This Is How You Make A Real Life Master Sword

This Is How You Make A Real Life Master Sword

I first stumbled across ‘Man at Arms’ when he created an amazing Orcish Battleaxe from Skyrim. Man at Arms is the work of Tony Swatton, a Hollywood weapon maker and a genuine proper Blacksmith who likes to make video game/comic book weapons in his spare time. In the above video he attempts to create the most realistic rendition of the Master Sword from Zelda ever made. Spoiler: he succeeds.

Apparently the Master Sword was one of the most requested weapons ever, which is understandable. It’s definitely the weapon I most wanted to see created. The final result is pretty spectacular — especially the Fruit Ninja style demonstration at the end.

Thanks Gizmodo!


  • I’d rather the Fierce Deity’s sword. That, or the Razor sword. That thing looks so much more badass than the gilded sword.

    • Don’t you know that dude wearing green his name is Zelda and the guy in the red overalls is called peach

    • I haven’t watched this one yet (Will when I have a bit more time) but having seen his other videos, he’s said he really doesn’t play games – at all. His friend is a gamer and helped him out with the first few (ideas/designs, not making them) but I think now he goes off youtube comments.

    • Makes sense when he’s referring to Zelda as a series, not the character. he generally makes reference of the source material at a fairly generic level, especially when it comes to video game weapons.

      Best part would be if he intentionally did it to get us geeks all riled up hahaha.

  • The real question is : what are my chances of convincing the Victorian police that thing is a letter opener??

    • Vic police (or specifically Victorian customs), slim to nil. NSW customs however is far more likely as you can own a sword on display providing it is locked up and recorded, just make sure is clearly labelled “replica” on the postage packaging. This means you can get it into NSW via a friends address then get in a car, drive up and get it and bring it back to Vic bypassing all of the people that will tell you no.

  • I really feel that if they showed these efforts during high school metalwork, blacksmithing would be back in vogue, maybe the demand mightn’t be high, but damn if they wouldn’t get repeat business from me.

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