This Remix Sounds Like Pete Rock And Secret Of Mana Had A Baby

I love Hip Hop and I love the Secret of Mana soundtrack. Not once did I imagine those two loves crossing over somehow, but this remix makes it so. It combines jazzy Pete Rock/Tribe Called Quest style pianos with a brilliantly flipped sample from Secret of Mana. It's pretty awesome.

I think what I really love about this remix is that the Secret of Mana sample is prominent — it's clear and recognisable, but enough for you to recognise how it's being subverted and made completely fresh by all the different elements surrounding it. I love this track. Absolutely love it.


    Pete Rock is a god. Also up there is Premier, Madlib, JDilla.


    What a fantastic track! I will be adding some scratches to this tonight :)

    I also just noticed that 2 Mello released all the instrumentals from Chrono Jigga; what a guy.

    Love this Mark!

    Could you send me a link or mention any remixes I could chase on other SoM remixes? Love the soundtrack!

      You might also like the Chrono Trigger remix project with Jay Z samples...

    Secret of Mana is one of my best video game memories ever!

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