This May Be The Last Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Comments Post Ever... [Sniff]

Good lord, I am in tears. Happy tears — the ones you get when you can't stop laughing — but also sad tears. Soon Grand Theft Auto V will be released and there will be no more Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Comments. This upsets me greatly.

I mean we might get one more. We might. There might be a Grand Theft Auto V Launch Trailer. I can only hope, because I don't think I'm quite ready to live in a world where this amazing Tumblr page doesn't exist.

Anyway, today the site posted up a few more and some of them are the best yet. I've posted a few here, but head over to the site to see them all. Phenomenal. What an ingenious insight into the dark recesses of the lowest ebbs of humanity.


    Erm... it is? I found those pretty shit to be honest. Posting the 'nigger one'? Really?

      Stupid shock humour that the internet loves.... if you replaced the wording with "black guy" it's in no way funny, it's just a statement. Ergo, the joke is in the use of the "N" word.... so lame and unnecessary.

      It's the juxtaposition of the inspiring and beautiful scenes over the retarded comments from these people. It's kind of hilarious.

      They need to make a video version with Patrick Stewart or Morgan Freeman reading them out (please dear god somebody link me if that exists.)

      Nigger one was the only one that made me crack a smile. Mostly because I wasn't expecting it.

      When the next generation that truly doesn't give a shit about words takes the world. All those politically correct people will be in for a rude awakening.

    The Jack Nicholson (terrible spelling) one is the best.

      That is the correct spelling.

      I concur. That made me laugh (I was also thinking that given the character).

    Could have used a NSFW tag on this article...

    What a load of rubbish. Geek culture is really ruining the gaming community. Just lame and immature.

    Last edited 30/08/13 8:42 pm

    SOme of those comments are definitely posted by some stupid low-life trolls.

    Last edited 30/08/13 10:52 pm

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