This Is The Penny Arcade Strip Drawn At PAX Australia, And This Is How They Drew It

While I was on holiday in Scotland gorging on porridge, everyone in Australia was preparing for and attending PAX Australia (if my Twitter feed is anything to go by). During a panel at the show, Gabe and Tycho drew a comic to document their time in the land down under. It was about drop bears. Of course.

You can read the comic itself above, but if you're interested in watching it actually being drawn then you might want to watch the video below.

For folks interested in making comics: either the technology used or the art itself, it's well worth watching. Pretty long though, just warning you!


    I was at PAX! I was at the panel! Good times were had by all! I streetpassed with @trjn while we were in there!

      I was there watching too! We watched it together!

      Oh yeah and apparently the girl with the vegemite sandwich was one of my sister's old school friends.

      Small freakin' world.

    Heh, nice to see the watch on the wrist callback from their earlier comics.
    I'd link, but my work has blocked PA.

      Someone in the audience specifically requested that the drop bear be wearing it

    "everyone in Australia was preparing for and attending PAX Australia (if my Twitter feed is anything to go by)"

    If the lines to get into everything were anything to go by, I'd agree with you.

    Watching it now and enthralled....

    Questions for you guys to possibly answer if its ok?

    What did Scott Kurtz do that deserves a slap in the head? (Asides existing?)

      Didn't come to Australia with the rest of them (because it clashed with SDCC, I believe)

        Erm... admittedly... I may have made that choice too... heh...

    Scott Kurtz was at Comicon (which ran at the same time) and couldn't make it to PAXAUS. this audience member was referencing his absence as a negative.

    Absolute gold from the legends!
    We showed them the Aussie enthusiasm rivals anything the US delivers. Winning! Any K peeps hitting Pax Prime?

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