Grand Theft Auto Online Looks Friggin' Amazing

You can parachute, play tennis and drive around the city robbing banks with your friends in the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, which Rockstar showed off today. GTAV comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360, and with it comes Grand Theft Auto Online, an online mode that lets you customise a character — hey, you can play as a woman! (like you could in GTAIV's online mode) — and wander around Los Santos with up to 15 other people.

Today's video shows players doing all sorts of missions, buying apartments, and even creating their own scenarios to screw around in.

Grand Theft Auto Online won't be available at launch — it'll open up on October 1.

GameSpot's got more details in a big preview they published today, and the multiplayer mode seems ambitious as hell. Some details:

  • There's a stock market, which won't be available at launch but will be insane whenever Rockstar does put it in. You can invest in a car manufacturer and then storm around the city destroying every one of their cars so they have to pump out more (and their stock increases accordingly). Wow.
  • There's also a fascinating new take on spectator mode, GameSpot reports: you could be in your apartment and see a police car down below your window somewhere, turn on the TV, and watch one of your friends run-n-gun with cops in real time.
  • "It'll be GTA Online; it's not part of GTA 5," Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies told CVG. "Obviously it's set in the GTA 5 engine, but it's going to grow and evolve into its own thing."
  • When the multiplayer mode launches, it'll be accessible through your character select wheel: in addition to the main three characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, you'll have a fourth option for multiplayer.
  • GTA Online will initially cover the same terrain as the pseudo-California-based GTA V. But Rockstar is hinting that we'll be breaking those borders at some point. From the company's official description: "Grand Theft Auto Online … begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but will continue to expand and evolve after its launch.."
  • AI characters "will react to the urgency in your voice," CVG says. Whoa. And... "Suddenly, a Rockstar developer sat next to us starts chatting into his headset and his on-screen character does the same, lip-synching broadly in time."
  • While GTA Online seems like it's mostly made for multiplayer, there'll be ways to solo at least some of it. According to Rockstar: "In Grand Theft Auto Online, players have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions…"
  • According to GameSpot's preview, Rockstar won't be offering GTA Online's mission-creator tools at launch. They'll be rolled out some time after Oct. 1

UPDATE: One line in Rockstar's official description of their GTA Online trailer led some readers to speculate that GTAO would be tied to an online pass: "Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st." Not so, a Rockstar spokseperson told Kotaku. There is no online pass or code required for activating GTAO. Just buy GTA V and it'll become available via GTA V's character wheel (the fourth of four slots) on the first of October.


    I don't think I've ever said wow in response to anything to do with video games since the first time I tried Mario 64 at a Big W. Even if it's less impressive to play than this video makes out, this is looking pretty great.

      i don't think i've ever said wow to anything R* but this made me empty my beans.

    This just made a non-multiplayer gamer say, "Hell yeah!".

      You and me both. The last multiplayer game I got into was L4D2, and this will change my mind on multiplayer games on my PS3..

    How many players? 16? Or are we talking MMO here?

      Article says 16 (end of first paragraph)

    I've never really bothered with open-world multiplayer - or, largely, multiplayer as a whole. Something tells me I'll be bothering with this.
    Something tells me I'll be bothering with this quite a lot.

    With this, and Dark Souls II on its way, I might just have to cave and shell out for a Gold Live account...

      Shame Shane, I'm getting this for the PS3, even though I do have a Xbox. But that's okay, I always seem to run the other way anyway. ;-)

    I'm usually against tacked on multiplayer modes... But this look like its worth a go

      I think it's a bit much to be calling it tacked-on. Especially when it's supposed to be its own thing entirely, and boasts a host of multiplayer-specific gameplay mechanics.

    "Suddenly, a Rockstar developer sat next to us starts chatting into his headset and his on-screen character does the same, lip-synching broadly in time." ...hold on, what was that?

      Best use of the word "suddenly" :P

        Well... imo, that honour will forever go to the Goons, ca. 1957(-ish):

        "And then, suddenly... !"
        "...nothing happened. But it happened suddenly, mark you!"

        I do, however, love the idea of a Rockstar dev appearing in a puff of smoke, purely to demonstrate the lip-synching, then disappearing in the same manner.

        Last edited 16/08/13 12:58 pm

          This needs to be expanded upon. The next E3 should be rigged with pyrotechnics for smoke bombs, and trap-doors. And devs will be able to track the progress of tagged and coded journalists to appear before them in puffs of smoke to demonstrate game features they haven't seen yet, then disappear equally mysteriously.

          Way better than driving in some stupid race car because it's pretty!

