This Is What Happens When A PC Elitist Joins Your Game

Not everyone that has the PC as a primary platform is a snob. Far from it! But those few that are, boy, can they be snooty about the PC's strengths sometimes.

That attitude is captured perfectly in this silly video by Hank and Jed, where a PC elitist joins a match in Battlefield 3. The console version of Battlefield 3. Why would the elitist descend from the heavens to do that? It almost seems like the guy joined just to be a jerk to the console players!

Thankfully, they resolve their issues when they realise one important thing at the end — but I won't spoil the punchline.

Battlefield Friends - PC ELITIST [happyhour]


    I remember when I hooked my mouse and keyboard up to my PS3 and played dust 514 and racked up a KD ratio of 30:1. felt like a fucking god. and a little bit more than slightly cheap.

      i recall getting 20.0/30.0 ratios with the tanks/thermal on vanilla battlefield 3 on PS3 which was empowering since it's only 12v12. Having a rich PC experience with ARMA 3 and many other shooters has made me realize how much of a sanctuary consoles are because of the hack/mod free enviroment. Everyone has the same draw distance, graphics, controls and usually play vanilla maps. If somebody beats you it's that simple. No aimbots or hackusations, if you kick everyones teeth in they just have to deal with it. awww yyiiisssss <3

    That was pretty hilarious. I really liked the ending.

    Pissing my self laughing at work from that, too bad I have no coworkers.

    Wait a minute, that's not a PC elitist, that's a Call of Duty player. i'm on to you machinima.

    As if a PC elitist would ever play on one of the consoles....

    Mostly I prefer PC but I played BC2 on PC and PS3 and I had a way better time on PS3. It seemed poorly optimised for PC, and I missed the social part of playing on the couch with friends also..

    Stoober: Case in point


      LOL. Some idiot didn't like me bagging his/her favourite stupid shooter. I forgive you, stupid people shooting stupid people. I'm all for that.

      Last edited 07/08/13 7:52 am

    The punchline is awesome. And true.


    This was a lot funnier than I was expecting it to be.

    Wait, dammit.

    I don't always play battlefield, but when i do, i prefer pc

    As always the noob was the funniest part of it though:
    "A helicopter! Grenade out!" .. "Oh he went down, maybe it was one of your grenades!"

    Hahah... I have a friend who started playing BF and was throwing nades at tanks, and another one who throws pipe bombs at Tanks in L4D. Awesome!

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