This Is Why We Love Spelunky

Spelunky is finally out on the PC, and it will be out on PS3 and Vita on August 27. Chris Person and I sit down to play through the game and explain why we like this game enough that I bought wired controllers to hook up to my PC instead of just playing it on the Xbox.


    This game is really fun to play once you get a sense of how it works (hint: play cautiously while you're learning!). Because of it's randomised levels, it's also really fun to watch somebody stream it - Daily Challenges especially are quite tense since you can only have one crack at them.

    I've been watching BaerTaffy stream this daily on Twitch - he starts around 9-10 each morning which is a nice way to ease into the work day. And he's really good - just got over 1 million after beating Hell on yesterdays Daily (I'm happy to get to the jungle personally).

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      Pretty much all of the Northernlion extended family are good to watch. Green9090 got to hell for the first time the other day and it was hilarious.

        Yeah. I'm only just getting into Spelunky streaming. I like Baer because he's good at Spelunky (which means he has more fun in Adventure runs and takes risks like killing Ol' Bitey) and he seems pretty nice, but they're all entertaining to watch. Nothing better than when they organise a simultaneous Daily Challenge and you get mutlitwitch running to watch how they all tackle the same challenges differently. Very entertaining content to have on a second screen while working.

          Definately. I do prefer RedPandaGamer to Baer however. I like watching people who are good at the game :-P

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