its place – but there has been a big increase in popularity of live speedrunning sites like Speed Runs Live and Twitch over the past couple of years, while SDA requires users to submit their videos (ie. the games aren’t played live).
    Big games like OoT, GoldenEye and Mario Kart (N64) have their own seperate speedrunning communities that dedicate time exclusively to those games.

    • I reckon Twitch will blow open once the X1 & PS4 are released. It’ll be the goto place for live and captured game video as it’s integrated on X1 and connected thru app on PS4. Getting everyone in one place will be good 😉

  • A bit more info then the article provides beyond “He’s playing on a slightly faster version of the game.”

    This run is completed on the iQue, an official Chinese release of the N64 console. Runs with less lag then the original N64 version or the Wii Virtual Console Japanese version, which is traditionally the “fastest” version of the game. Not only that, but Japanese and Chinese versions of the game use the least amount of text in dialogue boxes, so are generally preferred over English or other western language translations as there is less text to skip.

  • He didn’t play the whole game so no one cares. I can finish the game with a decent run time as well as I’ve nailed it a dozen times over the years. But I really am not impressed by these guys who spend all their time ripping on other people’s glitches and tweaks to gain some kind of false glory.

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