    A level editor people!!!

      i think it's more of a mission creator than a level editor.

        True but the video shows them moving aroynd a car so it might be on par with Halo 3 Forge

    It's more than I dared hope. Ive been a member of the R* social club since 2008, playing their versions of multiplayer. I've honestly never been disappointed. Im sure that on pc and next gen the number of players in each game will increase. Those of you not used to R*s multiplayer modes should try some out (RDR, GTA IV and Max Payne).

    Cant wait till 1/10...

    That's just crazy how good that looks. So the 4th playable character on the character selection wheel in the single player videos is your multiplayer avatar? I wonder how much of it ties into single -if you just select that character and suddenly it starts streaming in all the multiplayer mayhem seamlessly. That would be awesome, rather than having to go into a separate "multiplayer" section through some crappy phone menu. Seamless multiplayer just makes me so happy.

    With each announcement I get more and more tempted to purchase a console just so I can play this game until a PC version is released.

    So we're getting half a game at release and everybody is cool with that? My how times have changed. Then again it is a R* game so free kicks all around I guess...

      Its more like getting a whole game then a whole other game two weeks later.

      Frankly if I were Ms or Sony id be praying for a next-gen version of this because its blowing actual next gen games out of the water

      Last edited 16/08/13 11:51 am


          downvotes for agreeing with an upvoted comment? ok, sure.


          Last edited 16/08/13 3:32 pm

            The downvotes are for your comment being unnecessary. One word replies are what upvotes/downvotes are there for.

            And my downvotes are probably for sounding like a jerk. :)

            Last edited 16/08/13 4:27 pm

        I’ve got very little doubt that this game is going to be the biggest title of the current generation and coming so close to the launch of the next gen consoles could really take some of the shine off their launches. It could actually have a major impact on sales I think.

        There will be an awful lot of people too busy enjoying their $90 copy of GTA V to feel the urge to go out and buy $500+ worth of new hardware, especially given that they won’t be backwards compatible. If you told me that tomorrow I could spend the day playing GTA V or any launch game on the PS4/ Xbone I’d take GTA V for sure.

      You get the whole game. Two weeks later they unlock multiplayer. Why? I'm guessing they don't want a clusterfuck with their servers.

      GTA V will interface with their servers, set them straight in that two weeks on what their serverload will be etc and they can prepare for it in that fortnight.

      Im PERFECTLY ok with this, theres *more* than enough gameplay in GTA V to keep me going a couple of *months* before I hit multiplayer.

        They may just want people to at least try the single player first. But you do make a valid (and more likely) point.

      Half a game? More like one now, and a very different experience in October. Beats having their servers buckle under the pressure post release and slogging through that time with unbearable multiplayer.
      GTA V's single player experience alone has way more to offer than most single AND multiplayer games do these days, so I'm not sure what games - past or present - you're comparing it to. Sounds like you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. Fun.

      Last edited 17/08/13 12:30 pm

        No I'm just a glass half empty kind of person. And given the hoopla around the MP and the time its taken to get this game to market, I'm not giving them any free kicks. I still think we're being shafted.

        If this was an EA or Activision game there would be an outrage online from the Francis', Angry Joe's and totalbiscuit's of the internet. It's as if the whole gaming world has turned the other check for this title...

    Okay that's pretty damned sweet, might have to renew my live subscription after all

    Still no word on a PC release? I do have a PS3.. but I am holding out for a PC release.. I just prefer playing on my PC.. not because it's better.. just because I prefer it :)

      I'm holding out because it's better. Better graphics, better load times (SSD), potential for modding... Love my consoles, but until next gen hits it's PC all the way.

    Firstly, why do developers assume everyone is rabbid about online games? I have absolutely zero interest in playing online games anymore. Been there, done that for years and years. I just got to a stage where it all seemed to be a great waste of my life and is pretty much 100% pointless. At least in single player I can finish the game, feel as though I've achieved something.

    I must admit it was the FPS online games that killed it for me. I hated wasting hundreds of hrs building up a character, unlocking this and that, for the next iteration in the game to be released and all the hard 'work' you put in is worth nothing.



    Can't wait for this game. Might actually update my PS3 and undo my jailbreak for this!


    I want this sooo much right now. I would spend hours designing races all over los santos alone....

    Pure fuckin' awesome sauce. Can't wait!!!

    In before the NSA have someone's house stormed because they were talking in game about robbing a bank (Xbox One Version)

    This is freaking sweet!
    Now, all I need are some friends, and i'll be set.

    For those who have preordered at EB Games (come on now, don't hide) EB are having a midnight launch at over 300 stores Australia wide.

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