This Machine-Gunning Raccoon Is My Favourite Movie Ever

This Machine-Gunning Raccoon Is My Favourite Movie Ever

Sure, it's only all of two seconds from footage filmed off a screen from the audience of a comic-Con panel, but Rocket Raccoon is all of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy I needed to see.

Leaked all over the place over the past couple of days, the rapidly cobbled together footage from James Gunn's intergalactic Marvel movie gives us our first look at Drax, Star-Lord, Gamora and Groot (the tree creature rumoured to be voiced by Vin "The Iron giant" Diesel), but for my money it's all about my favourite 37-year-old procyon lotor.

I've always loved raccoons. It's the masks, and the hand-washing (actually a means of sensitizing their paws to separate the edible from non-edible), and the shooting people and shouting, "Murdered you!"

Until a Squirrel Girl movie is announced, this is the pinnacle of comic book cinema, if not all cinema forever.

(Disney ate the trailer. Use Google. It's everywhere. It's the Raccoon that's important anyway.)


    Disney ate your trailer? Aren't you just lucky you've got me!!!!!

      Damn, I wasn't fast enough, they've pulled yours too :c

    Try this link

    I'm just glad he looks like an actual raccoon as opposed to a mop/puppet combo.

      So definitely this!
      Im interested how he looks when talking and interacting. Will be a tricky one to pull off.

    He looks great, are there any voice samples for him yet?

    Though I do die a little bit on the inside whenever I see random internet commenters say he looks stupid and doesn't "fit with Marvel". :/

      It's true, it doesn't look like it will fit in with current Marvel *at all*.

      That's why it looks FANTASTIC.

      It looks like they're stepping outside their comfort zone, expanding their own universe properly and doing something daring for the first time in a while. The other movies were fairly safe gambles, this however, is a big space opera with ship battles etc. It's marvels first 'risk' in a while. However I'm betting it pays off in spades.

      Spades and truckloads of cash.

    I am so excited, this is my favorite part of Marvel. If this does well do we a get a Nova spin-off?

    FUCK YES. The leaked footage has boosted my excitement +1000000%

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