This Is What It Feels Like To Play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

After the disappointment of Assassin's Creed III, I found myself feeling slightly cynical about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It was a combination of things. Pirates. Really? A full Assassin's sequel... really? But the more I see, the more I watch, the more I get the feeling that Ubisoft is really just throwing everything it has at Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and it might just work.

It clicked for me behind closed doors at E3. Until then I'd just seen the 'sizzle': the bluster of the trailers, the CG, the stuff I had zero interest in. When I actually got the chance to watch someone play Assassin's Creed IV, to see how the world integrated, how all the disparate systems working together, then I got a real idea of what it might like to play this game. To play as a pirate without it feeling like some weird shoe-horned gimmick.

It's very possible that the above trailer might elicit similar feelings for you. It's a seven minute walkthrough that focuses on stealth but, more importantly, it feels like the game being played in the wild. It's still a very precisely staged developer walkthrough, but it still provides us with half an idea of what it feels like to play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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    I admit it does look good, and hopefully they've really revamped the controls, but AC3 really burned me. I just couldn't play it, it was so bad, it felt like a huge step backwards from AC2 and the slightly refined controls of Brotherhood (didn't play revelations).

      I feel the same. I just couldn't play it. I loved AC2, i had great fun with Brotherhood. Revalations I enjoyed but never finished as it was more of the same.

      AC3, I was just bored and engaged. I lasted a few hours.

    Personally I'm more excited by this pirate assassin sandbox game than GTAV.

    Has the combat changed finally???
    I tried 3 but it was still just "press counterattack to win."
    Was enjoying the story too, combat just got so boring.

    The only thing wrong with Assassin's Creed 3 were the missions. The world itself was great, Connor fought and animated much better etc but the missions were garbage. As an open world hangout it's a lot of fun, but as a game it was so disappointing.

    I've pretty much bought all the series and barely played any of the games. The controls are the thing that always frustrate me and I give it away - ACIII is in a great time period, but at the moment I'm battling being able to play the game due to bugs and glitches. I will admit that ACIV looks great, and a true open world is a step in the right direction - but I also hate the whole future part of the game, I find it destroys the atmosphere the create, by pulling me out of that experience into this modern day twist.

    The city architecture looks a lot more interesting than what I saw in AC3. Hopefully things like vantage points won't feel so cut-and-paste as the previous game too: I had fun working out how to climb the first vantage point tree I found in AC3, but the novelty wore off after the third or fourth identical vantage point tree.

    Wish the Enemy AI was better. Everything else will fall in place

    can definately see the influences of Farcry 3 in this ( which had asome Assassins Creed influences in it) with the wildlife and taging, plus i think one of the eurogamer videos pointed out that whaling and shark hunting was brought in because they liked how the hunting was with farcry 3

    I absolutely hated AC3. The story was dull and full of unlikeable characters, the climbing mechanics felt broken in the frontier and pointless in the towns because of the rubbish architecture (I thought the whole point of AC was running over rooftops and up and down walls) and the combat was just stupid. They tried to re-invent the wheel and ending up making it square.

    That said, I still have a massive soft spot for the franchise, and a lot of this video looked pretty rad, so I guess we'll see.

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